Open Letter to Rixon Steward Concerning Graham Hancock’s Darwinian, but NOT Alternative History

Because I could not find a way to convey this to him by posting as comment on his website, I will have to post it myself and mention the name of Graham Hancock after all as well. Hopefully it will help him to see the light of the errors of his “alternative” ways. Here is Hancock’s faulty video, Rixon posted on his alternative site:
(Warning: Don’t be sucked in by this Revised Neo Darwinism)


Dear Rixon Steward,

I’ve been visiting your news blog the last ten years & have had a presence on the web myself, already since 2001 as, and lately here as

I saw your latest promotion of a video by a presumed alternative historian, but I just had to write you as I have a very different take on alternative ancient history than him. I would therefore like to bring to your attention the following points:


  • if it were only ONE sighting of a dragon-dino in modern times
  • if it were only ONE suppression of giant skeletons in modern times
  • if it were only ONE Canaanite artifact in South America
  • if it were only ONE high-tech “OOPART in 300 ML yr. old coal
  • if it were only ONE Flood story in the entire world instead of over 700
  • if it were only ONE giant anchor stone near a boat shape in the world instead of 14
  • if it were only ONE old Armenian Noahide place name in that area instead of several
  • if it were only ONE mention of Noah’s 3 sons in one ancient account instead of 5
  • if it were only ONE Darwinian hoax of a missing link’s bones
  • if it were only ONE creation story of one civilisation
  • if it were only ONE eye witness report & photo of Nessie or Lake Champlain monster
  • if it were only ONE offshore sunken Bronze Age ruin under water
  • if it were only ONE 1500 BC proof of  125 M. Ocean level rise
  • if it were only ONE sunken coast-land & island account in the world around
  • if it were only ONE indication that the recent Ice Age ended then!
  • if it were only ONE ancient chronicle going all the way back to Yapheth & Noah
  • if it were only ONE ethnic account of “the Eight” flood survivors in one earthly spot
  • if it were only ONE ethnic reference to the “Ten Pre-Flood Kings”
  • if it were only ONE anchor stone, One coin find, One Chinese map with America
  • if it were only ONE African looking Olmec head
  • if it were only ONE Chinese jade piece in Mexico from around Olmec times
  • if it were only ONE Jomon looking pottery in Ecuador of the Valdivian culture
  • if it were only ONE Sumerian artifact in South America
  • if it were only ONE closed giant clam on top of the Andes mountains
  • if it were only ONE megalith found without seams all over the world
  • if it were only ONE Chinese stone anchor found off San Diego coast
  • if it were only ONE Egyptian artefact found in Australia
  • if it were only ONE media suppressed Canaanite artifact in Queensland
  • if it were only ONE pre-Maori giant skeleton found in New Zealand
  • if it were only ONE giant grave found in the Pacific & S.E.Asia
  • if it were only ONE giant legend in Taiwan near Yonaguni
  • if it were only ONE Yonaguni type submerged ruin under water
  • if it were only ONE reference to the name Noah in a mere Hebrew history book
  • if it were only ONE empirical study disproving millions of years old strata
  • if it were only ONE dragon horn bone with red blood remains
  • if it were only ONE empirical study discounting Dragon bones blood is 65 ML yr. old
  • if it were only ONE impossible dragon skin pattern after 65 ML years
  • if it were only ONE official suppression of forbidden archaeology in 1 country
  • if it were only ONE case of obfuscation of NON Darwinian evidence
  • if it were only ONE instance of sophisticated Cave drawings in North Africa
  • if it were only ONE proof of 1200 BC Climate Change cause of Bronze Age collapse
  • if it were only ONE mention of Atlantis by ancient historians
  • if it were only ONE sunken civilization instead of several Sunda, Kumari, Dogger
  • if it were only ONE high-tech stone mason instance all over the world
  • if it were only ONE proof that humanity got re-started in Mesopotamia
  • if it were only ONE ethnos that was named after its early patriarch
  • if it were only ONE city, river, or nation named after a patriarch
  • if it were only ONE mention of Cush in one nation
  • if it were only ONE mention of Ham in one city
  • if it were only ONE mention of Yapheth in one book
  • if it were only ONE culture maintaining their patriarch survived a global Flood
  • if it were only ONE academic suppression of a fact, find, contrary science only
  • if it were only ONE cross-oceanic shipping evidence to the “New” World
  • if it were only ONE mention of OuraNOH, Nuah, Nur, Nun, Nut, Nu-Uh, Nu-Ah, NuWa, MaNU, Noach, Noahk, Noe, etc.
  • if it were only ONE Sumerian Oannes basket glyph found in South America
  • if it were only ONE super-hard dorite perfect vase without tool marks in Egypt
  • if it were only ONE giant tool find which normal men cannot handle
  • if it were only ONE heavy N-African rain indication before 1500 BC.
  • if it were only ONE small crack in the Earth’s crust instead of global fault lines
  • if it were only ONE indication of much more water under the crust than above
  • if it were only ONE sighting of giants in all of history
  • if it were only ONE instance of systematic historical academic suppression…

