Sunken Swedish Settlement NOT “Stone Age” NOR 9000 years old, or it would be Pre-FLOOD!

By Lu Paradiselunduniversity

Yet another sunken settlement, one in a rising number, was found below sea level again, this time off the coast of Southern Sweden. And once again it was mis-diagnosed, this time by the geological department of the Lund University with two handicaps. One, died-in-the-wool Darwinian geologists, and two, IF historians, they were obviously mainstream ones, as usual obfuscating the 1500 BC Bronze Age global Sea level rise! “Science Daily” followed right along in faux pas, doing its assigned media job to pound the paradigm into the minds of the mold-able masses.

IF this settlement and its elk antler axe were really 9000 years old, it would have been PRE-FLOOD! That by (qu)academia totally ignored Global Flood, documented in over 700 narratives found among every tribe, nation, language, and ethnic group, took place around 2400 BC, 4400 years ago. So the elk of the antler of the axe was certainly not older than that. That shows how a mere (false) paradigm can lead some researchers by the nose, BIG time!


This Flood caused by volcanic eruptions of Super Critical Water fountains from below the crust of Pangaea caused not only the enigmatic fault lines around the world but also heated the world’s oceans about 10 degrees. This heated sea water caused more evaporation, more cloud cover and of course more rain! PLUS, in the northern hemisphere snow that packed and packed into ice caps on land! And that was ONE Ice Age! Not one of many Darwinian glaciations, no matter how popular these were made all over the propagandised world!


This heavier rain neither happened “9000 years ago”, but between 2300 BC and 1500 BC until the oceans had cooled down enough to stop much of the evaporation, clouds and rains that had darkened the Egyptian skies and eroded the Sphinx and pyramids, and had profusely watered the Earth and prevented any deserts from forming anywhere in the world until that time!TritonislakeTunisia


So much so that North Africa was cattle grazing land, and just below Tunisia was a gigantic inland sea in the green Sahara, called Lake Tritonis, and because of all the ice on land around the world the coast-lands were much more extended than today and for example the Greek islands were bigger and more numerous as shown by this map!

Then there was REAL Climate Change and the Sahara, Middle East, Indus Valley, Silk Road, Mexico, Peru, Gobi, etc, dried up! The sea level rose 125 M. (300 ft) worldwide causing Atlantis, Yonaguni Land of Mu, Sunda land, Dwaraka, Frisland & Doggerland, (Oera Linda Book), and many islands and coast-lands worldwide–like this Swedish settlement– to sink below the waves! See our 15 sunken ruins articles for many worldwide photos!

Doggerland! Ignore the wrong dating!
Doggerland! Ignore the wrong dating!

Now read this propaganda Science Daily article again, and smell the glaring Darwinian bias. This was not a “Stone Age” settlement. There never was a Stone Age, Paleo Lithic, Neo Lithic, terms by John Lubbocks false periodisation scheme started in the 1800-s under influence of Lyall and Darwin and the X club!


It most likely was a Stone Culture settlement, because iron mines were not immediately located and found after the Global Flood, during the Post-Flood Ice Age. Therefore many outlying tribes and ethnic groups that spread around the world had to improvise with flint and elk antlers to work the ground and materials.

Neither were these early Swedes dim “cavemen” out of Africa, but probably just another group of migrants from the Middle East, like the “Welsh” Britons under Brutus, the Frisians under Freya, and the Tuatha de Daan from Dan. They all came on ships from the Eastern Mediterranean, just as the early Irish and others had done as well.

Enjoy the programming, by dear Anton Hansson, PhD student of geology at Lund University, Sweden, in blight ignorance of the real historical facts, I’m sure. It is the fault of the Establishment and so-called “education.” I don’t blame him, that he still thinks we all originate from “African Eve”! Which makes you wonder, “Where did Eve come from?” 🙂

Also read about the other Baltic megalith found under the sea near Finland



10 thoughts on “Sunken Swedish Settlement NOT “Stone Age” NOR 9000 years old, or it would be Pre-FLOOD!”

    1. Hey John! Long time no see! You found my new blog. I wonder where you were. I agree about Misraim called Menes, not so sure about Osiris being Nimrod. But to each his own. God bless you brother! Merry Christmas!


    2. Where did I say that? I even have stated many times that iron was found inside the Great pyramid! So there obviously was Iron after the Flood, but I am sure in small quantities, as the mines had to be re-located after the Flood, being covered in strata of diverse clays. So I am sure that that is why they soon explored the New Earth, measured the stars in order to measure the Earth with the help of cromlechs and special set up stones and other landmarks, and then located the old mines or found new ones, and they started mining again.


      1. Hi Lu Nice to be back and yes I found your new blog c/o I am at the moment trying to solve the Brutus/Hu Gadarn conundrum and the confrontation between the giants of Gogmagog and Brutus landing in Totness.

        That Hu came after the ice age meltdown dated to 1491 BC in about 1365 BC is pretty certain according to the Welsh triads; but could a remnant of Phoenicians have made it through the ice age meltdown to confront Brutus in about 1152 BC? That is indeed the burning question. John


      2. Nice to have you! I hope you can find more evidence for these interesting things. May God bless your research. Love


    1. Hi John,
      I like Ice Age better than anything for that age, because it was the main characteristic for that time leading to many very important changes, the sinking of the ocean level, the wetting of the Earth in so much that there were hardly any deserts in the world if any. And the “gods” patriarchs were still few and exploring, measuring the stars, the earth, colonising, and feverishly locating the minerals and metals they knew from before the Flood and needed to build their early machinery.
      And then I still don’t subscribe to this Darwinian periodisation of “from stone, to bronze, to iron” as if it was some evolutionary progress. I believe like you once wrote me your self, more in simultaneous cultures: Stone culture (because of yet unavailable metals) bronze culture, iron culture, and others.
      ALL dependent on locating and exploiting mines when they became available.
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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