Did You Ever Hear @ the Nuraghe Giants of Sardinia? Of course not! You were not supposed to know!

I am really into forbidden archaeology, historical cover-ups like Atlantis, The Flood, the recent Ice Age, Creation believed on by most of the ancients, exposing the over-promotion of the Darwinian NON theory, the 65 million extinction lie of the Dinosaurs, the suppression of pre Columbian cross oceanic travel, the earliest discovery of America by the Chinese, the academic ignoring of the megalithic over the non existent paleo- and neolithic, promotion of cavemen over smarter, stronger, and longer living early post Flood humans, etc and the true existence of suppressed giants!

I had heard about lots of discoveries of real giants, all over the world, and their suppression by academia and the Smithsonian Institute, but up until 2 weeks ago, I had never heard of an actual country and civilisation of giants in the middle of Europe, who left behind giant forts, towers,graves, and more. I just learned about the Nuraghi/Nuraghe of Sardegna, the island below Corsica next to Italy! See the multiple locations on the Sardinian map! Astounding! And it was all suppressed by the Powers That (shouldn’t) Be! the mainstream historians of course obfuscate them as Stone Age people. Aw…such poor puppies, these propagandised historians.

I don’t know much about them yet, other than that the local Sardegnians knew about these giants all along, held coming-of-age ceremonies for heir young men inside the scary precincts of these dead giants’ structures, and also knew that their local government and officials downplayed the giant aspect of them who are probably officially sworn to secrecy about them by the Darwinian regime, not being allowed to spread that news.

See the next article, written in poor English, but keen to expose that the indigenous locals disagree with the “scientist experts” opinions but heard from their generations of ancestors who knew first hand about the giant skeletons they found, and possible even lived with some of the Nuraghe so long ago, and knew that these original inhabitants were giant cyclops! – But Darwinian “experts” consider all that “myth” of course, as “we of course descend from smaller squatting Simian primates“, instead of taller, smarter, longer living patriarchs, that all civilisations’ writers and historians testified to and professed as their true history!

Amazing Rough Megalith Architecture

These giants have died out a long time ago, as did the giants of the Mounts civilisation in the Mid-Southern United States! I had heard about them, but never about the Nuraghe. These contrary to the Mount giants, left behind these amazing structures that are still standing today. Towers built of huge rocks stacked up on each other like in this mock-up of one of them.

I think it is a model of the tower below. These guys were huge and obviously well able to built these towers from these rough blocks by hand!    

Their wall structures are kind of serpentine. Does it represent their faith in the serpent or the wise snake as most early civilisations did? Or are they just a result of their circular architecture? The religion of the worship of the snake in Eden was a regular feature in the past, and even still today within many pagan religions.

Amazing structures, no?

And huge! They didn’t make very hollow structures, but rather very strong crude walls and few floors, the cavities filled up with debris.

IF you like to know more about the Nuraghi, be on the look-out for the new film by Steve Quaile, Tom Hornm, and Tony Albarino – I believe his name is.
They have been traveling to Sardegna and filming these left overs from this giant stone culture, probably dating to around 1600 BC which would be just before the end of the REAL recent Ice Age that ended by melting around 1500 BC.

That great melt caused the 125 M (300 ft) sea level rise all over the world and sank Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, the Land of Mu in the East pacific (Yonaguni and Penghu Island), the Land of Sunda in South East Asia, south of India the sunken lands of Kumari Kandam, the Rama Brdge between Ceylon (Srri Lanka) and India, and of course the sudden sinking of the “golden city” of Arjuna and Krishna ancient Dwaraka as told in the Indian Mahabaratha.

The recent Ice Age from 2200 – 1500 BC was actually caused by the global Flood, as the oceans were heated 10 degrees warmer by the volcanic activity caused by the break up of the crust by the fountains of hot super critical water around 2345 BC, when the water undre the crust exploded and rained down trillions of tons of water on the Earth, drowning all pre Flood humans and animals, except “the Eight” survivors, as recounted y the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, South indians, and many other nations, totalling to over 700 global legends about a worldwide Flood!

But expert historians – of course – consider that a myth! Ha!

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