Whatever Happened to Father Crespi’s Collection? Robbed & Disposed off by Quackademics

J. Golden Barton gives his account of visiting father Crespi in Ecuador, and of all the fascinating ancient artifacts he was able to see and photograph. (This was given at the Ancient Historical Research Foundation symposium held a BYU on 5-25-05 http://www.ahrfoundation.com0 Interesting video. I suggest to increase the Speed Setting to 1.25 or 1.50 as this man speaks incredibly slow. Fascinating presentation of Crespi’s Collection before it was stolen, pilfered, melted down, locked away, banned, and bought by the PTSB (Powers That SHouldn’t Be) because it contradicts their fowl global Darwinian deception! Shame on the quackademics!

It shows how small South American regimes/governments are easily bowled over by powerful Western regimes and Darwinian quackademic powers to hand over any treasures that do NOT support the Darwinian official line. You can almost hardly blame them. Perhaps they were even threatened.

Hope and pray that the elongated skulls from Paracas in Peru are safe, but don’t hold your breath, like the giant skeletons from Catalina Island were purged by the fascist Quackademic powers from the museum there. ALL we have left are a few photographs that remain of them. Just like the giant mound culture skeletons gathered, confiscated, spirited away, and probably destroyed by the Smithsonian repressors of true history, only documented in old grainy photos and century old newspaper clipping photographs. People wake up and spread the news while we still can. MUST WATCH! (and be mature & don’t stumble over a Mormon setting BYU)


  • So when the library is found, rather than translate the priceless information on it, some dweeb with a smelter will simply melt the pages down,, then sell them as scrap gold. How sad, and how stupid humans are.
  • The script is 80% identical to Hungarian Magyar runic writing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny how they refuse to admit this fact. Juan Moricz was also Hungarian who made the connection. we must research this fact
  • What a shame that ‘academia’ cannot, and will not “allow” our True history to be told….Egyptian artifacts have been discovered in many lands, far from Egypt….and dinosaurs, once walked with men, hunted down like deer of today…. as recent as the 16th century, princes went on ‘hunts’ with their men for these ‘dragons”….. much truth is kept from the people by those in control…. as information–true information is power…which they hold over the people like kings do serfs…. the Burrows cave also subjected to their ‘fraud accusations’ has many similar artifacts as those held by Crespi, telling a very different story of ancient history from the “approved’ version children are taught in school…. And all the laws on artifact retrieval, even those from the oceans, has made it so ‘only’ those at the top of the worlds government’s benefit, rather than those burdened with the expenses, tools and time from research who ventured to go retrieve these lost ‘treasures’ of our past….. it’s all about the money and keeping the truth from the people…. those who find these things should be encouraged to share them with the world, but not lose the ‘value’ of such by being forced to ‘hand’ their finds over to governments….
  • Carlos Crespi don´t lie He was a sincere person and tell truth, maybe some people try to cheat him but mostly evidence is clear, in remote past entire world were are only one culture, ancient books tell us that, there are a lot of deluge artifacts, founded (jars for example) build in very heavy stone material
  • So, they found historic artifacts and then rejected them because they did not support european version of history? [Editor AP: European? Global Darwinian version; “Early ‘humans’ fresh from the cave or from hunting & gathering were too stupid to cross the oceans! THAT’s the REAL reason]
  • Well, it’s now fact that they (Egyptian mummies), some at the least showed traces of tobacco & I believe cocaine?
  • It is VERY “interesting” how the Vatican HIDES EVERYTHING IMPORTANT in their “library” ..sadly this Priest of a Good Heart choose to have “faith” in “the Vatican” Himself with vile GREED driven THIEVING “church” of golden blasphemy of LIES & secrets…just as the ghoul governments hide TOO much from Us ..the “church” has exploited & STOLEN MOST EVERYTHING from INDIGENOUS HUMAN BEINGS OF OUR World…Care Infinite ❤
  • It’s sickening that the worlds treasures and history have been kept a secret from the Masses. We are force fed a false history and anyone who dares reveal the truth in any academic institution or sciences is immediately reprimanded, and careers have been ruined as a result of telling the truth… This goes for all sciences from Archeology to Astrophysics and all points between. The reasons for the mass coverup of Our Origins, and History is one of Self Serving Greed, Power and Control of the Knowledge That Is Rightfully OURS. So Many careers destroyed for revealing the truth under the LAYERS OF false and fraudulent teachings would astound most people if they knew. The History Of Our World Is Absolutely Remarkable, it is fantastical, and incredible, and we know so very little about it because of those who took the truth hostage to have control over our world and what we believe for their selfish gain. There will come a time when the “TRUTH REVOLUTION” gains control and reveals ALL this very important history of our world. The Elite All Powerful Super Wealthy families and their Cohorts Will Be Exposed. Once the TRUTH is Revealed Their Wealth = Power Paradigm Will Come To An End And We Can Rebuild Our Civilized World Under A Universal Spiritual Education Unlocking The Power We Possess As Human Beings. No Longer Will We Be Dumbed Down and Our Ability To Rise To New Heights Of Consciousness Will Forever Change Our Direction Setting Us On A Course We Were Intended To Follow. THE “TRUTH REVOLUTION” HAS THESE FOUR INGREDIENTS TO BRING IT TO THE FOREFRONT AND FRUITION:: “EDUCATE, INFORM, EXPOSE, PREPARE”. REMEMBER THE TEACHINGS. THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE,.. THE GATEKEEPERS OF THE TRUTH FEAR THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING,,, KNOWING WE WILL HAVE THE POWER TO END THEIR REIGN OF FRAUD AND DEBT SLAVERY THAT THEY HOLD OVER US AND HUMANITY WILL BE FREED TO FOLLOW OUR TRUE COURSE AND FULFILL OUR GOD GIVEN ABILITY… GOD BLESS ONE AND ALL…
  • If the ancients wrote everything on gold its no wonder we lost our history somewhere along the line. The conquistadors stole most of it.
    Terry Carter: Stole it and worse yet, melted it down.
  • I find it very suspicious that artifacts such as the ones described in the video have not been extensively studied or analyzed. They were stolen after his death.
  • Armstrongs involvement was certainly to derail it(perhaps even to make the old crespi sick and ill)….he was a mason and is heavily involved in deceiving the public and NOT telling the truth. Happy Days! Armstrong’s involvement was an eye for the Jesuits/ masons…do your homework and this is public knowledge…(regarding armstrongs involvement in various organizations) ARMSTRONG SHOWS UP AND GOVERNMENT NOW GETS INVOLVED HES JUST A BLOODY RAT and will have his fill of fire with his father.
  • The men who stole this great mans collection should be hung on site
  • IN MY OPINION, this marvelous lecture should be called Father Crespi , the Ancient Metallic library AND THE PARAMOUNT ECUADORIAN STUPIDITY, as Pater Crespi was the greatest treasure for Ecuador as a Cultural and Tourist attraction. Hundred of millions of incomes wasted. Poor Ecuadorian, so far from knowledge and wise actions and too close to chieftain culture.
  • How does it come to pass that these items are now in a fault of the central bank?
  • What we do know is that fanatic cult members trying to prove their own belief systems cannot be trusted to know the difference between truth and fiction.
  • Our history is being kept from us, the history of the planet is being obscured by the wicked priests of academia who are trained to control the narrative.
  • What a shame, tens of thousands of “history changing artifacts”, and no one thought to photograph them all before they disappeared in a museum fire…

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