April 12, 2014 by ROGUE MALE

CONTRARY to what most have been spoon fed by the mis-education system and the lying media (in all its forms), Britain’s history did not begin in 54 BC with the arrival of the Romans. [MUST WATCH THE VIDEO AT END ARTICLE!]


Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett are two unsung British heroes. This statement is not made lightly: over the past 40 years these indomitable maverick historians have delved deep into the verifiable truth of the history of the British people, a truth that is at odds with the baloney of establishment history, designed to veil the truth about the actual origins of the indigenous peoples of Britain. Was the recent uncovering of Richard III’s remains in a Leicester car park  a mere sideshow that shifted a nation’s attention away from the true history of its ancestral origins? A history as established by W&B, a force for truth in a cave of lies? The sheer scale of the media coverage afforded to Richard III (another ‘ruler’ whose origins lie in the genocidal usurpation of these lands, for and on behalf of a fake crown whose current incumbent of the phony throne similarly sits atop a mountain of skulls, each a testimony to the criminality that exists at the black heart of a ‘state’ that erroneously claims to hold power after one thousand years of suppression, lies and treachery) was immense.

Given the levels of control exerted over the corporate-state monopolies of academia and the media by those agencies of the so-called ‘establishment’, this should come as no surprise. The sycophantic eulogising over the discovery of Dickie III’s bones may well be nothing less than another distraction by the BREAD BEER CIRCUS parade.

As is often the case, the truth lies some distance from that which has been spun out by the propaganda machinery of the paid-for academia and the media. The independence of Wilson and Blackett is admirable and their personal histories over the time they have been delving into the recorded evidence are testimony to how the ‘state’ considers them to be a threat to its continued existence.

RM has previously touched on the importance of archetypes to man’s self-realisation of who he is and from whence he has sprung via his ancestral lineage.

The tales of King Arthur & his Knights of the Round Table, those chivalrous warrior associates are inspirational in so far as, whether factual or fictional, they contain elements that resonate with the rebel-heart that beats so thrillingly beneath the ocean of lies, poisons, legal deceptions and tyrannical oppression that hold man’s consciousness in its bloody yet ever-loosening grip.

The fact is amply demonstrated by W&B that there were actually two King Arthurs that existed and whose lives are recorded, at a variety of sources, on papyrus, manuscript, in stone, engraved in copper and chronicled in accounts from contemporaries in Ireland, France and other parts of Europe.

The second Arthur’s remains apparently lie under St Peter’s church (owned by Wilson) and with them lies a suppressed history of the Khumric origins of the Cymri, otherwise known as the ancient Britons. To suggest the establishment historians have attempted to discredit W & B’s masterly work is to understate the case: as recently as 2011 an attempt was made to kill them,  when an incendiary device was detonated in Baram Blackett’s bedroom in Newcastle. The crime was reported to the police, along with the forensic evidence of how the fire was triggered but, not surprisingly, given the spineless, treacherous and bovine corporate nature of the (U)Key Stone Kops, they did fuck all about it.

These are dark times – or at least that is what the vast apparatus of mass distraction would prefer the individual to believe (grins). The podcast 002, Remembrance Day, is RM’s humble attempt to jog the memory banks and heartstrings of each man who is increasingly aware of the phony matrix into which he has been born and sold and wishes to do something about it.

The legend of Arthur states he will return when he is most needed, in the country’s darkest hour. A literal reading of the legend, however, is of little practical value.

The fact is, at the bleakest point, it will not be a superhero who turns up to save the day, moreover, it will be the individual.

For it is the slumbering giant that exists within each and every man, that will awaken.

No, the legend of Arthur is not to taken literally and it’s certainly not to be taken lightly because, in a very real sense, this is what is unfolding right now.

A man is a divine body of matter, as rooted to the earth as he is connected to the cosmos, his potential is only limited by his imagination.

By releasing the mental shackles, he steps into his divinity.

The world of MATTER is inseparable from that of the spirit. Born of mater (mother), one has materialised on these shores in order to play an active role in the world and if tyranny stands in one’s way, then so be it:

it must and will be vanquished.

In the second Matrix movie, Reloaded, Orpheus delivers a powerful piece of rhetoric to his fellow warriors:

 I stand here, before you now, truthfully unafraid. Why? Because I believe something you do not? No, I stand here without fear because I remember. I remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me. I remember that for 100 years we have fought these machines. I remember that for 100 years they have sent their armies to destroy us, and after a century of war I remember that which matters most… We are still here!”

source And there is the rub, the indelible fact that the sick statists cannot rub out, in spite of their most grotesque efforts: ONE IS STILL HERE!

