Professor J. Wells Molecular & Cell Biologist Exposes Impossibilities of Evolution

Moths changing colors, Finches beaks, and other Darwinian Icons of “Evolution” are just not so, according to Professor Jonathan Wells PhD,  Molecular & Cell Biologist. But if you think that this research and true science will ever reach the public or change Quackademia’s mind and its controlled Education system, you are not aware of the agenda of the PTSB, the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’. MUST WATCH.

Yet “historians’ like Robert Sepehr and Graham Hancock and their many “alternative” cronies, the so-called “megalithomaniacs”, base their long ancient datings of 10.000 – 100.000 years BP of “human development” on its faulty non existing premises.

These widely believed ‘pop’ researchers are in no way “alternative” but are in fact still Crypto Neo-Darwinians who still insist on using Darwinian terms like Neolithic, Paleolithic, Pleistocene, Cavemen, Hunter Gatherers, etc., false categories that never described the facts, in their spurious analyses of a long long history of Mankind, where as the Ancients themselves ALL stated without exception that  before them was the Flood, the 10 pre-Flood Kings, and the Creation of the Earth and its first inhabitants.  Who will you believe? It is up to you.

Here is “alternative” crypto Darwinian Robert Sepehr who inculcates very long ages on sub European tunnels that were “probably dug during the Pleistocene – most likely! – perhaps by Stone Age humans, but probably by a long forgotten advanced civilisation

How does he know that. As someone said, “how do you date a Rock? Well, first you gotta get to know her!” Ha! You can’t date tunnels, because rocks don’t have a date in, on, or around them. Even if they did find stone equipment, even TODAY some humans still use stone equipment. These tunnels could have been built by persecuted Christians or other cults, or other nations or tribes, who had to flee underground from persecution or some other kind of annihilation.

Let this saying ring in your ears, “The ancients themselves wrote, testified, stated with certainty about a global Flood and that they descended from the same 8 Flood survivors, Noah, Ham, Shem & Yaphet, and their four wives, whether they were Hebrews calling him Noach, Miao calling him Nu Ah, Chinese calling him/her Wah, or Indians calling him MaNU, or whatever other name they used, Nur, Nuh, Nun, Nu-Uh, Nuch, etc.

All these so-called historians are spinners patronising the ancients by saying that they were unable to write their own true history, but were “steeped in neolithic ignorance writingreligious mythology'” instead.

What if you wrote your history and they did that to you? You would be offended, wouldn’t you? Well the Sumerians are dead and cannot defend themselves, nor the Egyptians who called Noe.. Nun! Lookie here! Eight Flood Survivors on a boat!!


“Myths, myths, myths,” like turtles… all the way down! New Life arose indeed from “an infinite lifeless sea when the sun appeared after the long rains“, on a fully flooded deadly drowned broken planet! Hello..

Here again, the Egyptian EIGHT, or as they called them ‘the OGDOAD’! Is that were the Latin OCTO comes from? Eight?

In ancient Egypt, the invention of writing is attributed to the god Thoth or Tehuti (Dhwty in Egyptian), the scribe and historian of the gods, who also kept the calendar and invented art and science. Taautos of Byblos, the Phoenician precursor of Thoth, was the father of tautology or imitation. The Greeks associated both gods with their god, Hermes. Among many ancient societies, writing held a extremely special and important roll. Often writing is so revered that myths and deities were drawn up to explain its divine origin. In ancient Egypt, for example, the invention of writing is attributed to the god Thoth or Tehuti (Dhwty in Egyptian), who was not only the scribe and historian of the gods but also kept the calendar and invented art and science. In some Egyptian myths, Thoth is also portrayed as the creator of speech and possessing the power to transform speech into material objects. This ties in closely with the Egyptian belief that in order for a person to achieve immortality his or her name must be spoken or inscribed somewhere forever. Taautos of Byblos or Thoth came from Byblos, Phoenicia, ca. 2,000 BC. According to the Egyptians, language is attributed to Taautos4 who was the father of tautology or imitation. He invented the first written characters two thousand years BC or earlier.�� He played his flute to the chief deity of Byblos, the moon-goddess Ba alat Nikkal. Taautos was called Thoth by the Greeks and Djehuti by the Egyptians. The mythology of Taautos is echoed in the god Dionysus, or Njörth the snake priest who was the consort to the moon-goddess. The snake priest was also represented by the symbol of a pillar, a wand or a caduceus. The Greeks equated Thoth with the widely-traveled Hermes. According to Egyptian tradition, Osiris traveled the world with Thoth. Asklepios a.k.a. as Eshmun is responsible for carrying on the teachings of Taautos on snake priesthood. Under the protective umbrella of Hindu culture, snake charmers playing their nasal punji echo the same tradition. In the early ages of Christianity, some monks, such as Pachomius was a Serapic Priest before he became a Christian. Similarly, Ormus is said to have been a Seraphic priest before being converted by Saint Mark. Some believe that he fused those Mysteries with Christianity and establishing a school of Solomonic Wisdom.

“Myths, myths, myths,” like “turtles… all the way down!”
But they did mention Noah and Ham in them! Even tought they warped the original stories with their own politics. Ham defeating Noah, instead of the other way around.


Their very own  genealogies tell the very same story! They all descended from Ouranoh or Noah, from his sons Shem, Ham & Iapetus. There is not any other time left for “Pleistocene cavemen and hunter gatherers” nonsense, but the “alternative” historians know better of course. Ha!

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