Sasquatch & Big Foot! Another Official Suppression of A Degenerated Giants Race

Picture of a red-brown-haired Bigfoot, shot dead by a hunter.

Another Bigfoot video in a long range of sightings in North America (and other countries), appeared on Russia Today yesterday, yet seldom is a connection made with the many 19th century archaeological finds of giant skeletons in North America, way before Indians filled the continent.


The so-called Mound Peoples in the Mississippi basin, buried their dead in mounds many of which were dug up in the 19 hundreds. Inside many giant skeletons were found as you can read in our article on giant skeleton newspaper reports – including the New York Times – where it was said that officials and scientists of the Smithsonian Institute came and collected the skeletons for scientific research, but then they were never heard of again. If you ask the Smithsonian today, they “have no record” of these many reported archaeological finds.

Why were/are these giant skeletons and a multitude of Big Foot Sasquatch sightings systematically suppressed by Academia,  government officials, and institutions, and – contrary to the 19 hundreds – also by the fake Mainstream Media today? Simple!

The real reason is, because the Establishment (“Deep State” or “Shadow government”) has a long undeclared official policy to promote and push the Darwinian narrative on the “dumb masses” which giant skeletons evidence would contradict, in order to prevent the populace from turning back to independent thinkers as motivated Christian believers potentially are!


Darwinist Evolution is a propaganda tool to disarm the historical Mesopotamian accounts like Genesis, and other historical chronicles, to be denounced as “myths!” Then the ignorant public will not believe them but rather blindly trust the official Establishment religion of Darwinism masquerading as “science”.

Yet the Darwinian emperor is naked, and only real freethinkers are brave enough to resist the thought Matrix, to look past their own noses to notice all the suppressed history, forbidden archaeology, these blackballed giant skeletons, and the “Big Foot” survivors of ancient giant races that used to roam the Earth, acc. to many documents and ethnic legends.

‘Big Giant’ Rather Than ‘Big Foot’

In fact, “Big Foot” should rather be called Big Giant, for these red-brown long-haired 2-3 meter tall shy forest savages are nothing more than the degenerated descendants of the former giants that sailed the seas like the Formorian patriarchs who settled Albion later called Britain, and Atlantean Kings like Atlas and his three giant sons who terrorised Western Europe! They also settled all over the Americas and Pacific islands were their skeletons were found.

indian-shadowIn North America many were finally driven out by the Indians, whom they used to bother and even eat! They were even hunted by the Indians – in self defense from being eaten by them – to virtual extinction and thus the remnant retreated in fear into safer, less habitable parts of North America where they survived so long deep in the forests and mountains, until today!

The Establishment willingly ignores their existence, suppressing information about them, because the existence of giants does not support the prescribed officially mandated Darwinian paradigm, because it would show up DNA which is partly related to humans and might even prove so-called “alien” traces of angelic DNA, as the Book of Genesis declares them to be: The offspring of hybrids between humans and the “sons of God” (Elohim) before the Flood.

But official academia doesn’t like us to subscribe to Creation, nor to the obvious global 2400 BC Flood, nor to the existence of Angels, nor Giants, because acc. to their prescribed materialist scenario and  philosophy, we “humans” are all supposed to be descended from simian ape-like primates that were smaller and more stupid, etc. You know the theory, as we have all been long propagandised by it for over 150 years ever since we were tiny tots.

redhairamericangiantYou see, if they had wanted to research the Big Foot and Sasquatch question, they could have done so long ago! They could have taken the footprint casts and DNA sampling serious, or they could even have captured one or more individuals! But, they don’t have that motivation for ideological reasons. And so the fake news MS Media pooh-pooh or rather ignore the entire issue, as they do ALL inconvenient truths.

Well enjoy the videos below, in spite of the American foul-mouths who recorded them. As ‘Big Foots’ are the retarded offspring from their original patriarchs, so many Americans are also getting quite degenerated – as you will hear! – contrary to what Darwinism proposes; that we are supposed to be improvements on the stock via beneficial mutations that never occurred, nor were ever observed.

