Dr. David Berlinsky Refutes Evolution

Atheist professor destroys evolution

Dr. Richard Lumsden – professor of parasitology and cell biology at Tulane University in Louisiana. Served as Dean of the Graduate school of biological sciences. Published about 90 peer-reviewed papers and was awarded the Henry Baldwin Ward medal for his work in parasitology.

Professor Exposes Impossibilities of Evolution



  1. Hi Lu Darrell White informs me that the date for Brutus needs to be changed from 1152 BC given the end of the Trojen war in 1184 BC -66 years to arrive in Britain=1118 BC allowing also for genealogies/ Can you Lu please change the arrival of Brutus for me in the main industries chart that you published for me as this is the most accurate date we have for Brutus at 1118 BC on Darrells recomendation Many thanks John


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