The Red Haired 6 Finger Giant of Kandahar News Suppression & Corroborating Items

PICTURE ABOVE A red haired giant skull in Peruvian Museum.GiantShotUSArmyAfghanistanI am not very much in favour of sensationalist L.A.Marzulli, C2C Noury, and their constant harping on ‘Nephilim’ instead of just factual giants. The point, however, is that the suppression of this event of the US Army shooting of a red-haired 6 toe 6 finger 4 meter tall Afghani giant in 2002, is true.

The biggest story here is that this suppression is as bad as the long standing suppression by the United States (and other countries) of finds of giant skeletons collected every time and spirited away by by the Smithsonian Institute, never to be heard of again. MUST WATCH



Inspite of the sensational nature of the video above, this story again, like so many other instances of consistent suppression of facts like OOPART artifacts, events, finds, and other true historical facts, brings out the fact of a systematic international plot to suppress true history that we are not allowed to know. And the most logical reason for this is to uphold the official paradigm on Darwinism that has been foisted on the world by (qu)academia for over a hundred years by the elite oligarchy who controls the triumvirate of Media, Academia, & Bankia.

They will systematically suppress ANY news or fact or event that makes people doubt or question Darwinism, whether it be ancient ocean ship travel all across the world, the real reason for the megaliths, the true existence of the sea empire of Atlantis, the true event of the Global Flood as testified to by over 700 ethnic groups, the remains of Noah’s Ark in the Ararat Mountains in Eastern Turkey, the hundreds of finds of giant skeletons all over the world that defy the false genesis that we descended from small Simians (apes) and from Lucy and African Eve, the fact that Man lived with dinosaurs not very long ago, and that they were called dragons by every culture and ethnic group.

And why are the rich suppressors so fanatical about enforcing this false paradigm of Charlie Darwin that has no basis in empirical science whatsoever, but is artificially held up as fact as are the spontaneous collapses of three 9-11 towers hit by 2 airplanes? Because if humanity would doubt Darwinism, there is no other genesis available to replace the only possible real Genesis, the fact that the Universe was miraculously created, as ALL ancient civilisations and cultures from the Egyptians to the Incas and the Chinese, testified to. And THAT is anathema.

We supposedly FREE humans of the world have been kept in the dark about our true origins as slaves in a plantation. And the reason is that IF we are allowed to know about our true origins, it would automatically turn us back – not to religious institutions – but to the true faith in our Creator and make us independent thinkers instead. And that is why it is all so suppressed.

Afghanistan is not stranger to giants seeing the picture below. But this guy is a smallee!












hovindfemur lovelockskull


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