Darwinian ‘Creationists’ Obfuscate Ancient Patriarchs’ True Accounts of Post Flood History

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Doggerland! Ignore the wrong dating!

 The reason that you can’t fit the world’s population into 4400 years since the 2400 BC Flood, is because the dating of these submerged items are colored by your Darwinian premises based on
1. The “geological column” and “geological timescale” which are dated by the key fossils which are dated by the layers which are dated by the key fossils, etc. ad infinitum (circular reasoning)

2. Your wrong (though popular) dating of the unique ice age, which actually took place after the Flood until 1500 BC, when the hotter oceans had cooled, stopped evaporation, which halted the snows (ice caps) and Sahel rains, when the melting of the land ice caps raised the global sea level by 125 M. (300 ft) submerging Bronze Age Atlantis, Land of Mu, Sunda land, Dwaraka ( as witnessed by Arjuna in the Mahabaratha), Doggerland, and many submerged islands, port cities, towns, ruins, etc.

And so you see how your paradigm dictates very ancient (10-30-80.000 yr. old) ice ages and Neanderthalers, cavemen, hunter gatherer, agriculturalist “evolution”.  There was no pre-history, only pre-Flood history with the 10 legendary kings, universally acknowledged by many civilisations (e.g. Sumerian kinglist), the many historical instances of the eight survivors, like our Chinese 3 Huang 5 Di (=8 incl. Nuwa (Noah), Fuxi, Shen Nong), Sumerian Oannes with his friends (8), Indian MaNu with his 7 Rishis (8), and the Egyptian Ogdoad (Octo=8), etc, Southern China Miao people, Manu & wife, Lo Shen, lo Han, Yaphu, plus 3 wives (8), Dravidian-Indian Satyavratha with 3 sons; Sharma, Charma, and Yaphethi (plus 4 wives=8) , Hebrew Noah, Shem, Ham, Yapheth & wives (8), all 8 of whom were Flood survivors! Not to mention the over 700 other flood legends worldwide.

See your paradigm dictates your dating and conclusions, as ours do as well. But we have documentary evidence from many ancient sources. If you are interested in learning about them visit our www. ancientpatriarchs.wordpress.com site, where Euhemerism and Grand Diffusionism are not pejoratives like in Wicked Pedia, but honorable empirical science, going where the evidence leads us.
Have a good paradigm shift and a great day, gentlemen.

PS: The much maligned (by Darwinians) Oera Linda Bok, Annals of Clonmacnoise, REAL British History by Geoffrey Monmouth, and many other interesting ancient chronicles also have king-lists going back all the way to Yapeth and his father Noah.

Come over and see. You might enjoy REAL history for once, even though it is not taught anymore in politically correct Marxist Elite (qu)academia. 🙂
Love & Peace

Fishing for Fossils in the North Sea: The Lost World of Doggerland SOURCE

They also found left overs of settlements, as you can see here, and they are Bronze Age, not 8000 years or older.

The Frisian Oera Linda Book talks about the floods that wiped out their Frisland homeland, an island, when the ocean level rose, after 1500 BC.

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