Real Ancient History is somewhat like Forensic Science. Part of it, is real empirical science like documentary analysis, true carbon dating, archaeology, soil samples, geology, blood analysis, DNA smears, etc. but “who dunnit”, when, where, how, & why, etc. is still very much up to the private interpretation of the researcher who is inevitably led by his personal worldview or instilled academic paradigm in most cases, and thus his conclusions can be biased at the most and subjective in the least.

Cases in point are Betty Meggers of the Smithsonian Institute who discovered not just a link between Valdivian pottery in Ecuador and Jomon pottery of East Asia, but a veritable visible similarity that gave away cross continental contact between early Chinese/Japanese and ancient Ecuador.


Also Dr. Virginia Steen-McIntyre who decided at a much more ancient age for her archaeological dig in Mexico which went against unwritten laws and watchword of her academic peers’ authority, and thus she lost her position, job, and history career. There are many more victims of historical correctness than we have space & time here to mention, but let it suffice to say that not all is well in academic ‘Denmark’ and some say that something stinks there to High Heaven!

That authority and the unwritten laws of what is acceptable in Academia Historica, is not a coincidence or some fluke of human nature. No! Here at Ancient Patriarchs we are making a strong case for a conscious effort by Academia to cover up, persecute, or even ban certain unmistakable discoveries, thorough theories, or other phenomena which are not conducive or convenient to a certain widely held authoritarian world-view.

In fact, like Emil Zola’s “J’accuse”, we here at ‘Ancient Patriarchs’, also accuse hidden, higher-up, elements of global academia, that reside in bodies like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Round Table and its Rhodes Scholars, Freemasonry, educational think tanks and govt. authorities, and universities, of an obvious conspiracy to tightly control its lower echelons and their official narrative, of blatant institutionalised suppression of well-proven facts, even of systematic destruction of genuine historical artifacts, and of organised persecution of different, un-orthodox ideas and individuals. So much so that these individuals were marginalised, ostracised, persecuted, even fired, and some even threatened with death in some cases. Believe it or not, but History can be a very dangerous discipline! The stakes seem to be very high somehow, and it is not just about book sales.

In other words, this systematic suppression and blatant censorship proves that we -the public- have been systematically lied to and misinformed by these authorities concerning our true historical heritage and human roots for some nefarious reason. Why? Because these authorities have been saddled and reined in by global elites and powers who have a deviant different religion and worldview!
This has also become obvious in other fields of science and government, because of enforcement of so-called “political correctness” — which is nothing else but a stifling of free speech!– by Cultural Marxists trained by the Frankfurter Schule injected into American society during the thirties, AND by other elitarian circles as early even as the French and American revolutions, as expressed for example by Benjamin Franklin’s membership of the Masonic Hell Fire Club, and Darwin, Lyell, John Lubbock, and others’ membership in elite clubs and institutions like the X Club.

Screenshot below shows the career of the influential banker John Lubbock from Wicked Pedia, who saddled us up with the crippling historical periodisation nonsense of Paleolithic and Neolithic, among other grievous errors. John Lubbock, a young acolyte of Charles Darwin who lived on his parents property, turned into a member of the elite X Club, a dining club composed of nine gentlemen to promote theories of natural selection and academic liberalism.

Banker Lubbock also held a number of influential academic positions, including President of the Ethnological Society, Vice President of the Linnaean Society, President of the International Association for “Prehistoric” Archaeology, President of the Royal Anthropological Society, as well as Vice President of the Royal Society in 1871. During this time John Lubbock worked with John Evans the other key figure in the establishment of the discipline of archaeology. In other words, Lubbock was installed as an academic provocateur of the new religion of Scientism; deplorable Darwinism!


As a result of such bankers’ involvement in Academia, many disciplines and academic fields were infiltrated by faux Darwinism! Modern history now, as is taught in official academia and public education, has not just been heavily slanted into the standard paradigm, but Darwinism reigns supreme in all Halls of higher learning. And all that in spite of great numbers of major outspoken professors, doctors, philosophers, PhD-s, plus biological and geological scientists, many of whom famous and influential, who are totally at odds with this dinosaur of a failed theory that falls apart at the seams, and smells like a bad old case of Scientism.