One thousand plus years of tyranny, genocide and psychological manipulation and, in recognition of the fortitude and enduring qualities of our ancestors, ONE IS STILL HERE and one is here to act in that same indomitable spirit those ancestors exuded and from which one has sprung into this material existence.

The Crown’s attempts to kill off those men it deemed to be its enemies have failed: the spirit that lies within each and every man cannot be vanquished. Ever.

The man who has nothing left to lose is a force to be reckoned with.

In these days of collectivist genocide, of blatant manipulation in all its forms and the explosion of information now available to each of us, information that our ancestors rarely, if ever, had access to, one has the means to develop intellectual resistance and be fortified against all those traitorous agencies of the fictional ‘state’ who would keep man herded, domesticated and attempt to drag him down into the sticky morass of collectivist thinking.

Wilson and Blackett have, over the last five decades, repeatedly demonstrated that tenacity for truth, the intellectual rigour and the heartfelt spirit of freedom that still pervades the peoples of these lands.

There is much to re-learn (remember) from their work, there are corrections in one’s own false knowledge of history that needs must take place and this piece only provides, in broad brushstrokes, an overview of that which they have diligently unearthed and chronicled.

It is a body of work whose relevance and quality can be directly linked to the aforementioned ‘Dick Dug Up‘ in Leicester, the fake claims of Houses of Rothschild and Windsor to the illusory ‘Crown’ and the current geo-political machinations unfolding in the Crimea, from whence it would appear the name Khumri originates.

Like any other curious young man, RM enjoyed the study of History as he always has had a deep interest in the origins of Man.  As it turns out, the British and European history he was spoon fed via the mis-education system never ever touched upon those facts so sharply brought into focus by the immeasurably voracious body of W&B’s work. Thus, figuratively speaking, he was fed gruel, rather than venison and the spoon that fed him was wooden, not silver or gold (see below).

“As the golden spoons from Sutton Hoo clearly had a form of the Khumric Coelbren Alphabet cut into the handles it was already almost a impossibility for this ship burial to have been either Angle or Saxon pagan burial.” source

As firmly established by the steles (standing blocks),  manuscripts, carvings, copper scrolls, tombstones, contemporary accounts from other countries and all manner of other artifacts (especially the cross of Arthur), the origins of the British Khumri people can be traced back to the Khumri of the Crimea, through Brutus and the migrations of those people to the ‘green island in the west’: in the words of Wilson and Blackett,

There are traditions of the Ancient British Coelbren Alphabet being identical with Ancient Etruscan, Rhaetian, and Pelasgian Alphabets. Even Julius Caesar makes mention of this alphabet… Caesar described the ancient British Alphabet circa 55 BC. Ammianus Marcellinus also described the British Alphabet and actually stated that the Greeks got their Alphabet from the British… [From Assyria the Khumry] left Armenia and migrated westwards through Asia Minor. The Alphabet appears in the Aegean, and in ancient Palestine and Egypt. From the Dardanelles in Asia Minor half of these people went to Italy to found the Etruria in 650BC, and the remaining half sailed for Britain in 504BC.”  source

Further evidence this language is legitimate can be found in the Athens Museum. A rather large stone resides there inscribed with the Ancient British Coelbren Alphabet found on Lemnos Island in 1876 AD.   “Other artifacts have also surfaced reported on by Wilson and Blackett:

A strange Khumric Triad notation of around 1000 years ago indicates the Egyptian connection and specifically refers to the Hieroglyphic writings. The clear inference is that Khumric is the basic language of the Hieroglyphics at that time… Professor Sir John Morris Jones wrote a Thesis in 1898 that demonstrated how the complex Khumric Syntax and that of Ancient Egypt were identical. Plus the fact that the same seven vowels – A E I O U W Y – were used in Ancient Egypt and the Khumry.” source

Thus, the history of the Khumry is one that extends across Asia minor, Palestine, Syria, the Aegean sea,  into the Etruscan lands (Italy), through Western Europe into Britain and across the Atlantic where the Coelbren alphabet can be witnessed on the plethora of artifacts uncovered down the East Coast of America, and along the Ohio river, through Kentucky, where huge burial mounds have revealed the ancient presence of a people who used the same alphabet that forms the Zagreb manuscript.