So pick your poison!

The videos below, shot last Christmas 2016, begins with two of the mysterious figures sitting down, after which they are joined by four others.

“My biggest fear is that because of the poor quality nobody will watch it or think it could be important,”  You-Tuber Bahinko wrote in the video’s description.
“Sure the video is awful and blurry but look at it a couple of times and you realize it is still good enough to make out what is happening. You can see them interacting with each other using hand gestures pointing out things in the distance and even patting one another on the back.”

The apparent sighting was filmed near to the scene of a similar recording from December 2014, which bigfoot enthusiasts claimed showed a sasquatch close to a herd of buffalo at the park.



3 thoughts on “Sasquatch & Big Foot! Another Official Suppression of A Degenerated Giants Race”

  1. Nice article! But I’ve been wondering. Supposedly those hairy giants of today are descendants of the pagan “gods” of old who were highly intelligent and built cities during ancient times.
    But were they always hair-covered, even during their prosperity? Or did they somehow become hirsute due to degeneracy and isolation?
    And also, if the ancient giants had six fingers, then why hasn’t any bigfoot sightings report them with six digits? Thank you for your time.


    1. The pagan “gods” were not all giants. The pagan “gods” were the eponymous ancient patriarchs of entire nations and ethne. take as an example the Assyrians. They were and still are the family, relatives, descendents of Asshur, the son of Yapeth, the son of Noah. Now many of them are Christians in Iraq, but they used to be very cruel oppressors of Mesopotamia, Israelites, Egypt, etc. the first cities of Assyria were Assur named after their “god”, and Nineveh. (probably named after Ninus). In their oppression of their surrounding neighbours they were very zealous to forcibly spread their religion of worshiping their patriarch as a virtual god to them. Under penalty of death! Now most things before the Flood were bigger and longer living than today, including people, and therefore we can safely conclude that the early human patriarchs like Noah, CHam, Shem, Yapeth, and their children Gomer, Asshur, Kush, Misraim, etc. and their children and grandchildren were taller than today. But they are not necessarily only the Giants that were forced to spread from Canaan by the Israelites who exterminated them, to Malta, Sardegnia, Atlantis, North and South America, Aleutian islands, Easter island, Catalina island, and the middle of North America where they started the Mounts culture. These giant skeletons from the mounds were hijacked by the Smithsonians and then conveniently disappeared. These giants from the mounts, from Peru, from Kandahar, and many other places had red hair, and many of them six fingers. My theory is that Bigfoot (and yeti and Afghani giants) are the degenerated remnants of these “nephilim” after they were virtually exterminated by new immigrants like the red Indians, as the early Albion cannibal giants called Formorians, were eventually exterminated .by the later Irish immigrants there, who didn’t want to be eaten anymore by them, as you can read in the Irish chronicles of Clonmacnoise available here on our site, I believe. Were the giants as smart as the patriarchal “gods”? I don’t know. But they were BIG, and brutal and were cannibals. (Listen to Homer’s stories about the cannibalistic Cyclops and others). Who knows maybe their very cannibalism turned them into genetic retards and monstrosities that cared little about their personal hygiene, looks, cutting their hairs and fingernails, and being brutish and cruel did neither encourage great relationships between themselves and thus they devolved into fearful crypto wood dwellers that feared Man who exterminated them. Look how the Australian aborigines devolved from their Indian ancestors, and the Papuans of New Guinea. They weren’t always that primitive and thank God due to Christian missions they are now evolving again into the modern age and relearning former ethics religion, and reason, away from severe superstition. But he giants seem the worst in devaluation, although it seems that some, like the Patagonian ones, were not that wicked. I don’t know all the answers, neither claim to, and your guess is as good as mine in some of these things. I do try to make as much as possible educated guesses though, from the larder of historical knowledge I gained over the years. I don’t know it all, though. Ha! Cheers and Happy New Year!


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