“Alternative” Russia Today peddles same paradigm & propaganda as all other controlled media @ “24,000 year old boy” & Ancient History!

by Lu Paradise • November 22, 2013

The academic world was “stunned” when the DNA of the “24,000 year old” Siberian boy turned out to have the same genes as West Europeans and Native Americans!

These “academics” should not have been so stunned, if they had studied history without any prejudice from the paralytic paradigm of Neo Darwinism, which makes them ignore/overlook/blacklist/obfuscate the following historical facts:

  • That the above 2000 BC Caucasian red-haired mummies were found as far away as Lop Nur, Xinjian in China! Not very far at all from Mal’Ta near Lake Baikal, where the “24.000 yr. old” boy was found! Logic conclusion is that “European” DNA had already penetrated very far into Asia and China.
  • That these 2000 BC Chinese coins and this ancient Chinese jade sword below were dug up in he middle of North America!

  • That there were many instances of pre-Columbian contacts between America and Phoenicia, Egypt, and China! Which simply and precisely explains… that “native” Americans have Asian (Chinese & Middle Eastern) and European DNA….
  • That according to underwater Bronze Age sunken ports, settlements, Yonaguni, etc. , ocean levels were 125 M. (300 ft.) lower during the early Bronze Ice Age, which made sailing and intercontinental contacts much easier, and
  • That sea levels started to rise around 1500 BC due to true Climate Change caused by he gradual cooling of the Post Flood oceans, lessening the heavy Ice Age rains and snow fall which had caused the Northern ice packs of the recent unique Ice Age in the first place. Then the lack of snow and rains, plus the  clearing of the former raincloudy skies, caused the ice packs to melt, as well as the desertification of North Africa, Middle East, Indus Valley, and other large swaths of Earth.
  • That these purportedly Olmec jade figurines found in Mexico, showed Asian rather than Olmec African features, proving Asian trans-pacific sea travel!
    Study this picture: Chinese “Olmec”, you say?

  • That Chinese and Phoenician inscriptions were found all over North- and South America…

  • That Fou Sang or Fu Sang was actually the Chinese name for North America, according to the ancient Chinese maps, proving again that Chinese had contact with North and South America.
  • That the Ancient ‘Everything Under Heaven’ Chinese Map (below) depicts most continents? Ever wondered why we Chinese and American Indians great each other with “hao?”
  • And why Zheng He had much bigger and better ships than Columbus… an entire century before he supposedly “discovered” America? Ha. (see pic below map)

  • That an Egyptian mummy was discovered with nicotine and cocaine inside of it, which originates only in South America, proving that Egyptians had contact with S-America, probably during the Bronze Age Ice Age.  See here!
  • That the Egyptians also had kangaroos, boomerangs, and eucalyptus oil – only to be found in Australia.
  • That ancient 1000 BC Chinese stone anchors were discovered off the coast of San Diego California, which were then conveniently “disappeared” by the Smithsonian Anti True History Mafia, just like the CIA “disappears” or “suicides” people they don’t like.
3000 Yrs Old Chinese Anchors San Diego California
  • That both the Puma Punka statue (top 2nd from left) as well the Olmec “La Venta Stele” (bottom right stele) from Mexico hold an Oannes object with handle carved in their hands, showing that both Olmecs and Tihuanacans came from Sumerian or Proto-Sumerian (Sahara) sources, denied by mainstream historians.

  • That also this  Veracruz Mexico Winged Ball Player statue, handles a Sumerian Oannes basket as well.

  • That the burial cave of an ancient Chinese mummy in China contained tomato seeds that only grew in South America, again proving that Chinese had very early contact with S-America!
  • That Ecuadorian Valdiva pottery perfectly mirrors ancient East Asian Jomon pottery, according to mainstream archeologist Betty Meggers, – From the Smithsonian, of all unlikely places.
    (I know… They are going to ban this true history site one day. )
Valdivian & Jomon (China Japan) pottery virtually identical
  • That inscriptions were found from Canaanite sailors embarking from the RED SEA, on a rock in Brazil, proving they rounded the cape of Good Hope, dating from the time of King Solomon and King Hiram of Tyre, that said:

  • That the above mentioned Fuente Magna bowl below, found in Puma Punka Peru, had proto Sumerian scriptures inside the bowl, proving that in the most ancient time right after the Deluge, the Sumerian Cushites or other descendants of Ham traveled as far as Peru!


Thus we can safely conclude that this “Ice Age boy” did certainly not live during the presumed 23,000 years ago Ice Age (one of many ostensibly), because the unique Ice Age in human history only lasted from around 2300 BC until abut 1500 BC, according to the dating of the sunken Bronze Age structures and settlements found under the oceans near coastlines all over the world, indicating that the sea rose 125 M. (300 ft) at the end of the Bronze Age! It caused the 7 islands of Atlantis, many coastlines worldwide, the Land of Mu here near Taiwan, and entire lands like in Dwaraka India and Tamil Nadu, and in South East Asia, to sink below the waves.

So why were these mainstream “academics” so stunned?

If they had at all been open to the facts of REAL Ancient History, they could have concluded from the fore-mentioned facts from long ago, that few (if any) of the “native” Americans actually came across  Behringia or the Behring Strait, especially since in ancient post-Flood days that entire region was covered with a kilometers thick Ice pack until around 1500 BC, and so very few if any “natives lived in North America beyond the Ice Cap frontier!

