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Judith Curry on ‘The Republic of Science’ – ALSO in History!

MUST WATCH! How politics and commerce enter into science. And not just in Climate Science, Biology, Chemistry, but we also have seen it, and have written about extensively here on AncientPatriarchs,  very heavy handed in HISTORY and Archaeology! MUST WATCH

The real science she is now doing on her blog, she says, “I get zero credit!” Wow! Join the club. For her it is of course not so bad, as she already has her daily bread from her passed career and I am sure publishing, where as we have no salary and that is how we lost our former internet platform to an enemy under the skin, and were forced into WordPress, and we are a One horse site, and still what we put out is solid history NO MATTER what the YELLOW Darwinists scream at the top of their voice in mainstream media, mainstream academia, and mainstream government and “education”. BUT God has taken care of us regardless even though we refuse to ask for donations out of principle, as we do not want to have a slanted agenda where people would not trust what we have to say. Well, Judith Curry, join the unpaid fringe, the non politically correct body of millions of members. We are all doing it just for truth, ethics, God & Kingdom! And THAT is on its way here now, soon coming to any city or land near you! So may the resister beware! TRUTH WILL OUT AND WIN! And to you cowards!? REPENT OR PERISH!

Why & How Did Earth’s Pangaea’s Crust Crack! An Ancient Mystery Solved?

by Lu Paradise • December 28, 2012 •

The early Earth, we can safely assume, did not start out cracked like this egg from its pristine beginnings.


Scientists now agree that the early Earth featured just one original continent named ‘Pangaea’, reminiscent of Chinese history’s ‘Panku.’ Historians and geologists have no clue what actually hit the Earth’s crust, or how the upper layer of 8 km thick oceanic crust and 35-60 km continental crust got cracked, nor why its fragments or plates then began to drift apart from each other, other than labeling it ‘plate tectonics & subduction’. That’s about as good an explanation as blaming “why there are murders” on “violence.” It does not explain what cracked ‘Pangaea’ in the first place, which would also indicate the real cause of why the continents drifted apart!

This article aims to try to solve this foundational mystery: “Why and how did Pangaea’s crust crack!”

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