Nature “Scientists believe rock fossils could be 3.77 billion years old.” (Not 3.78 mind you!)

Scientists believe!” What do they believe? That it “could be!” Could be what? “3.77 billion years old!” Not 3.76, nor 3.78, mind you. No! 3.77 billion! That is 3.770.000.000 years ago! An awful long time ago when there were no witnesses around to verify their hypothesis.


And what is their “science” based on? Oh, on “the geologic time scale” that is based on “key fossils“, which are dated by the layers they are found in, and the layers in turn are dated by the key fossils that are found in them. Very nifty circular reasoning. But to these “scientists” that doesn’t matter, because their hypothesis is supported by International Academe who has long rubber-stamped Darwinian theory to virtually be a “law of nature” because “there is no more debate” on their “science by consensus” and support of MS Media.

It also doesn’t seem to matter to these scientists that the so-called “geologic column” after which their long eras are named, is seldom found in the exact same order, which makes it obsolete as a standard, nor that its time-scale — by empirical science á la Popper — was long ago, proven to be way too old, it being less than ONE tenth of 1 % old, according to a hydrological experiment at Colorado State University by Dr. G. Berthault, et al, proving the strata were deposited sideways instead of top-down in a fraction of the time!

But never mind all that! If Bancia, Academia, and MS Media support the “science” it must be real science! Even Russia Today! Which shows that RT is not as questioning & alternative as they claim to be.


First of all ‘SCIENCE’ (knowing or knowledge) is never practiced by faith. Religion is! Science is not “believed” it is proven or it is not. You may have a hypothesis or theory, but until you’ve got the goods of definite proof, you ain’t got no science yet! You are merely dabbling in possibilities perhaps or probabilities maybe, no matter how many other dabblers agree to believe it with you in some kind of consensus.

“Consensus Science” is NOT SCIENCE! It may be politics! If most scientists have stocks in a Cheese Mining Venture and agree that the Moon is made of cheese and vociferously promote their theory as sure knowledge or science, for filthy lucre sake, then it does not mean that the Moon is indeed made of cheese! Karl Popper would strongly disagree.

Darwinist consensus science is NOT SCIENCE, no matter how many elitarian control freaks, bankers, and business tycoons agree that it is convenient to their united goal to make the world’s people believe that they are a sheer coincidence, a fluke of cruel nature, a horrid happenstance, evolved into existence in an insignificant neglected little corner of an endless universe, instead of the greatest subject of interest and affection of its Creator! The latter are harder to corral and subject to slavery than the former. Which are you?

I highlight this one article out of an endless series of similar humdrum posts in multiple glossy “nature and science” magazines who all seem to adhere to the same policy, to publish popular junk science like the above. Why? Because most people don’t seem to stop nor reflect on the why-s & wherefore-s of such mediocre magazines. They just swallow the popular crapola without even thinking twice about it, just like their gullible parents did smoking as cool and harmless, by the selfsame process.


If you happen to be interested what the true science in the matter is? Radio carbon dating beyond 250.000 years is impossible, and most other dating methods, especially of rock, is hopelessly futile, highly debatable, and subject to unproven hypothesising, apart from what we already showed you on the ruggedness of the theory of the so-called “geological time scale”. There is no such thing in Science! At least real proven science! It is pure guesswork.


Any dating of the rocks or age of the Earth squarely belongs in the realm of religion, whether you believe it is a relatively recent Earth or a billions of years old Earth, it is purely that: A BELIEF! No one can prove it one way or the other. And if magazines or people with a science education pretend to know more than that, don’t be intimidated or bull-dunged. They have no scientific leg to stand on. It is and stays pure guesswork.

Here are some past dating efforts that went haywire, for example:wrongdating

And here is the short range for carbon dating which can not be applied to rock. And IF the rock DOES contain C 14, then it has to be less than 250.000 years old. Anything beyond that — like 3.77 billion years — is not science but uneducated guess-work. Don’t fall for it. It just ain’t so!!


And why is this entire spiel all over the academic world organised like that? For religious reasons. Their religion of Darwinism designed to make people compliant to the financial elites of this world, so they can rule them as slaves, is in competition with the religion of the One Creator of all the monotheistic faiths who state that the Earth is very recent!

sumerian-kings-list-cuneiformNot only is it in conflict with their holy books, but also with NON-Darwinian historical records, legends, chronicles, cuneiform tablets, hieroglyphs, runic writing, millennia old songs, etc. 700 of which all categorically do testify that there was a global Flood in history ridden out by its Eight survivors, predated by a Pre-Flood era where Ten Kings ruled for about 1650 years after the Creation of the Universe.

ALL the ancient civilisations, nations, ethne, tribes, empires, etc. testified that they believed in the Creation of the World by one or more gods. Are we to doubt their history because Darwinians want us to, as mythological tales that never happened? Or should we just believe the ancients and their patriarchs at face value instead of pressing them into a false mold of Neanderthalers, cavemen, and hunter gatherers who finally learned agriculture and started to build villages and towns when they became “smart enough” to do so?

That is not just patronising the ancients as if they were too stupid to remember their own history, but also totally unscientific, as REAL science goes where the evidence goes. We hope you will follow REAL science, and not popular science, falsely so called.

So where do these “ancient” fossils really come from? Simple! They come from the 2400 BC Global Flood that drowned all life and deposited all their fossils in the long strata found below our ubiquitous feet on virtually all continents. It is also wher ethe fossils of all land animals and the DINOSAURS come from. From being drowned in the greatest nature cataclysm this world has ever seen to date, and which is written in the rocks, found in the fossils, and witnessed all over the weary world. sedimentary-strata


But that Flood is not politically correct and not allowed to be spread to the masses, and so Fake News tells them a different narrative that we all descnded from another species, which is impossible, as there have never been beneficial mutations to add extra information to DNA for new functions! And thus Charlie Darwin’s myth is a mere fairy tale.

Love & Peace





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