New Research: Dinosaur bones only tens of thousands years old, not millions!

Well, the REAL research results are in, and guess what, it’s of course studiously ignored by mainstream ‘historians’, ‘biologists’, and media naturally!  Empirical research from the ‘Georgia Center of Applied Isotope Studies’ on the collagen breakdown of dinosaur bones has come to the (for us not so) startling conclusion that dinosaurs are only at the most some tens of thousands years old, not millions.

Wasn’t the “65 million yr. old extinction” of the ‘dinos’ – for 5 millennia called dragons! – the first building block of Darwinian morphology of species, as promoted in the 18 hundreds by English banker scion John Lubbock?  Well it seems, metaphorically speaking, that this “rusted  T-Ford” of supposed “Macro-Evolution” on which all later ‘evolutionary models’ were based ostensibly, appears to still stand around,  in an old weed-overgrown garage from the roaring twenties, rather than in some mythical prehistory that never existed.

The other major building block of this official cosmological narrative of Darwinism which we were so diligently taught in government schools by smarmy “scientists”, was the so-called geological timescale based on the equally discredited “geological column.”

Long ago at the hydrological institute of Columbia university stunning research was done by Dr. Guy Berthault et al, proving that stratification of the geological layers was done sideways three layers at the same time, instead of top down, and – note this – in much less than one percent of the proposed millions of years of sedimentation! Stick that in your empirical pipe and smoke it. But of course that stunning empirical research was also widely ignored while the official state-promoted Darwinian fairy-tale is stubbornly continued to be taught to our students.

Perhaps this model ought to be now put in a museum of hoaxes! Instead of defended by Snopes disinformation.

University Of Georgia Claims Dinosaur Samples Are 20,000-40,000 Years Old And Not Millions

Research from the University of Georgia’s ‘Center for Applied Isotope Studies’ on the collagen breakdown in a sample of various dinosaur bones has yielded some astonishing results. According to the researchers, some of the dinosaur bones in the samples appeared to be thousands of years old. This unusual reading seems to contradict the notion that all of the dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth became extinct tens of millions of years ago.


According to the researchers, the soft tissue that they analyzed appeared to have been decomposing and eroding for thousands of years rather than millions. Naturally, these results seemed completely baffling to the researchers who presumed that the dinosaurs in question, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Triceratops, have been extinct for many millions of years. They decided to submit the samples for radiocarbon dating to see if there was an issue with their testing process. To their absolute astonishment, they claim, the bones appeared to one be 40,000 years old.

The team has expressed a great deal of disappointment with the broader ‘scientific’ community’s response to their incredible findings. They claim that their research has been largely ignored and snubbed and other paleonthology centers have actually refused to test their findings by replicating the carbon dating results. While the team said that their findings had been published in scientific journals in Germany and Italy, the scientific community in the United States has completely refused to publish any of their work on dinosaur bone dating. “This is not the scientific way, ignoring new information because it does not fit your present ideas!” exclaimed a spokesman from the research team.

Critics of the research have said that “the results cannot be taken seriously as the research was not submitted for peer review in the correct manner.” They have also denied the very core of the team’s conclusions saying that “the geological evidence strongly suggests that the dinosaurs in question had been buried in the earth for millions of years as opposed to thousands.” It has been suggested that other conflicting factors may have led to the unusual dating.

However, despite the fact that many people are taking this new research with a pinch of salt, there is a growing belief that dinosaurs survived on Earth much longer than scientists have previously supposed.


And so, this humorous picture is only half true, the left half that is, as it has become obvious that Man DID indeed live with dragons after all! But the “homo cavemansis” on the right with an IQ of 27, dragging his cave-woman, never even existed! Are you seeing the light finally too?

And all these dis-ingenious “Jesus-Dino” graphics found in Google, are ironically truer than these dim bulbs realised when they drew them. Except that, Jesus never rode a Dino, as far as we know.

But of course TIME is not fazed by real empirical research and continues its fake news campaign as if nothing happened. That is what it was set up and designed to do by its financier-bosses who diligently seek to enslave the modern minds of Man. And it seems ‘modern Man’ loves it so, as they are not enlightened or interested enough to notice that they are on the slippery slope to perennial sef dom. A sad resume of the signs of the Time! Are you?

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