But never mind, the financially seated power elite says, “stuff your protests, swallow your critiques, because nothing will ever change our global dictatorship and strangle hold on academia!” Thus they reduced it to Quackademia, and the debate is ostensibly over! And thus the old adagio rings true once more, “One can not fight city hall!” The system is rigged top-down and corrupt all the way to the bottom. And if you disagree, these “authorities” or rather dictators of the narrative will mercilessly marginalise you and relegate you to their promoted pejoratives of the “Lunatic Fringe” and “pseudo scientists!”

These pejorative terms are also carried by the similarly controlled Mainstream Media, newspapers, glossy magazines, pop historians on UFO TV and History.com, National Geographics, etc, who all appear to have different opinions, yet surprisingly all agree on one thing: Natural Selection and Neo-Darwinist dictatorship in science.

Nevertheless, no matter what the prejudiced control freaks and dictators dictate in academia, the ancient nations themselves, their people, their writers, their historians, and their own documents, do NEVER testify about some PRE-History, or cavemen descent, paleo- and neo- stone ages, hunter gatherers, etc. On the contrary, ALL of them promote rather a very different narrative, to wit :

  1. Appr. 700 ethnic groups, cultures, plus the main ancient civilisations ALL testified of a Global Flood!
  2. A Flood that wiped out the first world of its “Ten Kings” and ALL their people,
  3. Many of them mentioned “The Eight“, a family or group of eight individuals or four couples who survived on some kind of floating device or a ship that finally landed on some mountain.
  4. After that Flood their muddy new earth was re-populated by these eight “gods and goddesses” who happened to live much longer than their gradual offspring and were spoken off as immortal gods, because their great-grand children died before their great grandfathers ever did! Case in point is the story of Gilgamesh visiting Utnapishtim (Sumerian Noah) to discover his secret of longevity.
  5. Furthermore they ALL testify about the first humans and the Creation of the World, in some form or another, by their respective gods, and many of them even mentioned about a confusion of languages when their first dictator built a tower!

But according to smarmy Darwinians’ standard opinion and paralytic paradigm, these Ancients really didn’t know what they were talking about, and stand accused of being ignorant dummies who produced errant mythologies about gods who never existed, although they descended from them,  and that their very own historians didn’t know in the least what their history was all about, but rather had a very productive imagination! How patronising can one get?

These and other discrepancies in published modern pop history with the actual record is the subject of many of Ancient Patriarchs articles and posts. Most are written by yours truly, some by other awake writers, but our collective insights in this gross cover-up, academic fraud, crime of destruction of evidence, and gross neglect of archaeological evidences, lead us to shout about forbidden archaeology and gross academic cover ups!

We love to destroy false notions like “There was no intercontinental sea travel and traffic”, as well as many others. Falsification in History is a big subject, and if you have an ear to hear, you will see that our treatises make lots of sense. But alas, the official narrative is closed off from debate and that will not change, sad to say, because top down control is strong, and global interests to control the thinking of Modern Man are way too important for the power-brokers that shouldn’t be, but yet are.


We wish you a pleasant paradigm change.



35 thoughts on “About”

  1. Please help me find who the ancient People from Papua New Guinea are from. Look up Papua New Guinea on the map its just North of Australia.. thank you, awaiting your response…


    1. Well, it is already proven that the Australian aborigines are related to the Dravidian Indians, and so perhaps the Papuans as well. You could look for with whom they have the genetic markers in common. hope that helps. Love & Peace


      1. you’re very welcome – Kara Pickering (I think her blog is prophetictimelines, sent me some very pertinent and I would say spectacular deciphering of bible codes related to Antarctica


