Giant human skeleton found in Pulau Upeh Malacca Malaysia


Giants, giants, giants… everywhere!

Now in Malacca in an island Pulau Upeh in Malaysia, Did you ever hear from academics in the history department that evidence of giants had been found in South East Asia? Most certainly not! Not from mainstream historians that is.

But Malaysia is surely not the first place giant skeletons or graves have been found. Skeletons have been found all over the Pacific and graves, like in Rotuma (see top picture), sightings even in the Solomon Islands, as well as the find of one of the most giant skulls ever, in the Aleutian islands, and giant remains in Hawaii. See news article below:


During the 19th century many giant skeletons were dug up in the United states and were duly reported on, even many times by the New York Times! Those certainly were better days than the fake news they often spread nowadays! These giants were reportedly collected by “experts” of the Smithsonian Museum. But did you ever see them put on exhibition about giants like they so often do for dinosaurs? No! Not on your life! They were never heard of again!


Also authorities in New Zealand suppressed the finds of giant skeletons dating from a time before the indigenous Maoris settled:


And do you realise why there is such suppression of actual facts? This kind of (qu)academic hanky panky has been going on for more than a century, in order to obfuscate any natural evidence that proves Darwinism is a false theory! Any evidence, whether it be it alive or dead dragons, giants, or proofs of cross-oceanic travel, or the many finds of high tech Pre-Flood OOPARTS, all these are anathema, not to be shown, never to be acknowledged, but even rather destroyed, at least swept under the rug and suppressed as if they never existed!

After all we are supposed and taught to believe the fairy tale in all public schools that we were descended from small simian primates! Apes! Because if we would realise that we don’t… Ayayay!.. then where do we really come from? From a creation event that all the ancient civilisations, nations, and cultures believed in and talked about? Yes! That would be the only alternative!

But the hereditary oligarchic ‘elites’ don’t brook that kind of supernatural dissidence. They prefer to control your thoughts their way!


Skeletal remains of a larger-than-usual man

Giant remains were found in a cave in Pulau Upeh, by a true historian, thank God, Mr. Mohd, who did not pander to policies to hush up giant skeleton finds & hand them over to Darwinian authorities, never to be seen again, and to be mum on their finds.

That’s what officials told Lisa Kerr, a student from new Zealand, when authorities hired her and others to collect giant skeleton remains discovered after a washout in Mexico after heavy rainfall! She was sworn to secrecy and even hassled on her return to new Zealand by authorities.

But not all mainstream media get the memo. Either that, or they prefer to disobey to sell more newspapers. The Star article above duly reported that Mohd Fuad Khusari M. Said, appointed by the Malacca go­vernment to search for new historical sites, had discovered some bones partially exposed above the ground in Pulau Upeh, plus two other unusually large graves some 1.2 km outside the cave. The graves measured about 5m by 0.5m and are located about 15m to 20m away from each other. He told the Star:

“I have reported the findings to the authorities because we have no right to excavate the site without permission,” and that “the discovery could be proof to validate claims that early settlers in Malacca, including du­ring the Malay Sultanate, were large in structure.” And “based on the size of the skull and the length of the bones, the remains could measure between 3m and 5m long.”

“There was no excavation work at any of these grave sites, thus the tales of the giant settlers remain a myth. However, the research on this latest find could help prove or disprove claims that giant-sized men roamed Malacca a long time ago,”
He added, “there were historical records of sightings of giant races, dating back to the Mayans, and even as recently as 1871 when a newspaper reported the finding of some 200 giant skeletons in Cayuga, Ontario, Canada. So, it’s not strange to have sighting of giants in this part of the world and we need to carry out an in-depth research into such claims,”

Giants From the Middle East?

Mohd, no amateur historian but with 10 years experience in archaeological stu­dies under his belt, said the length of the skeletal remains matched the large graves of Sultan Ariffin and seven warrior brothers in Pulau Besar, and that there had been previous findings of “gigantic graves” in Pulau Besar, believed to belong to Muslim religious leaders from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, India and Java, who came to Malacca to spread Islam during the early days of the Malacca Sultanate. Very interesting indeed! His research was supported even by Malay academics Prof Datuk Wira and Dr Mohd Jamil Mukmin who said,

“the graves were huge compared to modern ones. These could probably be due to the size of those buried in those graves, or they were dug larger than usual as an honour to them for spreading Islam in this part of the world,” he said yesterday.

Although Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron appeared modest in saying that he had been informed of the latest finding in Pulau Upeh.

“Yes, we have commissioned the historian to provide facts about undiscovered historical sites and research was ongoing for the latest discovery of the giant-sized remains,” he said.

Idris said he was told that vill­agers from the mainland had placed tombstones on the graves a few years ago.  News of giant’s remains in Pulau Upeh appear to have been circulating since the 1990s.

Is it so hard to believe that the “Powers That Shouldn’t Be” prefer the “dumb masses” to believe that they descended from smaller monkeys or primates like elusive “Lucy” or an “African Eve?” Instead of from Noah/Nu Ah/Nut/Nur/Nuh/Nüwa/Manu/ from a ship still visible in former Armenia in the Middle East? – Who were taller, smarter, longer living, giant humans whose descendants turned them into gods after a worldwide Flood? That is the very reason also why the Flood and Atlantis are suppressed big time as well by Quacademia, willingly deaf dumb and blind to the facts.


For more on giants, and all these titillating subjects, see our other articles, and be liberated today from an imposed false agenda and historical narrative.

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