Therefore, any notion that the ancient Britons/Khymri/Khymroi were hut dwelling primitive peoples is but a perniciously engineered lie that needs silencing and it is one that has been perpetrated in order to keep those usurpers and their treacherous orcs in power. Each and every so-called academic historian or paid mouthpiece of the establishment (Simon Scharma, Michael Wood and Neil Oliver, to name just three of the B-B-C’s paid propagandists) is a traitor to the truth, whether or not they are cognisant of that fact, in so far as their outpourings are replete with omission, erroneous speculation and disinformation designed only for the benefit of those who would control their fellow men, the indigenous peoples of these lands and all such across the ‘Common Wealth’, whatever their origins, who have been subjected to all manner of attempted eradications.

In this sense, W&B are anarcho-historians whose work flies in the face of the deceptions of those prostituted academics whose existence is predicated upon the survival of the fake and phony, those who to a man, remain enslaved to the One Eye, Mon-ey. W&B are free-thinking men of action and boundless spirit, the very antipathy of the professors, lecturers and doctors who spin out an established form of history whose appeals to ‘State Authority’ are collectivist in origin and whose intent is further mental enslavement by psychological propaganda.

W&B’s opus of real history is anarchic in so far as it seeks to go beyond the puny confines of those who erroneously believe that ‘government’ or the ‘state’ can ever be justified. There are, inevitably, other aspects of British/Khumric history that the Established academics have overlooked and/or hidden.

“I always knew that King Llud had started London. When I worked at Fleet Street as a youth, there used to be a statue of King Llud and his sons situated at Ludgate Circus as a memorial to King Llud who was one of the principle founders of Londinium…..” source

For instance, Lud, the scourge of the defeated Romans, is the name upon which London has been built (Lud’s Town?). As one was listening to Wilson explain how this ancient warrior king was instrumental in the removal of Caesar and the Roman invaders from these lands, it occurred to me that maybe this was an overlooked aspect of how and why the Luddites came to be so named.

Is it stretching credulity to suggest that those men of the North took on the moniker as part homage and acknowledgement to the spirit of the warrior king, Lud?

Did they not seek mutual support and common-unity when faced with oppression  from those would-be controllers and graspingly avaricious men who put acquisition and wrong-doing  before kindness and altruism? Lud is remembered in the very rocks beneath our feet: Ludgate and Luds Cave being just two such examples.  And his remembrance lies also in the memory of all those fellow Luddites who resisted the oppression two hundred years ago.

The vortex like quality of history, in which one slips easily between the past, present and future may spin one further back than the Luddites of 1814, the two Arthurs, the comet of c.562 AD and into the documented existence of earlier British heroes like Nennius, Beli and Moelmut.  In the light of the catyclism of 562, who is to say that the tales of dragons of yesteryear do not represent many things? Do these words not sound like a vivid personification of the trajectory of a comet and the path of destruction left in its wake?

And then a Star of enormous size appeared to Ythyr, having a single shaft, and at the head of the shaft a ball of fire in shape of a dragon, and from the dragon’s jaws, two beams went upward, the one beam reaching towards the farthest parts of Ffraink and the other beam towards Iwerddon, which split into seven smaller beams. And Ythr and all who saw this spectacle feared, and they asked the wise men what it might mean. And then Merddin wept and said, “O nation of the Bryttaniait! now are ye bereft of Emrys Wledic, a loss that cannot be replaced.” Brut Tysillo, aka the “Ystorya Brenhined y Brytanyeit” Jesus MS. LXI.

The ancient laws of Dyvnwal Moelmud (c 445 CE) are those of Natural Law and, self-evidently, they pre-date any of the masses of fake statutory/legal systems of control as traitorously put in place by the psychotic controllers.

The laws laid down by Moelmud were based on the ancient rights, usages and customs of the people,

Claimed by tradition as one of the ‘Three Pillars of the Island of the Mighty’, Dunvallo Molmutius appears to have two possible sources for his origins. One is as Dumnovellaunos of the Trinovantes at the end of the first century BC, while the other is as Dyfnwal Moelmud (the Bald and Silent), king of Bernaccia in the mid-fifth century AD. In this mythical list, his son is Brennius, who appears (in part at least) to be Bran Hen of Bernaccia. The legendary Dunvallo is also nicknamed ‘the Lawgiver’ because he forms the laws that later prevail throughout Britain.

