Giants & Humans With Six Fingers & Six Toes

Pic above: X-ray of a six digit hand with fully formed fingers

It is said that the giants who roamed the earth had six fingers. It is even mentioned in the Bible. It seems that this characteristic was passed on to humans. Although normally recessive (dormant), this DNA code can become dominant.  There have been singular  persons but also groups of people who were born with a fully functional sixth finger on each hand, and also with six toes, although occasionally the sixth finger is partial. I have included this  chapter to show that the six digits appearance is a significant DNA mutation that is a perfectly healthy one. It is not a screwed up DNA code due to radiation or something like that. I think its importance lies in the fact that our DNA has dormant characteristics that can give a human different physical appearances. This is also the case with elongated skulls (next chapter), with which people were born. The question is: what has unlocked these other DNA codes in the past?

Six digit peoplecatalineislandgiant

There is one tribe where a lot of people have six digits: the Waorani in Ecuador, a normal-sized people that has some among them that exhibit giant characteristics, such as six fingers, six toes, and double dentition (not all of them). They are a tribe of particularly violent South American aborigines called the Waorani. They were extremely violent: Fully fifty per cent of all deaths in the preceding five generations had been the result of homicide as the Waorani engaged in a continuous and deadly internal vendetta. Medically, the Waorani turned out to be something of an enigma: they had no trace of cancer; no cardiovascular disease; no high blood pressure; no allergies; and none of the known diseases familiar to us. Like the giants of past ages, they are physically very strong and violent.


     The six fingers and toes phenomenon with the Waorani is very interesting as it occasionally shows up with other people all over the globe. It is not just limited to that one tribe. Actually I stumbled on other “tribes”, which have the six digit phenomenon running through their genetic lines. It is amazing, when you start researching that stuff, that what you thought is a singular case, turns out to be one of several.

     In April of 1673, James Needham, an Englishman and Gabriel Arthur, possibly an indentured servant came with approximately eight Indians, as explorers to the Tennessee Valley. There, Needham described finding “hairy people …. (who) have a bell which is six foot over which they ring morning and evening and at that time a great number of people “congregate together and talk” in a language not English nor any Indian dialect that the accompanying Indians knew. And yet these people seemingly looked European. Needham described them as “hairy, white people which have long beards and whiskers and wears clothing.” These people claimed that they were descended from a group of Portuguese who had been shipwrecked or abandoned on the Atlantic coast. The term they used was `Portyghee.’ In other documents, some of these peoples were also described as having red hair and others with VERY distinctive blue or blue/green eyes. Interestingly, some descendants of the Melungeons, as they are called, have six fingers and toes!

     There is a region near Efes (Ephesus), Turkey, called “AltI Parmak” – many of the people there have historically had six fingers.

     Although the six digit phenomenon runs in family lines, it also show up randomly, when a normally recessive gene become dominant. Here are only three examples of present day six fingered people, taken from news stories:

A Waorani, from Songpo village in southern China’s Hunan province. The extra digits are absolutely normal and functioning:


A Cuban man, Yoandri Hernandez Garrido, has six perfectly formed fingers on each of his hands and the six impeccable toes on each foot:


Tirsoo Furcallgrew up in the Dominican Republic with six fingers on his left hand and six toes on both feet::



  1. Little boy with six fingers awaiting surgery:
  2. 6fingerbabyThis photo taken, 11 December 2006 in Nadidad, some 60 ms south of Ahmedabad, shows the hands of Indian baby boy Lakshya, born on 03 December with a total of 25 fingers and toes. Lakshya was born with six fingers on each hand, six toes on the right foot and seven on the left foot:
  3. A baby born in Florida 2009 with six toes and fingers:

Giants with Six Fingers:

If the characteristic of six digits shows up in people when the gene responsible for this becomes dominant, it means that this gene must come from somewhere in the past. The   answer: it comes from the giants. The Bible mentions that: “There was war at Gath again, where there was a man of great stature who had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, twenty-four in number; and he also had been born to the giant.” 2Samuel 21:20.

