FREE Tommy Robinson! UK Needs Regime Change Away From The Posh Marxist Totalitarians!

I do not necessarily share all of Tommy Robinson’s opinions, but I DO SUPPORT HIS FREEDOM OF SPEECH which is constitutionally (English common law & Magna Carta) guaranteed and should be upheld. The British Power Elite is getting more evil defending their pedophile Satanic actions from being defeated and uprooted by the greater public protests against them. The UK regime is a rogue regime that is departing away from the Law and is consolidating the control freaks of the British Deep State that want to stamp out civil liberties and the God Given rights of its citizens.

If they do not change their behaviour it warrants more than protests but a massive political movement to change the powers that should not be.

Watch these videos and spread them virally, and keep hammering away. If England falls completely under the dictatorial control of the Bankers and their Marxist Masonic show army, then there is not much hope left for the rest of the world, given its powerful position as a formerly rather democratic and moral nation, mainly due to its Christian traditions.  And that is really the problem of the English as a whole, not just the Elite control freaks but the population as a whole, have forsaken their only protection which is a spiritual one. They forsook their CHristian roots and therefore they are losing their only protection against the political financial Satanic monsters, which is the Holy Spirit of God, because they lost their FAITH!

IT IS TIME FOR THE BRITISH TO TURN BACK TO THEIR loving LORD JESUS CHRIST AND HIS WORD IN THE BIBLE which was the cause of the Renaissance, the Reformation, the spiritual enlightenment, the Magna Carta, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, habeas corpus, and all other freedoms that are supported by those. If the British people do not rise up and politically dethrone these Satanic monsters, they will have themselves to blame for the tsunami of total evil that will follow their apathy. It could be one of Britain’s finest hours, OR total capitulation to the monsters in charge.

This is not for Tommy Robinson, this is for Western civilisation and Christianity. And there in lies the problem. Too many Brits have capitulated to the Satanic influences of their elite’s media, Christ-less press, TV, godless “educators”, and anti God government.

Carpe Diem! Pluck the day! Get on fire for truth today…. OR lose it altogether! This is your day!

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