Giant Mummies Found in Brewers Cave. The Untold Story! Another “Academic” Cover Up! VDO

giantswhoweretheyThis video is about a Nephilim tomb of giant mummies with ancient records on metal plates that John Brewer found in the 1950’s. A few people have heard the stories about John Brewer and his ancient finds in Central Utah but they haven’t heard these stories.

Utahna Jessop shares in this lecture what happened to Brewers Cave, what is still in the cave and the research that has been done to re-gain entrance into the cave. She also shares stories of other similar finds of ancient records and artifacts that were inside the tombs of where these giant mummies have been found and then suppressed. To learn more about the red haired giants of Brewers cave visit our forum at:
The paintings of the Male and Female giants was done by Trisyla Brewer, the grand daughter of John Brewer. She also did a painting of the inside of the cave. MUST SEE VIDEO!Anyone interested in purchasing copies of her paintings can contact her at:


As you can see in our other article here, the Smithsonians did all that was in their power to hijack the skeletons and mummies found over the last 150-200 years in North America. They systematically had their (qu)ackademic fingers in every discovered dig and mound, and grossly betrayed the trust of the finders, local authorities who witnessed the finds of 2-3-4 or more meter tall skeletons, as they promised further research into the giant skeletons, only to have disappeared them, denying that they have any record of them or the skeletons themselves. A complete unholy cover-up. And why?


The Smithsonian institute in the 1800-s, was already hijacked and taken over by the British (Rothschild) Bankers’ and their puppet Cecil Rhodes who started the Round Table Conspiracy that heavily influenced British archaeological, paleontological, anthropological, biological, and geological institutes, societies, and universities, to systematically and heavily promote Darwinism at all cost! Why! The financial elite plotted all this in order to change the then still ruling worldview and paradigm of the true divine Genesis of Man, into a new ridiculous genesis of impossible unsubstantiated biological descent from animals through impossible beneficial mutations of DNA changing one species into another!

This was heavily promoted and pushed by their already monopolised and bought Mainstream Media and infiltrated education institutions. Consequently their false dogma and paradigm has taken over the minds of almost all humans in this world as the West has formed and influenced most universities and media all over the Third World as well.

As a result God’s paradigm, worldview, and rule over the minds of men has been diminished, and men everywhere have been propagandised (brainwashed) by the financial elite into thinking that they are not important, no creatures of God, and insignificant as a lost dust particle in an endless meaningless universe. What did that do? That Man is now powerless to confront the New World Order and is not capable anymore of independent thinking but have become subjugated brainless sycophants of a intellectual elite who is almost done enslaving humanity as a result. And you think that faith in God is not important? Sure, NOT important for thought slaves of the present rulers and powers that be. Think again!

What has that to do with Giants? Everything. Giants are suppressed because they negate a descent from smaller simian ape like never- existent primates> Also giants that testified that they came from Mesopotamia, who spoke and wrote Middle Eastern languages, and who crossed the Atlantic ocean by ship, deny the evolution of Man who ostensibly could not make ocean worthy ships and cross those oceans before 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It would totally negate the Darwinian narrative. THAT’s why it was suppressed already that long ago!

Are you waking up to your mental conditioning? I hope so, because it may decide your fate, whether you will live or die forever. Be smart and break your conditioning and mental enslavement. Take a look at 44 reasons why Darwinism is a fairytale for adults.



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    more evidence that Smithsonian in conjunction with elites is suppressing proof that giants were in North America. Reminds me of Yeshua showing Tim Bence (info posted at that giants inhavited Jekyll Island

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