“Live Science” Finds Canaanite DNA in the Lebanese But Replaces Patriarch Canaan With a Darwinist “Stone Age Hunter Gatherer”

Live Science Magazine reported that English archaeologists did indeed discover an overwhelming genetic similarity between the Canaanites of around 1500 BC and modern day Lebanese. They were so surprised! How inane and a-scientific can Darwinians get! We could have told them that fact without an expensive DNA test.

If they had read all the ancient chronicles and historians from that time and onward, they would have easily known and not been surprised at all, that they indeed descended from their patriarch Canaan!, and that not just because “Moses & Joshua wrote about it“, but these ‘scientists’ despise simple Euhemerist explanations!


But all that true historicity doesn’t matter to the fake media & academia, and they wipe all that “mythology” off the table replacing it by a totally newfangled, made-up narrative that the Canaanites did not come from their Father Canaan, son of Ham, son of Noah, but instead ostensibly from “stone age hunter gatherers and cavemen that mixed with the Neolithic forefathers of Iran!” Su-u-ure!

Never mind the Canaanite artifacts even, found in South America, because “the Canaanites of course never crossed the Atlantic ocean!” Those are “pseudo archaeology and fringe science.”

Paleolithic Cavemen & Neolithic hunter Gatherers Rather Than Megalithic Sea Kings!

This Paleo- & Neo-lithic narrative was thought up by Darwin’s admiring sycophant banker boy John Lubbock, who, with the blessing of the Humanist British Elite of the 19th century, presented them with a totally new periodisation of history called the “Paleolithic and the Neolithic” – The old stone age, and the new stone age, based on puny little flint-stones and arrow heads, while totally ignoring the nifty, unexplained global MEGA-Lithic culture of the very early seafarers who built these huge megaliths all over the entire earth!


These mysterious megaliths prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these early Flood survivors like Canaan and their descendants were instead smart navigators guided by the stars, as they had already discovered even the precession rate of the wobble in the Zodiac!

And how do we know that they knew the exact dimensions of the entire Earth? – and therefore must have measured it in those early years, like Atlas and Ham did? Because these dimensions were recorded in the pyramids of Giza constructed around 2200 BC! But not according to the Darwinists of course.

Listen to them waffle on, in the quote below, about how the Egyptians & Canaanites could not have crossed the oceans, “because they feared to lose sight of land!
And please don’t yawn, because it is “real science!” 🙂

According to dim Darwinian academia, the people of those days were far dumber than today, mere children of grunting cavemen and uneducated hunter-gatherers, who could not even built wooden homes, let alone boats, and therefore hardly sail from island to island. “They surely never crossed the oceans! Oh No! Not until 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue!”

But isn’t it funny then, how all over the world all the megaliths look so much alike!? [See how the Greek megalith here looks exactly as “precision fitting” as the Peruvian below]

Middle Eastern Eponymous Patriarchs!

Even the Lebanese, themselves, know very well, without any DNA research whatsoever, that they descended from their Punic or Phoenician Canaanite forefathers who were 100 % sired by Canaan himself and his direct sons like Poseidon, after whom Sidon and Sidonia in Spain were named!

They also knew very well that Canaan was the son of Cham (Ham), as the Levant – Lebanon & Syria – is even today still called “the Land of Cham”, where even the Syrian airlines is called ‘Cham Wings’ rather than ‘Caveman Wings’.

And to think that these historians actually graduate on such nonsense! Oh the humanity!

Most nations in the beginning of history were eponymously named after their forefathers. Assyria from Asshur, Canaan from Canaan, Israel from Israel (Jacob), Amman (Jordan) from Ammon, Misr (Egypt) from Misraim.

The kingdom of Cush after Kush (son of Ham), Britain from founder Brutus, Ethiopia from Yth’ioppis, (grandson of Cush) the Cummerian Kelts or Celts from Gomer, the British Welsh still call their language ‘Cumraeg’ or Gomeric!

Thracians from Tiras, Hellenica (Greece) from Helen, Italy was named after Atlas or Italus, as was the sea empire of Atlantis. The ‘Deutsch’ (Germans) were named after Tuitsch, related to the Assyrians! Sidonians after Sidon, the Lydians after Lud, The Amorites ofter Amor, The Midianites after Midian, and the list goes on!

Hear James Nienhuis’ take on it in the following screenshots of his blog, on the materialists’ witch-hunt against correct historical Euhemerism!

Naptuhim was another son of Misraim, son of Ham, son Of Noah, also called the god Neptune by the Romans! Afterwards it became Tunis or Frisian Teunis and then turned into Tunisia!

The academic war against Euhemerism

THIS is called ‘Euhemerism’, so named after Euhemerus, the ancient Greek historian who saw much more into so-called Greek ‘mythology’ than pure myth and fiction, but he reasoned that the Greek legends of yore carried a core of truth and true historicity, though embellished by human nature that always enjoys turning their human leaders into deified human gods to be worshiped as heroes. Kind of like Trump!

But not only Greek mythology or legends, but also the annals of the British, the Anglo Saxon chronicles, the Oera Linda Bok of the Frisians, the Annals of the four Wise Men and the Annals of Clonmacnoise of the Irish, the histories of the Hebrews (Bible), the annals of the Danes and other Scandinavians, the Bavarian Chronicle of the Germans, and many many other.

These mostly true historical accounts are fully ostracized, neglected and put down as forgeries, falsifications, and whatnot, by official “academia.” As a result British or rather English history for example, begins with the Romans, totally ignoring the chronicles of the British and Geoffrey of Monmouth and what Nennius wrote.

Whenever you use Wicked Pedia as a source for history science, beware! Why? Because everytime Euhemeristic explanations of true history are mentioned, Euhemerism is used as a pejorative and dismissed as a disease! Be really academic and SHUN W.P!

See how deftly WP explains “Canaan” away from the name of their patriarch Canaan (son of Ham, son of Noah) whom the Egyptians – who also knew him – called Chna! But never mind all that!

But “Academia” is ruled by Humanist Naturalist Darwinists, and they have sworn by themselves – as there was no one higher than them – that “there is  no room for the super natural in Humanism” as Julian Huxley stated, whereas we state that “there is no room for Humanism in our Supernatural paradigm.”

KARL POPPER 1904-1990

Even Karl Popper, the great philosopher of science, said that Darwinism is a metaphysical research program, because it is not falsifiable! That is to say, there is no test by which to show that it is true, because it has never been observed. So the mechanism imagined for it, are in the metaphysical realm, not scientific theory nor even hypothesis!

The war over the minds of the masses is fought on many fronts, and because they control academia and the media and the government, it LOOKS like they are winning the information war. But I will let you in on a secret: It only LOOKS like that!

We shall see which religion will win in the long run; Humanism or Creatorism! [new word!] 🙂 I “bet” on the latter. But in the meantime the control freaks of the elite who designed all that nonsense, are laughing at you, big time, and all the way to the bank!

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