The Red Haired 6 Finger Giant of Kandahar News Suppression & Corroborating Items

PICTURE ABOVE A red haired giant skull in Peruvian Museum.GiantShotUSArmyAfghanistanI am not very much in favour of sensationalist L.A.Marzulli, C2C Noury, and their constant harping on ‘Nephilim’ instead of just factual giants. The point, however, is that the suppression of this event of the US Army shooting of a red-haired 6 toe 6 finger 4 meter tall Afghani giant in 2002, is true.

The biggest story here is that this suppression is as bad as the long standing suppression by the United States (and other countries) of finds of giant skeletons collected every time and spirited away by by the Smithsonian Institute, never to be heard of again. MUST WATCH



Inspite of the sensational nature of the video above, this story again, like so many other instances of consistent suppression of facts like OOPART artifacts, events, finds, and other true historical facts, brings out the fact of a systematic international plot to suppress true history that we are not allowed to know. And the most logical reason for this is to uphold the official paradigm on Darwinism that has been foisted on the world by (qu)academia for over a hundred years by the elite oligarchy who controls the triumvirate of Media, Academia, & Bankia.

They will systematically suppress ANY news or fact or event that makes people doubt or question Darwinism, whether it be ancient ocean ship travel all across the world, the real reason for the megaliths, the true existence of the sea empire of Atlantis, the true event of the Global Flood as testified to by over 700 ethnic groups, the remains of Noah’s Ark in the Ararat Mountains in Eastern Turkey, the hundreds of finds of giant skeletons all over the world that defy the false genesis that we descended from small Simians (apes) and from Lucy and African Eve, the fact that Man lived with dinosaurs not very long ago, and that they were called dragons by every culture and ethnic group.

And why are the rich suppressors so fanatical about enforcing this false paradigm of Charlie Darwin that has no basis in empirical science whatsoever, but is artificially held up as fact as are the spontaneous collapses of three 9-11 towers hit by 2 airplanes? Because if humanity would doubt Darwinism, there is no other genesis available to replace the only possible real Genesis, the fact that the Universe was miraculously created, as ALL ancient civilisations and cultures from the Egyptians to the Incas and the Chinese, testified to. And THAT is anathema.

We supposedly FREE humans of the world have been kept in the dark about our true origins as slaves in a plantation. And the reason is that IF we are allowed to know about our true origins, it would automatically turn us back – not to religious institutions – but to the true faith in our Creator and make us independent thinkers instead. And that is why it is all so suppressed.

Afghanistan is not stranger to giants seeing the picture below. But this guy is a smallee!












hovindfemur lovelockskull

18 thoughts on “The Red Haired 6 Finger Giant of Kandahar News Suppression & Corroborating Items”

  1. I have seen the canderha giant engaging us troops in Battle and one soldier was killed by the giant. All this was shown on youtube and I know what I saw so no one will silence me no No not even Dan Janzen who’s supposed to be a creationist All you need to do is click onyoutube and click on the search engine “The Giant of Canderha Province” Afganistan John


    1. Well, perhaps these “Neanderthalers” were descendants of the giants? But who said that they were cannibals and had red hair? I thought they only have their skeletons? I don’t think the elongated Peruvian skulls are Neanderthalers. Besides for me Neanderthalers is a Darwinian term to confuse us, as their term “Beaker culture”. MOST IF NOT all early European tribes that originated from the Middle east, were not unique in having beakers to drink from. I am part of the Beaker culture too. I drink from Beakers too. Their term is to lead us away from the bare naked facts that these people and tribes had names, like Kelts, Dannites, Kaaninefaten, Belgae, Tuatha de Dan, Brits, Picts, Scots, Scyths, Danes, Saxons, or proto-Saxons if you like, Batavians, Gauls, Frisians, Iberians, etc. etc. But those deceived Darwinians refuse to call them by their names to raise their false spectre of long scattered proto Europeans who lived there tens of thousands of years before when still “hunter gatherers” or primitive bone gnawing caveman living in Lascaux, painting very advanced beautiful stylish art by the way! It is just another weasel-word of these Cultural Marxists, to deny the very true Diffusion they have long demonised and poo-pooed as “grand”, that really actually took place. They just still insist on denying the long proven fact that all tribes and their groups originated from that huge boat on the mountain in former Armenia, now Turkey, and that MAN spread from there… ALL OVER THE FRIGGIN WORLD! EVEN WE, the Chinese! Leave it to the Darwinian spinners to postulate falsely that we and our forefather Huang Di, Shen Nong, Nuwa, etc. descended from Bei Jing Man! What a joke! He was plastered together from some skull fragments to satisfy the lusts of the Peking doubting Marxists. Nothing else. The skull parts probably belonged to one of Da Yu’s men who died in the process of taming the post Flood local floods and water pools reservoirs.


