Dinosaurs’ Gravity Problems Explained by the Flood, 360 Day Year & Earth’s Faster Rotation

See that huge dino leg bone above? I stumbled unto this interesting video and fully agree with its theory that the huge dinosaurs of yore indeed had a gravity problem of being too heavy to survive, or to even lift up their heads!

So I was wondering about an answer to that puzzle because they obviously did exist and lived to great age and were of great size seeing the footprints and bones they left behind. The first logical answer that this video stumbled unto, was, of course, that gravity in the past must have been less! But how?

Well, first watch the Thunderbolts video explanation below, and then we’ll explain our answer to this intriguing riddle that has important consequences for true science today. Watch and enjoy this basically Darwinian explanation as they still use the in childhood indoctrinated “millions of years” paradigm!

As I pondered this heavy weight dino problem, the answer to this mystery came again so elegantly and beyond me, as it did to many other ancient mysteries in our AncientPatriarchs research articles.. and it once again proves the absolute historicity of the unique Global Flood! Let me explain why and how our Ancient Patriarchs Theory as explained below, is very plausible and makes sense. If anyone has a better theory let him leave a comment below.

conservation of angular momentum

Look at this hilarious -yet true- gif of an ice ballerina. She begins her pirouette slowly and then brings the weight of her raised arms closer into the axis of the spin. The result is that she spins faster. (and drills a hole in the ice, ha!)
When a ballerina wants to slow down she just extends her arms and will slow down and come to a stop. This phenomenon is based on the ‘conservation of angular momentum‘ law of physics. See here a short explanation of that.

Earth Has Slowed Down Since 2400 BC.

The ancients of the 4000-3000 BP civilisations, e.g. Sumerians and Egyptians, all knew that the Earth once had had only 360 days in the year, which means that Earth used to spin faster.

Just as the ballerina above, the earlier higher revolving speed was due to more concentrated weight near the Earth’s center which also caused a greater centrifugal effect causing less gravity on the surface of the planet, so that humans and animals were lighter than today and those huge heavy Dinosaurs could move easier.

But contrary to the dancer above, the Earth is known to have slowed down her speed from 360 days per year to 365¼ days per year. Of course we do not know the exact change in mass nor in Earth’s radius. we just draw the problem in big lines simplified, given that the spin has slowed down! (I’m not trained in physics, so bear with me or kindly correct the outcome.)

Enter Super Critical Water! SCW.

So when did Earth’s slow-down occur and how? Enter Super Critical Water! SCW. This was first put forward and very well theorised in the Super Criticial Water Cause of the Global Flood and the Hydro-plate theory as explained by Dr. Walt Brown. See this link

Around 2400 BC Earth suffered a great cataclysm when sub-crustal Super Critical Water found a hairline of weakness in the then still perfect un-broken crust and proceeded to explode and crack through its rocky shell ripping along what are now called the fault-lines.

Even today, research has proven that there is still 2-3 times more water under the Earth’s crust than in the oceans above. In the past though, even more water used to lie compressed below the pristine, faultless crust and therefore tens of kilometers closer to Earth’s axis, just as the arms pulled in by the ballerina.

When it finally broke through and escaped, trillions of tons of water shot out into the atmosphere and even into space, and thus the revolving speed of Earth slowed down, after the massive volume of escaped water rained back down on Earth causing the cataclysmic Global Flood around 2400 BC., as recounted in the more than 700 historical legends of Man,  but did not go return compressed under the crust!

Before the Flood the amount of water still inside the crust was enormous. One liter of water weighs one kilo! In this one extraordinary event, trillions of kilo-tons of water expanded kilometers away from the axis – unlike Pandora’s box never to return – under a now cracked crust.

Actually, it is still leaking water today from the so-called black and white smokers on the bottom of the oceans near the fault lines. That exploding water constituted a tremendous concentrated weight loss!

See how the fault lines still circle our globe today, below.

But not only the loss of the weight of water, but also the loss of the weight of crustal rock that was catapulted away from earth by the powerful fountains of the earth into space! Never to return! And which  became comets and asteroids in space, as well as part of the Moon!

That is why the Moon is more scarred with big Mares and many big craters on its face that is always facing Earth than its backside! That also amounted to a huge weight loss. Is that why the Moon is very incrementally inching away from Earth every year, because of the impact of this rock bombardment 4.400 years ago, and its added weight?

If you are inclined to accept – as we do – the crystalline ice canopy sphere theory, that not only stopped cosmic rays allowing longer pre-Flood lives but which also supports higher oxygen pressure by which the dinos or rather dragons, that had way too small nostrils, could even breathe, you can see that the fossils found in Earth’s rock-layers make a perfect case for the Flood to be the unique cause of the extinction of the huge dinosaurs that lived before the Flood. Goodbye to asteroid disaster theories or any other spurious causes!

There is the unique answer, never before seen discussed anywhere, we received by pure inspiration! We can’t take any credit. The Earth spun faster and made all things lighter in weight by centrifugal force. And even though everything was bigger before the Flood and weighed more, and lived longer and was stronger, it all had less weight comparatively than today and ambient life could run faster, live longer, and lift more weight! Problem solved.

And how much lighter was their weight? Well, if the earth slowed down from 360 days around to 365-1/4 days, then the Earth spun 1 in 365,25:5,25=69,5 – say 1 in 70 – times faster. So what weighs now 700 kilo then must have weighed 1/70th = 10 kg less, only 690 kilos! Added to that the benefits of the more concentrated atmosphere with 35 % oxygen would have made it easier for dino- or dragon- muscles to lift and keep up their long necks!

Why State Promotion of a Dead Theory?

So, once again, the false theory of Darwinism stands fatally in the way of scientists solving age old problems, due to their addiction to a New World Order religion of an unproven false morphology of species into other species and its long ages, whereas the Earth was only recently created and young as all the ancients knew from their Flood surviving forefathers and testified to! They started off much stronger, healthier, with better DNA, whereas we are rapidly deteriorating today. Scientists are blinded by their own false religion of their preferred paralytic paradigm of damn Darwinism.

They don’t even know or realise that they are blind to the Deluge, as testified to in over 700 worldwide legends and stories of virtually every nation or ethnos on earth. They are so used to their false primate narrative that they accept as unthinkingly as children who tend to be quite conservative and traditional in their opinions like faith in Santa Claus!

Modern scientists can’t even break away from their mind-clamps by normal Empirical Science a la Karl Popper! They are bound by their own assumptions that are totally unfounded and unscientific empirically speaking. They are not going where the evidence leads them because — as stubborn children in a hissy fit — they refuse to go there! Professing to be wise they have become fools.

Of course the silent majority and the world’s masses — who don’t know any better– accept all their flawed theories because they reason from the same preferred propositions, the false assumption that the world did NOT suffer a global Flood and was NOT recently created, even though the abundant evidence of that stares them everywhere in the bloody face! They are bloody but unbowed, still suffering from voluntary academic Flood amnesia. Do you?



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