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300-Ml-year-Old High-Tech Pre-Flood Tooth Wheel Found in 4.500 Year Old Russian Coal Blamed on UFO?

January 25, 2013 By Lu Paradise — 158 total views

As recently reported by ‘The Voice of Russia’, a high-tech 98 % aluminum 2 % magnesium tooth wheel was discovered in a “300 million year old” coal layer. Because this is quite impossible in terms of Evolution that forbids coal forming within human history, “scientists” weaseled themselves out of the dilemma by calling it–get ready for this one! — a UFO tooth wheel! Hilarious! They rather turn themselves into prating fools than to suffer shame for disloyalty to the imposed watchword of the pernicious paradigm that has paralysed true science ever-since its sorry conception 150 years ago.
Here’s a screen shot of the recent article:


This is the most comical piece of Neo-Darwinist cover-up I ever saw since Richard Dawkins started to make room for the notion that “Human Evolution” may actually have been started OFF-planet by Aliens, thus conveniently relocating the problem of non-existent beneficial mutations to impossible-to-verify Outer Space! A rather sneaky way of dealing with this untenable theory!

This fancy tooth wheel is yet another ragingly spectacular find in a series of OOPARTS (Out of place artifacts) discovered in the rock- and coal-layers below our feet which, according to the theory of Evolution, are purportedly hundreds of million years old!

Mainstream Media and Academia were not bought to allow departure from the politically correct yet false paradigm, but rather to promote it, and thus have to come up with such a preposterous notion that the tooth-wheel must have belonged to a 300 million year old U-F-O!

Doesn’t that crack you up! Can you believe it? Well, sad to say, billions of bamboozled specimens of our human race actually do believe such junk science, because they are just as hopelessly brainwashed by Neo-Darwinism as these Russian “experts.” Of course…

“Once upon an eon…to be precise 312 million years ago… a UFO from a far away alien star system on a haphazard visit to Earth, crashed and exploded in the hostile atmosphere of Earth scattering a tooth wheel into the wildly vegetated swamps growing along the primordial lake, which then amazingly enough happened to be immediately covered by the ash of a volcanic explosion at that very moment,[otherwise no fossilisation!] which instantly buried and compacted 200 M. plant-matter into 2 M. coal!

Voila! That is what surely happened! Continue reading 300-Ml-year-Old High-Tech Pre-Flood Tooth Wheel Found in 4.500 Year Old Russian Coal Blamed on UFO?

Why Study Ancient History? A False Theory Hijacked Academia

By Lu  • February 15, 2015 •  131 views


empiricalscienceYou wish to be a student of history? Why would you.. when the entire worldwide academia has been hijacked by a false paradigm, and you will not graduate unless you conform and submit to the lies and never dare to bring up the contrary facts of an inconvenient truth? Consider the following real scientific facts!

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RT Questions Less & Churns Out Gross Darwinian Propaganda

For all the white-hat talk about Russia today, Putin defending Christianity & Christians, state sovereignty, etc. , the old propaganda of link-less morphology without any empirical evidence by pure science a la Popper, still pops up its ugly head.

The Kremlin’s government flagship ‘Russia Today’ is not loath to repeat that 150 year old elite canard of species evolving into other species, even though there is no evidence of added DNA code information to improve on simpler species! Where do they get it?


Do they really “Question More?” Or do they uncritically, unthinkingly, naively parrot Western Illuminati media outlets and corporations who relentless massively push the Darwinian narrative so as to push out any remaining faith in the good old book that states we were created and suffered a worldwide catastrophic global Flood around 4500 yrs. ago, as corroborated in 700 global ethnic legends testifying to its historicity.

Of course, RT is staffed by similar “liberal” whippersnappers as HuffPo, who unduly had the paralytic paradigm hammered into them in similar state schools, incl. the fallacy that DNA code appearing out of nowhere can be magically injected into protein chains at random and still produce functioning organisms?

That is like taking lines of ‘Firefox’ code & inserting them into ‘Internet Explorer’ expecting to get a better web browser! Slim chance! Where are their brains? Continue reading RT Questions Less & Churns Out Gross Darwinian Propaganda