Paracas Skulls DNA Analysis Shows European & Mid Eastern DNA but Researchers Disagree

DNA testings have been done on the Paracas skulls that are different than normal human skulls in that they don’t have ‘Sagittal Sutures’ between the skull plates but rather a dome like closed top.

They are not totally human. Mr. L.A.Marzulli and History Channel (of course) disagree on their origins, in that History Channel – as good NWO puppets – believe they originate from “Aliens” whereas they are most likely descendants of the so-called Nephilim giants that infested Canaan and Bashan and other places in the Middle East around 1500 BC. Of course such Bible corroborating results are anathema, as they are not “politically correct”, in other words in line with the Academia ruling Marxist atheist narrative. ENJOY the video.

The non-human nature is denied by academia who explain the abnormal skulls away as skulls that are boarded or wound to become flat, as was done in several cultures in the Americas and in Africa by elite Indian mothers, most likely to emulate these Nephilims or their descendants, as they were smarter and more powerful and their leaders and/or oppressors. The Nephilim giants populated the Americas long before the Indians arrived, and were most likely the builders of the gigantic polygonic megaliths found there and all over the world.

Of course mainstream academia rejects pre-Columbus cross oceanic travel to keep alive their anti-spiritual, materialist, Darwinian dogma, but one has to only look at the American skulls that are the same as found in Europe and Middle East and Russia (Crimea) and of course also at the Pyramids found all over the world, and also the Oannes baskets found in Mesopotamia and also in Latin America in Mayan and Pre-Incan Peruvian art for example. AND for many other reasons like South American Cocaine found in Egyptian mummies, and corn in Egyptian art.

I do not appreciate that Marzulli’s research is limited only to those who buy his DVD-s, so unlike what we do here at where we make it all available for free, and never ask for donations even. If you are really interested in getting out the message, why does one do it that way? Sad. That’s why I prefer Brian Foerster in that respect. Enjoy his 6 Paracas’ skulls DNA videos!

And…. there seems to be a connection with the Basque people in Northern Spain, who are survivors of Atlantis, and with the megalith builders on Malta, where the Gigantija (giants) ruins are. So are these the surviving giants that were extinguished or expelled   by the Israelites from Canaan and Bashan?? Interesting!

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