      1. Stanley Gooch researched Neanderthalers. Came to different conclusions. Had his research suppressed, his career ruined.


      2. Lu, Neanderthals are 100% human. There are between 1 and 24 substitution differences in mtDNA between the different human populations today. The Neanderthal has 22 substitution differences compared to modern humans, less than the differences among some groups today. They made and wore jewelry, made and played musical instruments, made huts out of animal skins, made sophisticated stone implements, and buried their dead(often among other modern humans in same gravesites). That lifestyle is no different than that of the American Indian little more than a 150 yrs ago. Interestingly, the Neanderthals had a brain 200 cc LARGER than modern humans. Many Europeans today have Neanderthal DNA in them. You mentioned the Peking Man Fraud. Anthropologists were so desperate to find a link between man and apes that they moved the Neanderthal jaw forward out of it’s true position by a full inch to give it a more ape-like protrusion. On Neanderthal, they moved the lower jaw out of it’s socket(dislocated it) and moved it ahead an inch.

        They tried to perpetrate similar deceptions and outright frauds with, Piltdown man, Nebraska man, Java man, Peking man, Lucy, etc.


  2. Hi Lu interesting you should mention the Bell/Beaker culture or ifyou prefur the Bell/Beaker phenomenon which I am currently doing some research on right now at this minute.

    Having in mind that I am researching these middle eastern people groups who yes migrated out from Babel I am not in any way trying to undermine where they come from or maybe the correct biblical term that should be used so up to a point in order to do the research I have to stick to at least a bit of the scientific “protocole” if you will.

    First let me explain the Bell/Beaker phenomenon to you. The Bell/Beaker phenomenon is more about the crase for a pottery style that was sweeping Northwestern Europe arround cert1960 BC which concerns a certain type of pottery rather than people groups that were spreading. What I’m saying is that these pots have been found in Spain and notably Iberia and it was the Phoenicians who originally had this type of Bell shaped pots and many ethnic groups traded with the phoenicians for this type of pot. I might add also that it winthis asthe phoenicians who hewere the first world survey teams to build the megaliths &c..

    Thus of particular interest in this connection is the fact that the Samothean peoples and in all probability the Netherlanders probably re-introduced the Bronze industry into Britain and also Southeastern Ireland when they crossed the landbridge from Southern England in about 1960 BC (In Conventional radio carbon/14 dating) is about 2300 BC for the so-called archaeological “Bronze age”.The founding of Trier occurred in 2079 BC 2000 years before the birth of Julius Caesar Thus in conventional terms the Ussherian date of 2079 BC is about 2800 BC. Thus I think I can further clarify that the founding of Trier on the Rhine River was founded by Trebetta the Assyrian probably a decendent of Nimrod but this is an inferance or specualtion.
    This it is good to speculate with a proviso that it should’nt be taken too seriouslybut could lead to other threads of interest and fact. Darrell White has written a very interesting take on the “Bell Beaker” culture whom he calls “BBC” for short on the “European” shall I call it the British “Stone/Bronze/Ice age to the post flood rapid ice age rapid meltdown in 1491 BC. I would now say that the so-called Amesbury archer probably travelled up the Rohne river the Paris Basin &c to reach Britain in 1960 BC and I sugest that at thcois time the lavish burial of the archer with copper knives gold. flint arrow heads &c shows that the samotheans were able to coexist and trade at this time untill the Ice age melt down.
    Hope this helps John


    1. Netherlanders? Is that not a much later definition of immigrated people into what before was mainly swamps and first inhabited by Friesians which also came from elsewhere.