References in text are not necessarily proof, but skeletons are. Giant skeletons have been unearthed which has six digits.

giantantrimirelandThe remains of a giant was discovered during mining operations in County Antrim, Ireland, in 1895. The giant was 12ft, 2in tall (3.5 M.) and had six toes on the right foot. The gross weight was more than 2 tons, so it took half a dozen men and a powerful crane to place this article in position for a picture. The giant was brought to England and exhibited, but was later lost. [Ed: Stolen & probably destroyed]


Six finger skeleton of giant on Catalina Island, California, USA



L. A. Marzulli went  to the Catalina Museum and found documents and pictures of Ralph Glidden, who was the man responsible for conducting primitive archaeological digs on the island, in the 1920’s and 30’s. He had unearthed many skeletons of native Indians, but also of another race who measured between eight and nine feet tall. One of the pictures of these giants showed a skeleton with six fingers. You can find the whole story on Marzulli’s website.

When Marzulli later went back to the museum, they had the picture was on the wall, but the giant was edited out of it. Somehow, they don’t want us to know about giants. Do they want to use giants for a fake alien invasion, perhaps? Or are they trying to save their dumb Darwinian paradigm that rules over the minds of less illuminated men.

This is the picture of the six-fingered giant skeleton dug up by Ralph Glidden on Catalina Island, near St Diego:


In 1891 Crittenden, Arizona, the remains of a giant was unearthed and a huge stone coffin that had evidently once held the body of a man 12 feet tall. A carving on the granite case indicated that he had six toes.

Right and below: Ancient Statues With Six Digits: Image of a late Iron Age musician, with six fingers, from Pauvrelay, Indre-et-Loire, France.

Below Nimrod with 6 finger hands

Sumerian statue with six fingers.

The ancient site of Palenque in Mexico, also displays bas-reliefs of six fingered and six toed people. More here.

Petroglyphs Showing Six Fingers:sixfingers06

At the Three Rivers area in New Mexico. there are numerous petroglyphs of six fingers:


This petroglyp of a six digit hand is in the Cave of the Giant Sloth, or Cueva del Milodon, in Chili. Photo from Ren van Pelt.

The following pictures are from Newspaper Rock, in Indian Creek State Park. The ancient petroglyphs are left by the Puebloann people hundreds of years ago. The sandstone cliff is covered with images of horses with riders, animal pelts, paw prints and feet with six toes.. newspaperrock03

Notice that some of the foot prints are clearly human because of the arched foot. The solid foot print is very much like the numerous footprints that have been found of Bigfoot! Notice that some of the foot prints are clearly human because of the arched foot. The solid foot print is very much like the numerous footprints that have been found of Bigfoot!6fingersrockpainting

Legend of Ancient Fathers with Six Fingers:

South America had many mysteries, the above mentioned six digit Waorani are one of them. Another is the tale of Tatunca Nara, recorded by journalist Karl Brugger in 1972, and published in book format in 1976 under the title “the Chronicle of Akakor. Tatunka Nara is the chief of the Ugha Mongulala tribe of Amazonian Indian.. The Chronicle recounts that the Ugha Mongulala were visited by light-skinned gods who came from the sky in golden vehicles around 1300 B.C.E. The visitors came from a world called Schwerta, and they come once every 6,000 years to share their knowledge.

“In appearance, the strangers from Schwerta hardly differed from man. They had graceful bodies and white skin. Their noble faces were framed with bluish black hair. A thick beard covered their upper lip and the chin. Like man, they were vulnerable creatures of flesh and blood. But the decisive sign that distinguished the Ancient Fathers from man were the six fingers on each of their hands and the six toes on each of their feet, the characteristics of their divine origin.”


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  1. interesting – the bible in Genesis 6 (which is greatly expanded in detail in 1 Enoch) explains how the fallen angels mated with women to produce the Nephhilim (giants) with the infestatiion before the flood being the tallest / biggest -with appetites accompanying thus ravaging eveything to satisfy. In the book “Devils, Demons, and the Return of the Nephilim” John Klein & Adam Spears explain from their exhaustive research on several topics, that in Hebrew there’s 3 words for “life”. First there’s “chet yod yod” spelling denoting that life which YHVH created with His own hands and breathed the breath of life into ie the Adamic creation (mankind). Then there’s “chet yod” spelling which denotes all other created life forms on earth. Lastly the third spelling is just “chet” and it denotes that which He didn’t create, but rather was a corruption / bastardisation of His creatin by the aforementioned production of the nephilim hybrids – half angel (fallen) and half adamic via mating with women. We learn thru the bible that after the flood there were more incursions – ie anakim, emim, horim, zamzummim, rephaim, etc. It even says that Nimrod BECAME altered – probably thru the black arts / tech of the fallen watchers discovered by Cush his father according to the book of Jasher and possibly Jubiilees as well.
    We’re told that the hybrids are incapable of redemption being bastardised. There’s an interesting video on youtube with Rob Skiba interviewing Tim Bence for the web site “kingdomintelligencebriefing” run by Dr. Michael Lake, wherein he talks about his discovery on Jekyll Island of evidence the giants inhabited North America and the native Indians were in thrall to them.