THEN…, dear Rixon, you could justly call me a bigot, fringe historian, pseudo academic, blind leader of the blind, dogmatic creationist, holy book thumper, religious nut, or whatever. BUT, dear sir, there is not only ONE instance in the entire list above, but several, sometimes even hundreds! Like Global Deluge accounts, now of late number over 700!

And you see, what all the above instances have in common, is that they are all suppressed by official (qu)academia and public education, not just in the US or UK alone, but in all Western countries and even worldwide, of course also in former atheist Soviet and Chinese regimes and their successors as well! They are all taken in by the same narrative that acts as a mind clamp on their empirical scientific thinking. And what is that, you might ask?

Dear Rixon, all that suppression is necessary and officially supported by authorities worldwide, even with instances of “men in black” appearing and intimidating private US land owners when they found an underground Mesopotamian tomb with high-tech artifacts, on their own land, for crying out loud, telling them to keep quiet.. or else.
Believe it or not, this has happened many times. Why can we believe such high-handed intimidation only in the case of free energy inventions and water engines, but not when and where it concerns the artificial maintaining of the official state-approved doctrine of widely disproved and contested Darwinism? I say they are more militantly vigilant about that than about Free Energy!

I would really like to know, why even the so-called alternative media will never or hardly ever, question or bring to light why and how Darwinism has been forced down our collective throats in Edward Bernays style massive mass-propaganda over, lo these last 150 years via every newspaper, glossy magazine, TV documentary, & even Hollywood movies like Ice Age & the Flintstones!

Why can alternatives believe that the mainstream banker media propagandised us with fake news about the Lusitania, Reichstag, Pearl Harbour, 9-11, Weapons of Mass Destruction, but they can not conceive how bull-dunged we are concerning our very own origins, as we all, like docile good boys and girls, still believe this “monkey ancestor” canard! I’m dumbfounded why most would-be luminaries are not even intellectually or philosophically offended by it?

Does anyone realize this whole charade was kick-started with one spoiled little Banker Boy, called John Lubbocks, rebranded later as “Lord Avesbury”, in the 19th century? This fraud was a personal disciple of Charlie Darwin, who designed (under higher auspices I’m sure) the faulty historical periodisation called Paleolithic and Neolithic! ‘Old stone’ and ‘New Stone’! It is like one would periodise the 20th century in pre-Rock & Roll and Post-Rock & Roll eras, discarding every other musical, cultural, artistic, political, societal, psychological and whatever trend and phenomena that the 20th century brought forth. Yet Lubbocks succeeded!

If the man had only known that if he wanted to use “stones” as a historical indicator, he should have rather named the first period after the worldwide megaliths as Megalithic above anything else! But No! Such a periodisation did not engender an evolutionary concept of gradual progression from moron to caveman to hunter-gatherer to neanderthaler to Homo Sapiens to Homo Sapiens sapiens to homo Universalis to the inevident higher evolution of future Superior Man!

Next, they threw in the false concept of “PRE-history!” which was supposed to upstage Pre FLOOD history which all early civilizations (not just Hebrews) testified to: The ten pre- diluvial kings, as mentioned for example in the Sumerian Kings List, among others.