In the tale by Nennius, following Dunvallo’s sudden death the highly competitive Brennius and Belinus divide Britain between them (with Brennius notably taking the lands north of the Humber, precisely where Bernaccia would later be located). The first druids to enter the island are invited so that they can decide which of the brothers will be high king, and the two are eventually reconciled, although not without five years of peace and a great deal of further warfare. During his period of exile, Brennius also encounters King Guichthlac or Ginchtalacus of the Dacians or Danes respectively, King Elsingius of the Norwegians, and Seginus or Segnius of the Allobroges. source

Therein is a connection that unites the ancient past with the tyrannical present.

These tenets of Moelmutine Law form the basis of Universal Community Trust, a jurisdiction similarly established under Natural Law and the spirit of Anarchy. This is the Ancient Law as referenced in the Magna Carta ~ they have never been revoked by the people, largely because they are inalienable. Those who seek to rely upon the Magna Carta would do well to note this fact: the Natural Law is All and its natural home, so to speak, is the British Isles and all those indigenous peoples who self-evidently exist under Natural Law.

From Morgan’s History of Britain:

After an interregnum of some years, occupied by the contests of various claimants to the throne, Dyvnwal Moelmud, hereditary Duke of Cornwall, and the representative by both paternal and maternal descent, of the younger line of the Britan nidæ, was by general consent recognized Sovereign Paramount. His first act was to reduce to a Code the civil and international usages which the late commotions had disturbed. The Laws, thus systematized, are eminently distinguished for their clearness, brevity, justice, and humanity.

The history, irrespective of what any sophist may falsely state is entirely relevant to the current plight of the indigenous peoples of these lands ~ the reality is that, far from dwelling as ‘primitive’ men in mud huts, there was  a thriving, at times beligerant, but always highly sophisticated high culture woven into the ancient laws, rights and usages of these lands. The declaration of Universal Community Trust is an anarchic restoration of the Natural Law that predates the arrival of the Romans, the Saxons, Normans and any and all pirates who have stolen the birthright of those ancient ancestors.

The enormity of this is still sinking home in the consciousness of every man who has the eyes to see and the ears to hear but rest assured, it is happening and, in RM’s humble view, organised voluntary anarchy remains the only viable option to the fake nonsense pedalled by those sellers of Snake Oil who trot out the poisonous tenets of that most dangerous religion known as ‘Statism’. By way of introduction, the reader is invited to delve into the following by Michael O’Bernicia ~ it is a wholly unique and masterly synthesis of much of this ancient history and a documentary on the rise and significance of the Anarcho-nations under UCT.

The truth will out.

The spirit of Arthur is awakening, not from some bogus Glastonbury resting place or even a remote mountainside in Cymru  but within the heart and the head of every man whose slumbering days are ending as he steps into his own power, not as follower of any one else, but as a blessed living soul, incarnated on this planet who, when all is said and done, is here to do just that which he has to do.

And that, dear reader, may well be how Arthur and escaliber have come to save the planet: not by actually returning, but through the legends of old, which inspire the individual to his higher calling and into action. A movement of individual consciousness, arising without rulers, potentates and without any more the satanic psychopathy of usurious MON-EYED enslavement.

King Arthur lives in the individual.

That is the marvellous remembrance one would do well to hold on to and, in so doing, release into the material world. After all, what does one have to lose?

Acknowledgements and further areas of research.

Any one new to the real origins of Britain and Wilson & Blackett’s work is encouraged to delve into the following by way of introduction to their remarkable output of fact-based history.

1. Richplanet TV on Hidden History featuring W&B

2. W&B on You Tube

3. Alan Wilson at the ARC convention, 2010

4. Red Ice Radio interview part 1

5. King Ludd

6. The Fraud of English History & Rise of UCT

7. Triads of the Isle of Prydein [Britain]

8. The True Origins of Christianity

9. Ystorya Brenhined y Brytanyeit Jesus MS. LXI Also called the “Ystorya Brenhined y Brytanyeit” Jesus MS. LXI Prologue Bryttaen, the best of the islands, which used to be called the white island,* situated as it is* in the western ocean between Ffraink1 and Iwerddon2, [extends] eight hundred miles in its length and two hundred in its width, and whatsoever men must needs […]

10. Ancient Laws of Cambria (Moelmud)


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