Cruel Media Denial of the Veracity of the Biblical Patriarchs & the Septuagint!

Was There An Exodus from Egypt?
This cocksure Jewish lady denies that the Biblical Patriarchs were real people! But Egyptologist David Rohl begs to disagree! Of course Australian mainstream television preferred the Bible doubting lady over the proofs that agnostic David Rohl provides.

The above Australian TV program would also not have invited the Jewish archaeologist and scholars who proved that Joshua was indeed a historical figure by his curse tablet found in Israel!

Even famous apologist William Lane Craig kind of doubts the Septuagint plus the Early Church scholars Eusebius, Theophilus of Antioch, Julius Africanus, and even Roman Jewish historian Josephus, but prefers to stick to the faulty Masoretic text that shorted six of the childbearing ages of the patriarchs of Israel by a hundred years. William is normally pretty good in apologetics, but he ain’t perfect! Maybe he knows better now, after watching this video.
Watch: William Lane Craig – Septuagint Vs. Masoretic Genealogies

Dr. Douglas Petrovich – Ur of the Chaldees & Rameses

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