Marxist Atheist Group Think Rules 80 % of British “Academia” & Morphing Historical Theory into Darwinist Fairytale!

lackademiagroupthinkukacademiaWHY does academia get to support and propagandise their widely spread falsified Darwinian theory, when the hoaxes are long proven, the theory widely condemned, and instances of unscientific theory – like circular reasoning about key fossils and layers justifying each other in the so-called geologic column?
It is easier to understand in light of, and now proven by, a report of the Adam Smith Institute! The verdict? 80 % of Academia in formerly Great Britain suffers dysfunctionality from Leftist Group Think!

If you were wondering why alternative scientific research and non Darwinian historical theory and views don’t get any traction in (qu)academia, look no farther than this Adam Institute report appropriately called LACKADEMIA.

This article quotes the Adam Smith Institute report “LACKADEMIA”

Universities in the UK are at risk of developing a “dysfunctional atmosphere” and of practicing censorship because scholarship is dominated by lecturers with left-wing views, according to a new report by one of the world’s leading think tanks.

In its report, ‘Lackademia: Why do academics lean Left?’ the Adam Smith Institute warns the “overrepresentation” of left-wing views in academia could lead to a “groupthink.”

It called on universities to pursue “ideological diversity.”

“Social settings characterised by too little diversity of viewpoints are liable to become afflicted by groupthink, a dysfunctional atmosphere where key assumptions go unquestioned, dissenting opinions are neutralized, and favoured beliefs are held as sacrosanct,” the report says.

It claims right-wing academics only make up 12 percent of lecturers at British universities, in stark contrast with the wider population, half of which support conservative views.

Seeking to explain the “skew” towards leftist views, the report says it has nothing to do with intelligence but rather people’s “openness to experiences.” Those who score highly in this personality trait tend to pursue a career in academia.


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