Six Ancient Maps that should not Exist

Numerous maps have been discovered throughout history that even today remain as an enigma to scholars as well as skeptics. How is it possible that they display features that were unknown to man according to mainstream history academics?

  1. The Map of the Creator! The Dashka Stone. Don’t accept the Darwinian myth that it would be “120 million” years old. it is merely post-Flood, so no older than 4.400 years ago.
  2. The Piri Reis map is a Turkish map based on ancient source maps when the real recent Ice Age was just starting around 2200 BC and Antarctica was still not frozen over yet, and perhaps still in its original position close to Madagascar?
  3. The Zeno map features islands that are now  under water, and therefore was drawn at least before 1500 BC but probably earlier as it shows Greenland without ice, and the island called Frisland that is mentioned in the for mainstream historians ‘controversial’ Oera Linda Bok, the ancient history of the Frisians in Northern Netherlands.
  4. The Ibn Ben Zara Map shows certain regions of Britain covered in ice caps. Why? Because it was based on maps of the times of the recent POST-Flood Ice Age lasting from around 2200 BC until 1500 BC. it also shows more islands in the Aegian Sea because the ocean level was 125 M (300 ft) lower before 1500 BC when the ocean levels rose due to the ending of the REAL Ice Age, due to REAL Climate Change, when the ocean temperatures came down to our present day level and the oceanic evaporation diminished which diminished also the heavier Ice Age rains that eroded the Giza pyramids and Sphinx!
  5. Hamy King Char Map, obviously also based on a pre-Ice Age map showing Siberian rivers emptying into the Arctic ocean! Also it depicts the ancient first Suez Canal!
  6. The King Jaime World Chart also based on base maps from before the end of the real Ice Age that ended around 1500 BC, as it shows the Sahara desert as fertile grazing land with huge lakes, rivers that are no called “wadis” (dry river beds) and cities? Amazing stuff. The Sahara was one giant cattle grazing area that dried up when the Ice Age rains stopped there and those cattle tribes had to move to other areas where they could survive. this huge movement of tribes and peoples is also called the Bronze Age Collapse, which was long proven to be caused by Climate Change and resulting desertification of the Sahara, Sinai, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, the Indus Valley, the Silk Route countries like Turkmenistan where the great 2200 BC city of Gonur was totally deserted as the Margush river dried up, and parts of Mexico, as well as other places.

Enjoy the video!

All this evidence is conveniently ignored by Mainstream Academia because they refuse to acknowledge the historicity of the global Deluge that was the indirect cause of the 1200 BC Climate change and Bronze Age Collapse. Blind as a bat, steeped in the religion of Scientism, and consensus Science which is NO science! Enjoy the video and check our other articles that expose the corruption in modern age (qu)Academia.

Ancient Man was not as stupid as Darwinians like to portray them, as ignorant cavemen with an IQ of 27, fresh from the cave, and learning to being hunter gatherers and finally learning to plant seeds? Bullocks! That invention was thought up by a spoiled little banker scion named John Lubbock who as a young man was enthralled by Charlie Darwin who was invited by his banker father to come live on their English Estate. He made the most paralysing periodisation of fake history, namely palleolithic (old stone) neo lithic (new stone) instead of Post -Flood 2400 BC stone cultures because they hadn’t located and started mining the old pre Flood mines yet, and so had little metals other than ubiquitous bronze that was easier to get at.

Besides crafty John Lubbock – who surely created his fantasies sponsored by his rich Round Table friends like Cecil Rhodes and international bankers like the Rothschilds – totally ignored the Megalithic culture which was spread all over the world and built pyramids everywhere as well as the huge megalithic fortresses and ruins without any seams between the stones, most likely built by the giant races that roamed the seas immediately after the Flood!

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