Zoser’s Saqqara Step Pyramid Grain Bins of Imhotep Joseph True Historians Proving Genesis

I am not necessarily a close fan of H. Gruver, but he also proves the truthfulness of Ron Wyatt‘s archaeology. The discovery of the deep grain bins near the Saqqara Step Pyramid of Imhotep, who therefore is proven to be identical to the Biblical Joseph, son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham, who became second in command under the Pharao (Zoser or Djozer) .  It once again proves the historicity of the Book of Genesis in the Tanakh, one of the Five Books written by Moses or also called the Pentateuch!

Extrapolating from that truth, why not accept and believe its entire truth which Jesus Christ also accepted, that Creation was very recent and not billions or even millions of years ago, but at the most less than 10.000 years ago. These following are some great videos.

PROBLEM: MANY Christians even STILL do NOT believe in Genesis as REAL TRUE history because they’re STILL brain-washed by Darwin’s untenable Evolutionist nonsense & “billions of years” (How about you?) (VIEW the long videos at 1.25 or even 1.5 HIGH SPEED)

THIS is historian Jonathan Gray’s video, confirming Ron Wyatt’s discovery of Joseph’s grain-bins & more.

For Ron Wyatt’s death-bed confession that he found the ARK OF THE COVENANT and SAW ANGELS & DISCOVERED & ANALYSED THE BLOOD OF JESUS, SEE OUR ARTICLE ON HIS DEATHBED CONFESSION HERE: https://ancientpatriarchs.wordpress.com/2016/02/21/ron-wyatts-deathbed-confession-of-finding-ark-of-the-covenant-its-guardian-angels/

IF we don’t care to consider these proofs of Bible accuracy.. we are without excuse if we continue to believe Darwin & his soul-damning LIE of humans descending from animals or other species, which genetically is impossible. For your notebook or desktop computer to get more faculties/capabilities, it needs more CODE or INFORMATION in the form of software, and often acquire more hardware even to make it capable.  Information does not just ‘fall from the sky’ in some undefined, empirically never proven, unknown non directed process that these 19th century Darwinian spinsters & rich atheist bankers just thought up and labeled this mirage or ‘Fatah Morgana’, this spurious figment of their imagination: “Evolution“.  Extra coded informtion has to be programmed by Intelligence and added to the genome. It doesn’t “just happen” any more than millions of monkeys typing for millions of years coming up with an Encyclopedia, or even average American teenage destroyers (a tautology), coming up with Marxist ideas on their own without Saul Alinsky or Dewy, let alone with Platonic or Socratean philosophy! It ain’t gonna happen. They have to be taught it! Added to their brains! (?)

Deep Corn Bins Built by Joseph also called Imhotep.

All the ancient patriarchs and ancient civilisations and tribes and nations ALL accepted CREATION & talked about the GLOBAL FLOOD disaster, whereas modern Marxist, atheist, post-modernist historians are all beholden to Darwinism, for that is where the filthy lucre and Book sales for these compromisers come from.

One more recent CLEAR video of Saqqara step pyramid

HOW MUCH historical truths are suppressed by the Antichrists! It is devastating for our Christian civilisation and cultures.

4 thoughts on “Zoser’s Saqqara Step Pyramid Grain Bins of Imhotep Joseph True Historians Proving Genesis”

  1. Djoser was vassal to Uonephes/Merneith of Dynasty 1. They both took credit for building the Step Pyramid. Their famine occurred from 2001 to 1994 BC, in the days of Terah. This is the same seven year famine mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh. It was about 300 years before Joseph’s seven year famine, which occurred under Sesostris I of Dynasty 12 in Thebes, and Unas of Dynasty 5 in Memphis. Imhotep was not Joseph, sorry.


    1. Ah dear Saint Chris! You ought to be sorry, 😉 … for even our 300 AD (early) Church brother & historian Eusebius of Ceasarea said, “Permit me, right at the outset, to caution everyone against [believing that] there can be complete accuracy with respect to chronology. Indeed, we would benefit by contemplating what that wise Teacher told his acquaintances: “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority” [Acts 1:7]. It seems to me that [Jesus], as God and Lord, delivered this succinct verdict not solely regarding the end of the world but about all times, in order to discourage those who would dare attempt such a futile undertaking [g4].”

      It all depends on whose chronology we cling to. Do we depend on the “official” timing of the Exodus or the one proposed by David Rohl in this article & video.
      And then again is our estimate when Terah lived accurate as well? If these bins were not built by Joseph then there must have been another Joseph. Dating of the chronology of so long ago seems to be a hazardous undertaking. For years I believed that the Global Flood happened around 2345 BC, until I saw this video by Nathan Hoffman where he proved that the Septuagint’s and Samaritan Pentateuch’s dating was more accurate than the the Pharisees’ Masoretic Text version created between the 7th and 10th centuries AD, because they had dropped the 1-s before the ages of the old Bible patriarchs after the Flood to prove their preferred theory that Melchizedek was SHEM and that Jesus therefore could not have been a priest in the order of Melchizedek. After I saw that wonderful illustrated video explanation (plus the one below that one on “how long the Israelites were in Egypt” (Also a MUST WATCH!), I wrote this article: “I Was Wrong! Were the pyramids built before the Flood?” The conclusion was that the Global Flood MUST have happened 500 years earlier as a result, around 3000 BC which would leave enough time for accruing enough people to build the tower of Babel, the diaspora of the nations and enough time to grow enough Egyptians to build the pyramids. All that to say that there is room for a lot of guesswork in dating, and to decide who is the TRUE Sherlock Holmes to do the correct forensics of the timing and dating of Joseph? Let me know what led you to your conclusion? Thanks for your suggestion and comment. And perhaps we are all wrong. Time will tell and truth will out.
      PS: Another great video on distortion of true dating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vyoazkdu20k


  2. There seems to be much debate on the issue, are they the same or are they not. For all the similarities between them they also have many things not in common (different god and time line issues) Regardless, the discovery of grain bins is a major step forward.


    1. YES! Thank you Robert. I was just saying the same thing in my reply below to my dear friend Saint answering his comment. There is a lot of debate on all of that, and many different dating systems. After all, it sure IS A LONG TIME AGO! Ha!


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