“Humans Created Sahara Desert?” Not so! Cooler Ocean Climate Change Did It! MS Media Non-“Science”

Most true historians were beginning to KNOW that the Bronze Age Collapse around 1200 BC was caused by Climate Change, when the big rains began to stay away for good, which dried the Sahara & Sahel into desert, and the cattle grazing peoples and their cattle had to move away.

It wasn’t just the Sahara either. Vast swats of land over the entire Middle East, Mesopotamia, Persia, Afghanistan, the Indus Valley, Turkmenistan, Mexico, and many other parts of the earth. (See our animated world-map gif below.)

Dear archaeologists and David Wright from Seoul University, you are not right. I’m sorry to tell you, but your conclusions are wrong, and many of your peers know it.

Check the research by Sapienza University about the desiccation of the Sahara which they proved to be cattle grazing land, plus with a much better dating from 5000 to 3500 years ago – the last date corresponding with our researched estimates. (see graphics below)

And check also the research of Dr. Israel Finkelstein, who proved by pollen found in Israel that it and surrounding countries suffered increasing drought, and concluded that 1300-1200 BC Climate Change caused the Bronze Age Collapse.

Check out the Margush river and its main city Gonur which dried up and that great prosperous advanced pipe-sewered city had to be abandoned, because of advancing drought due to the same Climate Change.

Also check the very advanced Indus Valley civilisation of Harrapa fame, with great water works and reservoirs as well as other places like Mehrgarh and Mohenjo Daro there, that the water dried up and the Indus people had to move, and probably sailed away and/or migrated to other more watered places.

All these droughts and this desertification was caused globally by REAL Climate Change, not from useful CO2 that helps plants to grow, but due to the rains staying away.

But the great question is WHY did the rains so gradually, but surely, stay away? Because the oceans didn’t produce as much evaporation anymore. That is the only logical reason. The rains didn’t move to go fall somewhere else. No. They began to diminish and stop in many places.

See our graphic below how the world changed as snow stopped falling and the ice melted and rains disappeared, and because of ice melt ocean levels rose 125 M or 300 ft. Coast lands and islands worldwide were inundated, colored red in the topmost graphic of this article, as well as illustrated here below in our animated gif.
(Look carefully, you’ll see coastlines & land bridges shrinking worldwide.)


Why was there suddenly less evaporation coming from the oceans?
Because the oceans had just about cooled down to their present day temperature level, obviously, as the climate hasn’t changed very much ever since.

But why did the oceans cool down? Because they used to be hotter than today, around 10 degrees Celsius hotter. And it certainly was not the sun that cooled down!

Why were they hotter then and cooler today? Because specific volcanic activity had calmed down that had heated them before!

Plus, Super Critical Water was about exhausted to today’s levels, where we now still see some black and white smokers around the fault lines, the archaic leftovers of the hot water sources from yore, but the great submarine heaters of yore had cooled down.

Super Critical Water?

What was the reason for that Super Critical Water before that time?  NOW we are finally getting to the real quintessence of the matter. To wit, the unique Climate mechanism that used to cause so much rain in the Sahara, Indus valley, Margus area, everywhere! It was such heavy rain that it even eroded the sphinx (Shoch & West et al) and pyramids in Egypt, where ancient documents and glyphs even talk about dark weather and ominous skies for a long time, that eventually cleared up.

The Northern snow caused snowfields packing into ice caps on land, the single unique recent Ice Age mechanism from 2300 BC until 1500 BC., and stumbling-stone of Darwinians all around academia who do not want to acknowledge nor see it, and which they fight with wrong “science” reports as the one above.

And why don’t they want to acknowledge a recent single Ice Age?  Because it was caused by and proves the by them systematically denied and obfuscated 2.400 BC global Flood! They are in the nile! 🙂

The global Flood was caused by the super critical Water Fountains exploding along fault lines through the crust, which had suddenly found a hairline of weakness and released a power of millions of nuclear bombs, crushing the crust along its cracks jetting hot water and rock fragments high into the atmosphere, even into space, which then fell back on the pre-Food Earth as devastating rains. A global catastrophe like that, is of course not easily forgotten, and was recounted by its few survivors and their offspring for millennia.

