Dragon Evidence Found in Romanian mountain cave & proof of cover up plus FAKES in museums to discredit!

darwinianmindscrewAmazing Dragon Evidence: Found in Romanian Mountain Cave & Proof of Cover Up. Is there a conspiracy to cover up dragons and giants? If the data don’t fit the Evolutionary Darwinian narrative, it has to be suppressed and it DOES get suppressed! There are even produced gate-keeping fake websites that Google refers to on its first pages with fake dragon or giants’ information! If gullible truthseekers believe the obviously fake sites like Snopes & Worldnewsdailyreport, they will be taken for a ride. OUR true pages of Ancientpatriarchs you won’t see on the first search engines’ page.
VIDEO MUST WATCH! (NB: I don’t necessarily support all the videos of this channel as I haven’t watched them all)googlesearchsmithsoniangiants


This one is also worth watching.  For secrets of the megalithic stone culture revealed, click here to see our article.

Here is proof of giants found in Malacca!


The Great Wall, Dinosaurs & China – Did Fire Breathing Dragons Exist? INTRO Smog footage – And reading Job 41 – Brenton Lancelot – ecmarsh septuagint – option compare LXX to Masoretic
http://ecmarsh.com/lxx-kjv/…Dinosaurs Breathing Fire:The Great Wall:
http://www.cnet.com/news/ma…ARTICLES TO CHECK:
http://nwcreation.net/dinos…Incredible 50-foot ‘dragon’ dinosaur unearthed by Chinese farmers
http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/…After ‘stocky dragon’ discovered in Romania, hundreds of dinosaurs skeletons to come next

Frightening new predator found in the homeland of the dragon

Balaur bondoc

Real Dragon Fossils on Display in China(Likely Fake Article)

Dragon Skeleton

101 Pics That Prove Nephilim Giants Existed – Hidden History – Part 2

Fake Chinese Dinosaur (Allegedly the real dragon of China):

Snopes Disinfo:



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