Most ‘Indians’ probably arrived by boat, as the Chinese sailed across, and even the Polynesians spread all over the Pacific, all descended from our beloved aborigines here in Taiwan.

But of course, as they are obliged to look at history through the blind dark lenses of Neo-Darwinism that screws up their historical perception, and misinterprets almost every bit of true historicity.

Or as good old Marxists, when they lose the argument, they start to  use ad hominim attacks or even curse and swear, while attacking solid evidence with offensive pejoratives like “junk archaeology” or “pseudo science.” Yeah right! The Devil always accuses you of what he is guilty of himself. When his one gnarly finger points at you, three point right back at himself.

All this propaganda causes them to willingly overlook the giant inconvenient truth they don’t want or like to acknowledge! The huge mammoth in the historical (qu)academic living-room. The Global Flood!

They are Flood deniers!

Ever since the 1917 Russian Revolution – much touted by RT – “science” has just as much, if not more, been hobbled by Darwinism, as it of course fits the Marxist “humanist” anti-religions paradigm much better, which agneda forces it to deny the most correct Ancient History Chronicle, called Genesis in the Bible, written by Egyptian educated Moses who had also access to Hebrew and Sumerian sources as well!

Take for example the ludicrous, or rather ridiculous, recent headline in the Russian newspaper (if you can call it that!) named officially “The Voice of Russia!”
“300-million-year-old UFO tooth-wheel found in Russian city of Vladivostok”

Don’t snicker too hard, OK? The poor fake media journalists can’t help it! It’s gotta be a high tech metal part of a 300 million year old UFO, because they never heard of the Pre-Flood civilisation’s metallurgic technology before 2500 BC. The poor misguided puppies since elementary school don’t know any better that the 30-125 M. thick coal layers were not deposited over millions of years, but by the Pre Flood gigantic flora in one year only. Like good Pavlovian doggies, since 1917 they have all been programmed with the Masonic propaganda of Marxist Soviet Evolutionary world view, as the rest of the world eventually was more or less since the fifties.

Of course this high-tech-metallurgic piece did as much belong to a 300 million year old UFO, as “Man ostensibly had its dumb beginnings within the last THREE million years! Because of course there were no cavemen yet 300 million years ago. And therefore according to Darwinist foundational thought it could only have belonged to a UFO! Ha!

They do not/ can not/ & will never believe that 10 M. thick coal seams are the by multiple very heavy strata instantly compressed results of at least 100 M thick mattresses of uprooted flora from the First World that existed before the Deluge, as the fossils clearly show that plants and trees (and animals) then, were at least TEN TO twenty times bigger than today!

All such true facts are ignored, and warped by the enforced Darwinian glasses pushed on Modern Man’s noses, as is the case with this “24,000 year old” boy. You wanna bet that he didn’t look like a Neanderthaler or Caveman?

European ‘Neanderthalers’ had thick eye ridges and stooped looks, because they were old and suffering from rickets, apart from that they were just ordinary ancient Ice Age Europeans!

See, it all depends what you want to see and where your paradigm lies. In non-existent beneficial gene mutations, or with over 700 ethnic histories describing a global FLOOD!

Have a look at him, in yet another former Soviet now politically correct (English) Siberian Times! It is a young boy, who is now said to be from “European and West Asian” (a euphemism for Middle East!) origin. In other words from Mesopotamian/ Babylonian/ Sumerian/ Persian or Armenian stock from Noah’s Shemite, Hamite or Japhethite sons, as it is called in the REAL historical yet ignored Table of Nations!

How could they ever date him to 24,000 years, if the Global Flood is merely as old as the oldest tree found on this planet, a mere 4,500 years ago? You know why?  Because they are stuck as glue to their hundreds of millions of years’ old paradigm and their fake history.

This boy is most likely either a Scythian straggler, offspring of a Japhetite (European) tribe that fanned out from the Middle East North-East-ward during or after the melting of the Northern Icepacks, at the ending of the unique Ice Age in 1500 BC, when the oceans had cooled enough after much volcanic activity, or not long afterward.

If he is a Post-Flood human, he was most likely not born before the End of the Ice Age around 1500 B.C, so he is 3500 years old at the most!

But of course IF you disregard 700 ethnic legends, myths, and historically correct chronicles like the Book of Genesis, then you HAVE to believe that the newspaper is telling you the truth. In that case, suit yourself. You dug your own truth grave! Sorry!

Here, look at some more pre Flood high tech found underground and in the rocks, and ask your self… Do you really still believe that old Darwinian fairytale?


3 thoughts on ““Alternative” Russia Today peddles same paradigm & propaganda as all other controlled media @ “24,000 year old boy” & Ancient History!”

    1. Thank you Carlos. Yes James moved to a new more political type mixed ancient history blog, where he pursues reactionary right wing faith in Donald Trump, I believe. I hope I am wrong, but that is what most ‘evilgelicals’ are falling for. There is a Zionist way that seems right unto a man, but the end there of is death. Nienhuis’ historical insights are priceless, and I wish he would return to his old blog and pick it up again. Pray for him.
      Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.


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