They hardly ever bring out the fact that ALL early civilisations‘ peoples believed in a Creation event preceding a universally pronounced global Flood. Somehow, acc. to the ivory tower mainstream historians’ patronizing attitude toward mankind, us, these ancients did not know how to or want to write their true history and therefore resorted to fabricating myths about their own history.

And so ostensibly, the Sumerians didn’t want to tell us that during their “pre-history” they actually descended from stupid cave-dwelling morons with an IQ of 27, because that was too humbling? Nevertheless this very English Elite do want us to believe that WE descended from such grunting wife-beating hair-dragging cave-dwelling idiots. And I must say that it does not bode well for average people who swallow this narrative hook line and sinker to be satisfied with such a heritage. They’re not even offended! The humanity! Maybe the bankers are right! Are we too dumbed down to be entrusted with freedom and intellectual prowess?

Now I don’t want to name names, but I want to bring up the man whom you – among others – have been promoting with several postings over the years, who is acting as a by mainstream despised alternative historian who uses some of the enigmas in the “only if” list above, but – très méchant! – only to prop up the same dumbed-down Darwinian paradigm.

But he makes it even worse! He pre-pones the recent Post Flood Ice age of 2300 – 1500 BC, to 10-20-50 sometimes even to 80.000 years BP! (Before Present)

In one documentary he goes out with an Indian marine archaeologist into the Indian ocean to dive and find the sunken city of Dwaraka but tries to strong-arm the guy into “admitting” that perhaps Dwaraka did not sink below the waves around 1500 BC — as indicated by the on-land pottery which is similar to sunken pottery– but to 10.000 BP at least if not older!

According to this Darwinian proponent, we ostensibly should all accept and believe that Hinduism was the oldest religion, and dated to over 10.000 year BP! The Indians themselves date the Mahabharata as far back as only 3000 BC, in which Arjuna – Krishna’s friend – personally witnessed Dwaraka sink below the waves in front of his very eyes in one day!

These Darwinist fraudsters want us to believe that the Ice Ages were that long ago because ostensibly civilization went back that far, because the darned Darwinians despise the ancients’ very own historical records they left us. In their minds, Berossus, Herodotus, Plato, Diodorus Siculus, Moses, Moses of Chronensis, etc. and many others, wrote mere myths, not to be trusted. Sure true history got severely embellished and patriarchs deified. We still do that today! Like the embellished 9-11 narrative of Osama Bin Laden and his 40 cave-dwelling robbers with box cutters.

Now Plato, as grist on his Darwinian mill, is widely quoted by this man and his other neo-Darwinian friends, because Plato was obviously in error concerning his timing of the sinking of Atlantis by one zero. Instead of 900 years before his time Plato says that Atlantis sank 9000 years before. Plato was either misquoted or mistaken, even though he correctly dated Atlantis’ sinking date around the time of the early Athenian kings like Erichtonius before the sack of Troy. So Plato must have erred, for which we can forgive him. Also, according to his own account, the Egyptian priest of Sais himself mentioned the huge battle that Greece and Egypt fought together in the days when they were both attacked by these sea peoples of Atlantis that happened around the same time before the Bronze Age Collapse.

Well, all that to say, dear Rixon, I wish you would cut the Gordian knot and dare to write true NON Darwinian historical science, and dare to eschew this so-called alternative luminary of so-called alternative history and archaeology, and tell your audience that there is another narrative which makes a lot more sense and holds more water than Darwinist pseudo history that these imposters spread. If not, you would be doing your readers a disservice by not giving them at least the alternative way of thinking about ancient history. I hope you will report it

Yours sincerely,

Lu Paradise
Taipei Taiwan

PS: If you would like to give them a chance to sample some of the facts on the other side of the balance, send them to our blog:  where you can find such titles as the following:中國神話的苗族說明證實了諾亞洪水的歷史/±-1500-bc-flooding-end-of-ice-age-hydrology-ancient-europe/±-1500-bc-flooding-end-of-ice-age-hydrology-ancient-europe/comment-page-1/


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