A ***guided Try to Re-Discover Suppressed True History? Remains to be Seen

I had seen the second part of this video below, before, which at the time came across to me as a bit of glorification of the Scythians/Scyths/Sacae/ -those tribes North of the Black Sea and Caucasus, and of their advanced iron- and gold metallurgy, and culture. Asha Logos’, the video creator’s effort appeared to be to shine a more favorable light on their historic achievements which are not greatly or favorably documented by their enemies to the South like the Greeks, and they left no written history behind themselves.

Please know that I am trying to be mild in my treatment of the video below, as it is a sympathetic effort, and right up my alley of exposing academic corruption and suppression of history. If I did not like it I would not have posted it. But I have a few things to add to the narrative presented in it.

Most of what was known of Scythian history came from the accounts by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who visited their territory, but in more recent times we learned more about them by Russians excavating burial mounds in Tyva and Kazakhstan.

The video below IMHO does carry a whiff of white nostalgia, to put it mildly, even though the creator says (paraphrased:) to please not think that he is glorifying the Indo-European race. So, why say it? I guess in light of the Marxist ploy to cut down Europeans to the level of the rest of the world so that they will fit better in the coming NWO dystopia of the WHITE rich control freaks? Ha, the irony.

I agree with the video-creator’s goal to expose the suppression of true history, as we have done the same in countless articles on this site, but we do not share in the glorification of any race or color. As far as religion, we believe that the Christian Reformation was the main catapult for the emancipation of Europeans and increase in their power since the 16th century, as before Europe was fast underway to be subjected and invaded by Turks in the East, Muslims into Spain, who had already decimated Christian culture in the Middle East by then.

So rather than glorifying the Yaphetic races as carriers of “truth and righteousness”, I depart from such falsification of history, as any truth or righteousness that emanated from what we call Western Civilisation was fully due to  further reform of corrupted Roman Christian theology and its resulting deeper applications of the Love of God in action around the world, riding nevertheless on the oppressive coattails of the merciless mercantile elites of Holland, England, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, not to mention the devastating slaughter by the Spanish of the Americas.

No, I do not support the superiority of the white race other than their overzealous browbeating of the rest of the world and commercial subjugation as illustrated by the Opium wars on China, one example in a series of atrocities just as cruel as the Turks inflicted on the Europeans.

You could say that the Creator God of Love of Christ allowed and  used the bold enterprising exploring Europeans to spread HIS message of love around the world in SPITE of their cruel colonisation efforts. Any other edge on other races one might propose such as technological superiority can be quickly denied by the achievements of Zheng He in China building a superior bigger fleet of sea worthy ships and the Turks building bigger guns than the Constantinople Greeks which were their demise. The other southern hotter nations in South Asia, Pacific, and Africa did not excel much in that respect there being little need for it seeing their food grew everywhere on trees and if Europeans had arisen there they would have relaxed their lifestyles just as much.

So, I sincerely hope that the video creator does not see the suppression of true Western history through a racial lens but rather through an ideological one, that of deceptive financial powers and control freaks who subjugated the entire world with their octopus tentacles propagandising ALL of mankind into the false religion of Darwinism, Marxism and Materialism using their immense profits to buy up all propaganda tools of international education, media, and Bankia. Academia? It is not worth that name any longer, as you can read in our articles on the corruption and undermining of science on our site.

I do sympathise with the Europeans as they are now invaded by foreigners as Egypt was by the Hyksos and others – as documented in the above Ipuwer account – as this is not the first time in History either.  It happened over and over in history that when nations lost their righteousness and thirst for truth and God, that that very God allowed them to be invaded and overtaken. Look at the history of early Israel with their enemies, or the early Christian Syrians, Christian Egyptians, Christian Libyans, Christian Carthaginians (St. Augustin!), etc., all overtaken by the Muslim Arabs.

If and when white Europeans reject the roots of their prosperity in Jesus, and kick Him out of the front door, then He allows their enemies to enter via the backdoor. Of course you can blame Soros and Merkel all you want, but they have themselves to blame for their own apostasy and rejection of their Saviour who allowed their Christian forefathers to become great. It is a shame and a reproach to any people, but He promised in Psalm 9:17 that “the wicked shall be turned into Hell and all of the nations that forget God.” It is a sad thing and it has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin or any presumptuous superiority.
VIDEO:  Our Subverted History | Part 1 Setting the Stage (search.. in case it gets banned again)


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