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  2. Henrette Mertz in PALE INK, (also Henderson’s Asiatic Fathers of America) recount Emp Yu and Yao’s 2500 BC geographical campain to Fu-Sang. The Classic of Mountains and Seas (Shan Hi King?) mentions they fond giants, weird animals and odd flying things – dinosaurs and those Teradactyls (sorry for s.p.?) The geography actually pin points exact locations along the mountain chains of these tribes and weird people, from Alaska to Chile… Oh man, I have to rewrite my history book…. :o)


  3. SIX TOES / FINGER TRIBE Haplogroups Indentifications:
    1. WAORANI, Ecuador

    Waorani in Ecuador – Hap A2s
    Ancestor LT
    Descendants T1 (T-L206); T2 (T-PH110)
    Defining mutations M184/PAGES34/USP9Y+3178, M272, PAGES129, L810, L455, L452, L445
    Highest frequencies SYNOPSIS Americas & Africa only:
    Afars and ethnic Somalis in the Horn of Africa;
    Fula (Fulbe) of West/Central Africa;
    Lemba of Southern Africa;
    Tuareg, Toubou and southern Egyptians in North Africa;
    Quechua in South America.

    Matriarchal Line mtDNA A2s
    Waorani in Ecuador Sub clad mtDNA Hap Group A2s
    Three different mtDNA haplotypes were detected among the Waorani sample. One of them, assigned to Native American haplogroup A2, accounted for more than 94% of the total diversity of the maternal gene pool.
    Hap A2s Chart

    PAartiarchal Line Y-Chrom Sub hap group Q1a3a = Q-M3
    Y-SNPs analysis indicated that all the Waorani males belong to haplogroup Q (under publication). This is the major lineage among the Native Americans (Karafet et al., 2008), with Q-M3 (Q1a3a) being almost completely restricted to the Americas (Zegura et al., 2004). Indeed, a recent publication on the paternal lineages of the Waorani stated that more than 90% of the males belong to subhaplogroup Q1a3a (Geppert et al., 2011).

    Q1a3a is in the lineage of Japheth Hap “K”
    The Qia3a flows from Hap K by way of
    Hap Group N
    M214, to M231 – E Asia, zSiberia, = Ural Altaic people
    To Hap O
    M175 E As., S.E.As., S pacific
    To Hap P M-45, which branches off into Q and R
    Q = Siberian, Americas
    M3 = Q1a3a a sub clad Hap of Q and resides under one of these sub groups
    Q-M19, Q-M194, Q-M199
    Possible time of origin 10 to 15 thousand years ago
    Possible place of origin Beringia: Either East Asia or North America
    Ancestor Q-L54
    Descendants Q-M19, Q-M194, Q-M199, Q-PAGES104, Q-PAGES131, Q-L663, Q-SA01, Q-L766, Q-L883, and Q-L888
    Defining mutations M3 (rs3894)
    Proposed Tree for haplogroup Q-M3.
    -M3, L341.2
    Q-M19 M19 This lineage is found among Indigenous South Americans, such as the Ticuna and the Wayuu.[5] Origin: South America
    M3 = Q1a3a a sub clad Hap of Q and resides under one of these sub groups
    Q-M19, Q-M194, Q-M199

    Q1a3a (M3 and M19) Are under the Japhetic (Japheth) Line “K” and derive from the following ancestor haplogroups:
    K = Japheth
    N = M214 > M231 E As., N. Eur, As., Siberia, = Ural-Altaics N1, N1a, N1b, N1c
    O = M175 E. As., S.E. As., S. Pacif.
    P = M45, branches into Q and R
    Q = Siberian, Americas
    -Q-M3 =
    -M19. M194, M199


    1. Dear Ross,
      Thank you for your comments. I will consider your offer of articles. However right now I am rather occupied with other pursuits. That is why it took time to add your comments. Kind greets,


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