Truth About 10-15 Ft. Giants in Solomon Islands – Eye witness Report

We know giant graves were found on the Fiji island of Rotuma, on Pulau Upeh island in Malaysia, on Easter island, the Aleutians, and in Hawaii, as you can read in our other articles, all over the Pacific, but also in the Solomon islands. The reports of giants are suppressed by mainstream academia for ideological reasons, to uphold debunked Darwinism, as living giants do not fit their official narrative & mass propaganda.

Watch this video from LA Marzulli who interviews a man who dealt with the Solomon Island government and met a 70 yr. old former cannibal who hunted and ate the 10-15 ft. cannibal giants who STILL live and hide in caves in the mountains. Watch the very interesting interview.

Solomon locals are afraid of these giants, as once in a while people just simply disappear. These giants are very fast and agile, able to outrun any normal local man there. They can pick up a man, stick him under their arm and run away super fast to take home and feast on his flesh. Giants all originated from Canaan, Bashan, and other places in the Middle East.

The government officials know that it is a true story, but out of fear of Western ridicule, they really don’t care to talk about it very much. This interviewee earned their trust over many years service to the former prime minister who verified the reports. ENJOY some more true giants report. Video starts at the interview.

8 thoughts on “Truth About 10-15 Ft. Giants in Solomon Islands – Eye witness Report”

  1. I believe that there were giants in the Solomon Islands as they were in Rotuma. The first Rotumans were believed to have come from Tikopia and Anuta Islands in the Solomons. We have stories of giants in Rotuma and given this I would not be surprised at all!


    1. Thanks Fasiu Samu. We received your personal info, but decided not to publish it for your own security. But there is not anything to help with, except spread our information or link to others. Thank you for your kind offer. God bless you.


  2. Thanks for the information on giants around the Pacific & yes on Rotuma even names of some of them.I’m still collecting information from the people who own the stories etc.Be good to be in touch…to share ideas.


    1. Yes Mausio, good to be in touch, pass on anything you know about them; stories, names, anecdotes, places, graves, pictures, etc.
      Thank you very much.


  3. Question: I would love to see artwork or something on this from some native villages when I’ll be in the Solomon Islands in Sept (Guadalcanal and Ghizo Island). I don’t know if there is anything to see on these two islands. Anyway, I would love to meet up with a tour guide that can show me something? I’m on Holland America ship. All they have is WWII tours. No village tours. Anyhow thought I’d ask. Thanks Loretta


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