  3. I noticed that the author of this article named LA Marzulli as a sensationalist. My question is do you call him this because he is a Devout follower of Christ or are you jealous that he is down to earth and he personally researches by going to these areas in question and also seeking out witnesses. He has traveled, explored and investigated thoroughly and unbiasly these things before he publishes his findings. I can say he has never been a name caller, or showed any animosity toward naysayers or critics of his works. If you think you are in the right by calling him out as a sensationalist then it is only right that I call you out as a liar.


    1. Woe, woe, woe, hold your horses! From mere ‘sensationalist’ to full-blown ‘liar’? Thank you, my dear Christian… brother?
      * Dictionary definition: “Sensationalism is a type of editorial bias in (mass) media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are overhyped to present biased impressions on events, which may cause a manipulation to the truth of a story.”
      * Def: “Subject matter, language, or style producing or designed to produce startling or thrilling impressions or to excite and please vulgar taste.”
      I call him ‘sensationalist’ because of his OVER-HYPED sensationalist style, tabloid style, loud ‘Alex Jones’ style of reporting which he obviously believes adds credibility to his facts. I guess, you could also call it typical “American” or loud CNN style of reporting, as ’emphatic’ as I can sometimes be in my style of condemning (qu)academics and historical (qu)academia. I must confess, as I can’t stand liars either. So there.
      Cheers bro,
      PS: NO one is without bias.
      PPS: Marzulli’s overhyped style is probably the unconscious fruit of Evangelical type preachers, who are TAUGHT to drill, pile, over impress, hammer down, over-emphasise plain Biblical truths that actually speak loudly enough for themselves. Now perhaps this type of hype is necessary for media-brainwashed Americans, but the rest of the world cringes at this type of hype, as we do when we hear Americans’ loud conversations in public transport, hogging the sound waves just as they hog the rest of the world with military bases and numerous wars of terror for “democracy and freedom”, and “WOE unto you” if you don’t believe in or disagree with their imperial entitlement of being the “policeman” or ‘gods’ of the world. Sigh.. I probably lost half of my American audience now. Well praise the Lord, so be it. Truth is an unpopular subject, after all.


      1. Paradise Post, I find it ironic that you castigate an apparent atheist for her opinion of the Bible, and then attack brothers in Christ, whom you apparently don’t like their preaching style. You then seem to try to mitigate the impact of your tone to her by your appeal to Euro-centric anti-American rubbish. “Americans talking loud in public transport”, vs those well behaved Soccer Hooligans.
        “WOE unto you” if you don’t believe in or disagree with their imperial entitlement of being the “policeman” or ‘gods’ of the world. Sigh.. Your condescending tone leads me to believe that you are British. “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves”. “The sun never sets on the British Empire”, It really takes a lot of hutzpah for Europeans, who have been engaged in endless warfare for 2000 years, dragged the world into two World Wars within 20 years, caused the deaths of 85 million in Europe, not to mention the subjugation of hundreds of millions of people in India, China, and who controlled the Middle East, Egypt, Islands in the Caribbean and colonized half of Africa, Blah, Blah, Blah, What the Brits didn’t colonize, the French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese. and Germans Colonized and subjugated. Then, when the horrors of intra-European War threatened to destroy yourselves, in WW1 &, 2, you begged the Americans to help save you from yourselves. In WW1, America lost 115,600 soldiers lives to save Britain and her allies in your war, as well as cost US 32 Billion dollars, (about 230 Billion in todays dollars). WW2 cost America another 78,000 lives of solders to save you from yourselves, and a staggering 340 Billion dollars(close to 3/4 of a TRILLIOIN in todays dollars. Then, we spent another 13 Billion in grants under the Marshall Plan to help you rebuild. We also lost 1554 merchant ships that were sunk, along with many thousands of US merchant sailors, sending food and supplies to Britain to keep UK from starving and collapse, and to keep it supplied with material to protect itself. We also gave Britain many war ships, bombers, and fighter aircraft. We supplied Britain with some of the best carrier based fighters of WW2. I could go on, but I think I made the point.

