UPDATED! What’s The Cover Up About Antarctica? Not jumping to conclusions!

Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised that they did find something there under that Antarctic ice cover. Look at the pyramid above. All these famous guys going down there, obviously to see some amazing sights, the secret big issue, because obviously they are not going to let us in on it, if ever. But John Kerry, Putin, patriarch Krill, Buzz Aldrin, and some other guys, just couldn’t control their curiosity and just had to get their passes to get their asses down there to behold the spectacle.

Sure, it may just be a former U-boat base or a German UFO base of under the ice, the old Schwaben Land, but who knows, maybe it is more mundane then that! As I am very interested in all the historical cover-ups and forbidden archaeology, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that they found stuff that is not good for mass consumption, because it would defy the dumb fake theory of Darwinism? Because that is what all the historical cover-ups are all about, to protect the “theory of evolution!”

PiriReisMapMaybe they found frozen dinosaurs, or an entire herd of them, something that would prove that they didn’t live 65 million years ago.

OR perhaps they found proof of pre-Ice Age settlements, towns or cities, from the ice-free time before the Earth was divided, and Antarctica slowly moved into that Polar position, when the original of the Piri Reis map and when all other pre-Ice-Age were drawn, before it was covered over with that ice cap, due to the hotter ocean temperature after the global Flood! That hotter ocean water caused more evaporation and more rain and of course more snow in the polar areas. In the North it fell into the water, but on Antarctica it collected and became an ice cap.


So who knows what is under that ice; Parts of Atlantis? Or just a German UFO base with Haunebu-s melted out of the ice, that would deny the alien paradigm that they need for the coming alien invasion psy-op?. Because I don’t believe one bit in physical aliens from this our Milky Way and let alone from any other galaxies! I agree with the Ferri Paradox, who said about aliens: “Where are they? Why haven’t we heard from them? Not any signals in the radio ether? nothing!  Ferri said that they are just way too far away!

I do not subscribe to every thing Steve Quayle presents in the following video. Make up your own mind, but don’t jump to conclusions.

I do believe though that demons impersonate “aliens”, and might even fly those human made UFOs by proxy.

GIANT_SKELETONS_CHARTMaybe they found dead frozen giants of 3-4 or more meters tall, that they used to dig up in the Mounds area in Southern USA, and transported them all to the Smithsonian to destroy them, as they refuted faith breaking Darwinism. And that wouldn’t do of course. The New World Order doesn’t want you to believe a religion that they can not control, and which would make you a real independent thinker.

Or perhaps they found definite proof of the Global Flood or Pre Flood OOPARTS that would defy their global (qu)academic Flood denial! Or perhaps some of the ocean crossing boats of the early Flood survivors or their direct offspring that would prove that there WAS contact with all the continents all over the earth?


But I guess we just have to wait and see until more indications come out of that continent from quips and anonymous whistle blowers who lift the veil on these things. So, pray that it will come out. Jesus said, there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed… sooner or later .. that is.

Love & Peace

Lu Paradise





Steve Quaile speaking from WW2 German document, explains the entrance corridor into Agartha or Swaben Land U2 base under Antarctica. Very interesting video MUST WATCH! It shows how God guided us personally over 17 years ago on our old websites, that the UFOs were indeed German and not “aliens”. (Our OLD article of 2001) Let God lead your mind and thoughts and you will get along great.


Something is definitely not right about Antarctica.

By Soren Dreier

I watched some tubes regarding the matter and it is indeed very intriguing. I have not jumped to any conclusion yet, but will of course if I reach any, post it.

I do not subscribe to the Flat Earth Theory as mentioned in another post, I see it as a diversion. At some point people who are more knowledgeable in that area concluded the Flat Earth Theory was a CIA construct, I agree on that point of view.
I am also aware of the Nazi´s building bases and other constructions during WW2. Maybe they did that, because there was something else there already.

I find it very, very suspicious and obviously a contradiction to the Powers That Be concept of an open society, that most of the problematic areas, pyramids, entrances are blurred out – so there is beyond any reasonable doubt something we are not supposed to know.

‘We can’t handle the truth’ – Oh, yes we can, but we do not have access to it, so that punchline is maybe correct if we tweak it a bit into: ‘We can’t handle what we don’t have access to study’

I think the exposure here would be that our so-called leaders, would lose any authority they might have left if, what is really going on there came out. Which would explain why WikiLeaks embedded pictures from the continent in one of it’s document releases.

In one of the tubes it shows that several high ranking leaders (Joe Biden as the last one) suddenly all went down there. John Kerry, in the crucial last days of the election in the U.S. A sudden interest in Pinguin mating rituals?
Hardly. Religious leaders also took an abrupt trip.

Anyway, it is very interesting.

Links to some tubes on the matter and much more out there if you want to do your own research:

Jeff Rense: Antartica, The Lost Continent

Mysterious Antarctica → The World’s Best Kept Secret?

Wilcock’s Definitive Evidence The Antarctica Mystery Unveiled

What the hells going in Antarctica

Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object Under Antarctica 

WikiLeaks via Podesta Emails Contains Antarctica

All the best, have a beautiful Sunday

©2017 Soren Dreier


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