  2. This is a fascinating website. I have dipped in and I wish to read more. There’s just one problem: it’s totally anonymous. There’s not a name in sight or even a ‘Contact us’ option, no bylines, no nothing. It’s as if there’s an Alternative Big Brother out there beaming out material. May I ask who (singular or plural) runs and writes for the site? Where are you based? I myself (and I freely identify myself as Yvonne Whiteman of Bath, Somerset, England) am investigating a set of allegedly ancient documents called the Kolbrin. I would very much like to communicate with the person/people on this site about specific sources – but how can I do that when the site is nameless? What are you afraid of? At the moment, despite all its efforts, the site feels as dodgy as the entrenched hisotircal correctness it is trying to shift – and it shouldn’t. You’ve got something good going on here – so do please name and place yourselves, and people will start to take you seriously.


    1. Dear Yvonne,
      At the end of our ABOUT page I did write my name Lu (Chinese) and that I am from Taiwan. I also call myself Lu Paradise, the latter part is a self chosen moniker of course. I do not pretend to be some famous PhD, rather an autodidact amateur Historian with a background in Political Science (also history), Sociology, and Psychology. I am not trying to be dodgy, I just have no desire to put my total identity onto the internet, but rather let my writing speak for itself. I love to keep my privacy as long as they will allow. But thanks for your compliments. I appreciate it. I also don’t think that our true kind of NON-Darwinian history will ever make it into the official recognition by Academia-Media-Bankia complex, as they have the power, and the money to dictate, confuse, and obfuscate and broadly smear their ugly propaganda all over the world supported by an elite who does not want us to be independent thinkers. But give it a little more time, and the blown-out-of-proportion airheads will soon destroy themselves in their self-chosen eternal destiny, while the truth will win in the long run.
      There are other history writers on this site that I have co-opted and you can find their names on the right side half way the page. I saw you publish on Graham Hancock’s site. I think he is dodgy, for he pretends to be alternative and then he is a full blown Darwinian, promoting the same old false narrative of millions of years, and tens of thousands of years ago ice ages, before the planet existed! Ha!
      Cheers Yvonne. Where can I find your writings on Kolbrin? If it corroborates our historical views can we post some of them here?
      God bless


  3. PS. What highly interests me in your work here is that John Pilkey did not trace any lines through Atlas and Poseidon into N. Africa, no consider the geography land masses and beach water rising, nor did he at his time decades ago,


  4. Ancient Patriarchs, I’d like to share a book with you.

    It is the core book of Falun Dafa entitled ‘Zhuan Falun’. It talks about spiritual things from a scientific perspective. It talks about other dimensions, the soul, the cosmos in the microcosm and the macrocosm, supernatural abilities, karma, healing, the true history of mankind, transcending the 5 elements and leaving the 3 realms and many many other fascinating things.

    It is a spiritual science of the highest order. I’ll give you a copy and you can take a look if you like, totally up to you ofcourse:


    1. I am sure they ARE, as the liars say that it is false evidence, and the original posters of the pictures on the internet wish to stay anonymous, and the real owners (Smithsonians??) will NEVER admit property! Ha! Those are two other proofs of its genuineness. Please write a positive book and mention our blog, where you learned all this first. God bless.


      1. The real owner of the pterosaur is a gentleman named Loren Coleman, one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists. You can read more about him and this prop pterosaur at this website… cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-news/tbird-pic/

        You can read more about this photoshopped photo of the pterosaur and the Civil War soldiers at this website… skeptoid.com/episodes/4605


  5. WOW I am SO fascinated by your website!!! Just came across it today for the first time, after being led to it from a google image search. I’ve been researching these topics (eg. World Mythologies, genealogies, religion, race, origin stories, etc.) for the last 8 years, and it just feels so good to put the puzzle pieces together! I feel so inspired and amazed at the conclusions I’ve reached. And seeing your website today confirms a lot of my own researches and hypotheses. Btw I too am an amateur “autodidact”. I don’t have any background in history (no college education), But I am just really fascinated by it.


    1. To the site owner, I would like you to delete my comment from 2018 or of possible at least remove my email address from the comment. Thank you.