        Here is a partial list of European wars, just in the last century alone, but ignores most wars of Europeans against non Europeans. You had about the same amount in every century since the first century AD, so you could multiply these by 20 to get a good idea how long the list is.. We have bases all over the world because you Europeans wouldn’t even fund your own countries militaries, (let alone NATO) to protect yourselves. You lived under the US Protective Umbrella since WW2, so you could use your money to rebuild.. As far as the US being the World’s policeman, I think most Americans agree with you 100 %. So next time you need a “cop”, do us a favor, call somebody else.

        1903 Ilinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising
        1904–1908 Macedonian Struggle
        1904–1905 Russo-Japanese War
        1905 Łódź insurrection
        1905 Revolution of 1905
        1906–1908 Theriso revolt
        1907 1907 Romanian Peasants’ Revolt
        1910 Albanian Revolt of 1910
        1910 5 October 1910 revolution
        1910 Portuguese Monarchist Civil War
        1911 Albanian Revolt of 1911
        1911–1912 Italo-Turkish War
        1912–1913 Balkan Wars 1912–1913 First Balkan War
        1913 Second Balkan War 1913 Tikveš Uprising
        1913 Ohrid–Debar Uprising
        1914 Peasant Revolt in Albania
        1914–1918 World War I 1916 Noemvriana
        1917 Toplica Uprising
        1918 Judenburg mutiny
        1918 Cattaro Mutiny
        1918 Aster Revolution
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        1918 Finnish Civil War
        1916 Easter Rising
        1917 Russian Revolution 1917 February Revolution
        1917 July Days
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        1917 Kerensky–Krasnov uprising
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        1917–1921 Ukrainian War of Independence 1917–1921 Ukrainian–Soviet War
        1918–1919 Polish–Ukrainian War
        1918–1924 Left-wing uprisings against the Bolsheviks 1918 Left SR uprising
        1921 Kronstadt rebellion
        1918–1922 Heimosodat 1918 Viena expedition
        1918 Aunus expedition
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        1918–1920 National revolt of Ingrian Finns
        1921–1922 East Karelian Uprising
        1918–1920 Estonian War of Independence
        1918–1925 Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War 1918–1920 North Russia Intervention
        1918–1922 Siberian Intervention
        1918 Georgian–Armenian War
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        1995–1996 Imia/Kardak military crisis
        1997–1998 Cyprus Missile Crisis
        1997 Albanian civil war of 1997
        1998–1999 Kosovo War
        1998–present Dissident Irish Republican campaign
        1998 Six-Day War of Abkhazia
        1999 War of Dagestan
        1999–2009 Second Chechen War
        1999–2001 Insurgency in the Preševo Valley


      2. Message: “Don’t you dare criticise Righteous Amerikah! We SAVED you!” Ha! Like ‘they’ (The NWO of Wall Street!) “saved” our country -Taiwan- in WW2 by withholding intelligence from, and giving false intel to Chiang Kai Shek, in order to allow Mao Ze Dong & Communism to capture all of China, AND prevented MacArthur from defeating North Korea and China, because Wall Street wanted to install Communism on half of the planet in order to facilitate ‘Divide & Conquer’
        Let a savvy Canadian (James Corbett) explain it to the innocent (ignorant):

        And yes.. many Americans strike us as overbearing.

        Love you anyway,


    2. I too am very suspicious of anyone hyping Red haired giants as being the Nephilim from the bible. I consider the bible total brainwashing, mindprogramming people, leaving no room to think or conclude for themselves claiming the often contradicting biblestories are exact history. Watching a docu about New Zealand i was informed that the White red haired giants there were very advanced, wise and there before black peoples, among those the Maori arrived. Nephilim groots current humanity to perceive of these possible ancestors or people before is as evil rapists of women. Tired of that story which is often accompanied with the Whore of Babylon, the .Rapture and a 1000 year rule from Jerusalem. Now curiously capital of Israël based on lies.


