Leading Yale Professor Pushes Back Against Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Via 21st Century Wire – August 4, 2019

Was Darwin wrong? Bring this question up in mainstream academia and you’re likely to be attacked by colleague and media operatives alike, if not run-out of any institution you’re working at.

According to some, the ‘glory days’ of science are over. In The End of Science, author John Horgan contends that, “Science will keep extending and tweaking its current paradigms, like evolution by natural selection and the big bang, but there won’t be any more comparably profound ‘revelations or revolutions.’”

Others are taking this inquiry a bit further, and actually dismantling the highest sacred cows of science, including the seemingly untouchable: Darwin’s theory of evolution. They are asking a fundamental question: since new evidence and knowledge that functioning proteins are extremely rare, then maybe Darwin should be replaced with a theory of intelligent design? If so, then the following two questions are essential:

  • Has modern science developed institutionalized dogmatic belief structures that are similar to that of the church?
  • Has Darwinism really failed?

Probing for answers…

‘The origin of species is exactly what Darwin cannot explain’

Jennifer Kabbany from College Fix writes…

David Gelernter, a famed Yale University professor, has publicly renounced his belief in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, calling it a “beautiful idea” that has been effectively disproven. Gelernter, who is known for predicting the World Wide Web and has developed many complex computing tools over the years, is today a professor of computer science at Yale, chief scientist at Mirror Worlds Technologies, member of the National Council of the Arts, and a prolific author.

In May, the Claremont Review of Books published a column by Gelernter headlined “Giving Up Darwin.” In it, he explained how his readings and discussions of Darwinian evolution and its competing theories, namely intelligent design, have convinced him Darwin had it wrong.

In particular, he cited Stephen Meyer’s 2013 book Darwin’s Doubt as well as The Deniable Darwin by David Berlinski. The professor expanded on his views in an interview with Stanford University’s Hoover Institution that was published last week.

Gelernter stops short of fully embracing intelligent design, both in his essay and during his interview. He said in his interview he sees intelligence in Earth’s design, and has no quarrel with ID proponents, but notes the world is a mess, its suffering far outweighs its goodness.

“My argument is with people who dismiss intelligent design without considering, it seems to me — it’s widely dismissed in my world of academia as some sort of theological put up job — it’s an absolutely serious scientific argument,” Gelernter said during his interview. “In fact it’s the first and most obvious and intuitive one that comes to mind. It’s got to be dealt with intellectually.”

Gelernter conducted his interview alongside Meyer and Berlinski, and the three weighed in on the problems facing Darwinian and neo-Darwinian evolution.  Watch:

Gelernter said an ideological bent has taken over the field of science. There are good scientists doing good work, “but we have a cautionary tale in what happened to our English departments and our history departments could happen to us, God forbid,” he said.

Gelernter said he likes many of his colleagues at Yale, that they are his friends, but when he looks at “their intellectual behavior, what they have published — and much more importantly what they tell their students — Darwinism has indeed passed beyond a scientific argument as far as they are concerned. You take your life in your hands to challenge it intellectually. They will destroy you if you challenge it.”

Continue this story at College Fix


The Greatest Hoax of History – Greater Than the Moon Landing?

All hoaxes throughout history were wrought by wicked minds of powerful aristocrats to deceive the greater audience of people for nefarious reasons.

  • 911, the socalled “Muslim Attack” on WTC was done by Western Intelligence to create the “War on Terror” for constant surveillance of us all!
  • The Lusitania, the so-called “ship that had no ammo” hoax to get Americans into WW1 to destroy Russia
  • The organised Japanese so-called “surprise” attack of Pearl Harbour to get Americans into WW2 to destroy Germany
  • The “Martian Invasion” media hoax was pulled off to test the gullibility of media-enslaved gentiles
  • The so-called “Muslim” 7-7 London bombing patsies who actually missed the train rigged with explosions
  • and the list goes on and on…

But all these and other meticulously designed similar events staged by the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’, were mainly political in nature. They were designed to get greater control over the world, over its finances, to mold the minds of the masses, in order to create the imminent universal totalitarian World regime that could perfectly control these same masses in a 5G enhanced grid from which there is no escape.

But there was a far grander hoax these top dogs deemed necessary to inflict on the minds and hearts of the ignorant masses, to make them far more susceptible to deception, to take down their immunity to lies, to lower their spiritual defenses, to lay the foundation for mental take over, to undermine their inspiration for independent thinking, to subject them to total mind f*ckery. (Forgive my French!)

