The Role of Bias in the Origins Debate – Video by Brian Forbes + Powerpoint

By Brian Forbes

I aim to show that any evidence presented to us will invariably take a back seat to the fertility of the soil in our hearts. It is our bias that determines what we are able to see and accept for evidence.

Bias defined:  An emotional inclination to a particular view. Bias will often influence how you accept or reject evidence. Any position that has allowed for human evaluation will include bias. The question is not if there is bias. The question is what does your bias support. …and I can prove it.

Science is supposed to be based in objectivity – raw facts that lead to unemotional conclusions. The scientific method can be traced through:

  • René Descartes – who rid his mind of all bias
  • Francis Bacon – who described science in terms of cause and effect (experiments)
  • Karl Popper – falsifiability

They defined how we can know things without appealing to feeling. They set limits for “science” or knowledge. If it ain’t falsifiable,
it ain’t science. WATCH!

Science works like Mathematics: Both work great if:

1.Your equation is correct

  • Your logic is sound

2.Your variables are accurate

  • Your experiments and assumptions are solid

3.You’re not missing something

  • Like thrust in Newton’s gravity
  • Like spiritual and unrepeatable events

Scientists have been wrong in the past. We were obviously wrong with these!

Blood letting – This probably killed George Washington

Washing hands – this revolutionized surgery, thanks to Dr. Joseph Lister.

Spontaneous generation – Francesco Redi showed that flies do not come from rotting meat.

if you like to read the entire video DOWNLOAD Forbes Powerpoint: (Powerpoint’07) (PPT’03)

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