      1. Gertrude, stating that the Bible is ” total brainwashing, mindprogramming people”, does not sound very scholarly or academic. Now if you were talking about the Fake News Mainstream Media (who implanted that propaganda into your mind over the last 150 years) I would say, it would be more truthful. What if I said “Hamlet is total brainwashing, mindprogramming people”, wouldn’t you consider me intellectually challenged???
        Lots of LOVE (=God)

        “often contradicting biblestories are exact history” “Often Contradicting??” Where exactly? Have you looked into the explanations of these seeming contradictions??
        And Genesis and the Old Testament are the most accurate pre-Christian history book you can find. Check my articles and be enlightened.
        Love in Jesus

        Yes the Khazarian “Judeans” have LESS Judean DNA THAN THE pALESTINIANS they habitually maim and murder. Jerusalem belongs to God Himself and He will take possession of it, at the end of Armageddon, from where HE will rule the Earth in Love and true Justice.


  4. Paradise Posr”Ha! Like ‘they’ (The NWO of Wall Street!) “saved” our country -Taiwan- in WW2 by withholding intelligence from, and giving false intel to Chiang Kai Shek”
    Sooooo. You complained about the US being the “worlds policeman”, and then that we didn’t do enough to save you from the communists. Btw, Who has protected you from China for the last seventy years? Taiwan has only 17 allies left in the world, and they would do nothing if China decided to attack Taiwan. The US has lost many allies in Africa and South and Central America over it’s defense of Taiwan.
    But, if the “worlds policeman” stopped supporting Taiwan. China would take you over in a heartbeat.

    “… four U.S. senators introduced on September 3 the Taiwan Allies International Protection and Enhancement Initiative Act to strengthen Taiwan’s standing in the world. The act authorizes the State Department to downgrade U.S. relations with third countries that switch from Taiwan to China, meaning possible suspension of aid such as military financing.”

    Yes, the US has a Marxist/Socialist faction(the Democrats), just like every other country on the planet. But that started in EUROPE, not the US. Socialism grew out of the Bloody French Revolution.

    The US has risked war with China over Taiwan on several occasions. China has demanded that we quit selling arms to Taiwan, yet the US has continued to sell Taiwan state of the art defensive armaments. We have told China that we will not allow China to take Taiwan by force.
    Taiwan offers little strategic value to the US, and yet we defend you, risk war, loss of allies, and for what? We do it because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

    Yes, the Left in the US abandoned Chang Kai Shek, in their struggle with Mao, but we are a Democracy, and it swings back and forth as to whether the Democrats or Republicans control our govt. Unfortunately, for Chang Kai Shek, Franklin Roosevelt, the communist sympathizer and supporter, was President at the time. I thought it deplorable. Chang and his wife were devout Christians and wanted a better China for all Chinese. Mao murdered an estimated 50 million Chinese.

    Oddly, you say, “AND prevented MacArthur from defeating North Korea and China, because Wall Street wanted to install Communism on half of the planet in order to facilitate ‘Divide & Conquer’”
    If that were the case, why didn’t they let North Korea and the Chinese take over South Korea and set up a communist govt there also?

    Btw, during the Korean War, the US sent it’s Seventh Fleet to Taiwan to protect it from Mao attacking it while occupying US attention in Korea.

    And I thought you didn’t like the US being the World’s Policeman, but yet you believe we should have gone into Korea and allowed McArthur to go in and defeat China also. (Something I agree with, but you seem to suffer from cognitive dissonance. Which is it, we shouldn’t have been there, or we should have been and waged war on China also?

    Btw, at the time of the Korean War, the US was concerned about Russian intentions in Europe, so engaging China in a full scale war, would have been a green lite to Russia to go into Western Europe. And few war weary allies would have stood alongside the “World’s Policeman” if it had to fight on two fronts.

    Btw, if you are interested in the NEW WORLD ORDER, Professor Anthony Suttons was the first to expose them and wrote many excellent books about it, most of which I own and have read. 35 years ago. some you can read free online.


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