That was the horrible hoax of hoaxes, cleverly designed mainly by English Aristocrats and Jewish bankers in the 18 hundreds to take away the masses’ discernment and immunity to the lies above, among others, namely the Hoax that we are mere stardust, a biological, cosmic freak of crass cruel meaningless nature, without meaning, destiny, rational, or logos. More arbitrary than a freak 2-lane road emerging from the sand in the middle of a giant desert appearing out of nowhere extending for a few miles, to only disappear again under the sand never to be seen again. Meaningless!

That greatest Hoax platforming so-called Materialism, Naturalism, Atheism, and “Humanism” was propelled into media mesmerizing and fortune 500 fame by the greatest hoax of them all… namely the perfect deception of all of history, took off under the moniker of Darwinism!

Spare us the usual straw man flak of “religion” as Darwinism is a religion itself – and a contrived one at that. The most positive persuasion, unthinkingly adopted, endemically ingrained, absolutely absorbed, from cradle to the grave, internally infused by all elementary grade, middle, and high schools, colleges, and universities … the banal belief system that Mankind grew from a magic ‘tree of life’ on twigs of apes, branches of mammals, from a trunk of dinos & reptiles, fish, “simple” cells, conceived in a fairytale amino acid lake of “pre-mordial soup“, eroded from “rains on rocks” that were somehow propelled into planets originated from gas clouds slung out of a “pre-mordial” Bang that exploded a mass smaller than the following full stop.

Before this Bang… there was nothing… no mass… no energy… no time….. NOTHING! That’s the religion these pompous English poms of Cecil Rhodes’ secret ‘Round Table’ society & his banker friends first brainwashed their gullible peers, then their Rhodes scholars, and finally the ignorant peons via their mass media!

Don’t waffle to me about religion? This total hoax that we and all species descended from each other and pre-mordial rocks via an explosion was perpetrated by this satanic cult that ruled and still rules the British Empire who spread this foul manure all over its constituents as they spread their opium all over China to steal their gold. The hoax called Darwinian E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N is the real Opium of the People! A hollow term that extrapolated true natural adaptation already pre-programmed & present inside the DNA of every kind of creature.

IT IS THIS GRAND HOAX that has taken away the ability of most people to think straight and independently, to arrive at true philosophical conclusions about their lives, their temporal dilemma, their eternal metaphysical existence, their spiritual fate, as radically as cutting the umbilical cord of a baby in a mother’s womb; It dies within seconds!

When we were infected by this mind virus and vaccinated against eternal truth we lost our reason for existence, meaning of life, raison d’ệtre. Spiritual understanding was cruelly aborted in us as soon as we entered grade school, turned on the TV, or now get plugged into tablets with sly You tube videos of animated monkeys morphing into “men”. A tragedy of errors.

Independent thinking is only possible when you have a firm foundation standing on an independent rock of truth protecting you from the wavering waves of man’s double-minded deceptions from rich elitarian demons with devious designs who bought the newspapers and other airwaves long ago to enslave and immunise the minds of the peasants they think we are. Sad to say, many of the masses are indeed unable to think for themselves slavishly lapping up every dish of mental conditioning and poisoned brain-candy these self-appointed rulers dish out for them.

I saw it on BBC, on History Channel, on National Geographics, on UFO TV, I watched Bill Nye the Science Guy on TV, who told me my DNA” – the coded instruction encyclopedia of my body – not just based on binary zeros and ones, but on a much more complicated Quaterny of A-C-T-G, from which are built each of my trillions of proteins that constitute and replenish my body at this very second to keep it breathing, growing, digesting, beating, moving, thinking, seeing, hearing, feeding, repairing and healing itself, etc. “…. is the MERE SPONTANEOUS ACCIDENT OF A CHANCE ENCOUNTER OF ATOMS & MOLECULES IN THIS SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM 4.5 BILLION YEARS AGO“.A statistical monstrosity.

If these mind f*ckers would tell you that Microsoft Windows 10 is a mere result of chance & billions of years, you would call them idiots. DNA is FAR MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT! Are you really an independent thinker? Or have our minds been supplanted with the greatest lie in history, the grandest hoax in the UNIVERSE? I think the latter. Isn’t it high time we wake up a bit?


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