That sub-crustal water, released so suddenly and catastrophically raining back ddown, caused the 2400 BC global Flood, as recorded by over 700 nations, tribes, ethne, and civilisations like the Sumerians, the Greeks, the Egyptians, Hebrews, Mayas, Incas, and Chinese, on bamboo, turtle shells, in songs, in parchments, hieroglyphics, and cuneiform, and sculpted on stele.

A Ship with eight mouths, or persons.

Our collective ancient patriarchs ALL spoke, wrote and sang about that devastating Flood that wiped out all pre-Flood humans by drowning, except for…  “THE EIGHT!”
Like our Chinese character for ‘boat’ above, shows a boat with 8 mouths! Wow! Why?! Because our forefathers spoke about it, and certainly not 10-20-80.000 years ago, or it would have been forgotten long ago!


  • In China we have the 3 Huang and 5 Emperoros, which makes EIGHT, including Flood survivors Fuxi and Nuwa.
  • In Egypt they have a record and paintings of the Ogdoad (Octo) the 8 survivors pictured with a boat carried by Nun
  • In Sumeria, we have Oannes and his 7 wise men, making EIGHT.
  • In India we have Manu and his 7 Rishis, which also makes EIGHT
  • In Dravidian and Tamil india, we have Satyavratha and his three sons Sharma, Charma, and Yaphethi, plus 4 wives, makes EIGHT
  • In Greece we have only Ouranos and Gaia and their sons who survived a Flood.
  • In one Southern China Miao tribe they sang for thousands of years about a Flood survived by NUAH and his sons Lo Han, Lo Shen, and Yaphu and their siwves makes EIGHT
  • And of course Bible thumping Creationists never fail to remind us of ‘their’ Noah, Shem, Ham and Yapeth plus 4 wives, who make EIGHT as well.

At least the names of Nuwa, Manu, Nuah, Nu Ah, (n)Oannes, Nur, Nu-U, Nun (Egypt’s Ogdoad), and many other homonyms, sound so much the same, to remind us to again conclude that there indeed was once a globally known man on a boat who survived a Global Flood with his sons and family and many animals, because if there were no animals on board, we wouldn’t have any animals today, except fish, dolphins, and whales, etc in the oceans, and perhaps a few birds above us that survived on trunks for a year.


Anyhow, Mr Wright needs to peer review his theory still, and lets hope that the majority of his peers will see the error of his sinking. I mean thinking.  But why it got so prematurely published in many major newspapers and websites, totally beats me and seems to me quite premature and irresponsible, leading many milions of people astray!

Don’t these “scientist” people and these publishers feel guilty of their blatant deception of the masses? I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes!

In the meantime the more sensible among us, check our greatly enlightening true articles on such NON-Darwinian themes as the

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  • and many more subjects here

All these very reasonable theses are already far beyond theory level and already proven by many artifacts, inscriptions, steles (La Venta), ancient Chinese maps & stone anchors, by ancient chronicles from Europe, Asia, America, etc. and many more proofs, except that they are ignored, maligned, obfuscated, and pooh poohed by Wicked Pedia and most of the “Halls of Higher Learning”.. so-called.

We wish you and think you ought to have, a paradigm shift and a sane return to some true NON-Darwinian history for a change, instead of the old worn out fairytale, fake science news, and the official party-line from calcified Leftist professors & musty Universities, who don’t want to, nor dare to, and are not able to see beyond the tips of their by peers pressured, paradigm paralysed, bias confirmed, (qu)academic noses deceived by academia-media-bankia triumvirate state propaganda.

We wish you a pleasant and long overdue liberating paradigm shift.

With love and patience,

Lu Paradise
Ancient Patriarchs

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