  6. Dear Lu,
    Most impressed by the contents of your site when I was searching for info related to the following topics to share with my squash game buddies after a lengthy discourse with them yesterday.

    6-finger-6-toe-double-set-of-teeth hybrids, Noah’s flood (global or local?), demons and fallen angels, nephilim, Genesis 6:4, Greek Mythologies, centaur, minotaur, Darwinian evolution etc. etc.

    I will refer my friends to your site from now on.

    As you are from Taiwan, I thought it’s good to share with you that I had always thought that the natives from Borneo (Dayaks and Ibans) have a lot of cultural similarities with your “shun di” tribes over there, besides their looks.

    Keep up with the great work!


    1. Thank you for the encouraging words. Praise to our loving Creator! I am not familiar with the Shun Di tribe. Did you mean 帝舜; pinyin: Dìshùn? He was an emperor. We know the Amis Atayal Bunun Hla’alua (Saaroa) Kavalan Kanakanavu Paiwan Puyuma Rukai Saisiyat Sakizaya Seediq Tao (Yami) Thao Tsou Truku (Taroko), and Makatao Siraya Taivoan, and Unrecognized ones: Babuza Basay Hoanya (Arikun/Lloa) Ketagalan Luilang Pazeh/Kaxabu Papora Qauqaut Taokas Trobiawan. But no doubt the Pacific islanders and the Taiwanese aboriginals are related. Apart from DNA, even Hawaiian songs sound like orig. Taiwanese songs.


  7. Would you be willing to look into the flat earth theory?
    I particularly like the concept of the domed earths ability to fill up with flood waters better then the water spinning off a 1000 mph spinning globe where water is flying off!


    1. Dear Chris, I already looked and found the theory and evidence severely WANTING. It is a Psy Op of the Oligarchs to divide and conquer, PLUS, to make people who believe in CREATION look ridiculous. You are used – as the Marxists coined people like you – as a useful idiot. Now I didn’t say that. They did! And I don’t want to offend you. But you will not post any more comments here justifying this inane narrative. They are using you, Chris, unless.. you are a willing operative in their dis-info operation. In that case you are in deeper trouble. If you are really deceived by Dubay and co, & want some advice, go to Kent Hovind’s video on this non issue and let him explain it to you. I have no time to waste on Flat Earth. I sincerely wish you full recovery though, and that you will see the LIGHT, and come to your senses not to poison the pond. Why not read our articles about Continental Drift and the mechanics of the Global Flood, how the fault lines were created by sub-crustal super-critical water plasma, according to Walter Brown’s Hydroplate theory. His scientific research website is http://www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/IntheBeginningTOC.html …and realise that the faultlines are also ONLY possible on a spherical planet as they ripped the earth’s crust in less than 24 hours and even re-connected with each other after circling the globe. No, I won’t need an explanation how your disk could produce the same thing. It can’t. Have a look at our articles here, and Carpe Diem, pluck the day, and LIVE! Get away from stale dogma. You’ll be free from that false science. Liberate yourself! Love in Jesus who will return one day as HE will circle the globe and gather His elect from the 4 corners of the Earth! OH NO! The Bible says that the Earth must be a SQUARE! Oh no! Your round disk doesn’t have any corners! Maybe you should start a new theory. The square Earth! Ha! Ha!
      It is called a metaphor….. Chris.
      Wake the flock up!


  8. Hi Lu from Taiwan, could you kindly email me. I would like your help on a research project pertaining to this subject of ancient patriarchs. Thanks a lot and fantastic work so far with your research.


  9. Hi Lu Paradise,

    I posted a message but I guess it got filtered out. I want your help to build a world patriarch tree to understand the world better. I’m not comfy sharing details on the public WWW and hence requested you to email me. If you have time, please email me at gmail if you are interested. Thanks.


    1. Hi Zac, I don’t use Gmail at all. Could you get a free encrypted account on Tutanota dot com and leave your new email here? Then I will write you.


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