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How the “Lunatic Fringe” Proved the Shroud’s Carbon dating Wrong!

ShroudFull 2 part movie about the Shroud of Turin giving the man in the shroud his actual 3D face (and body) back. New dating methods reveal the much older date of the cloth than previously thought. A team of two “lunatic fringe” investigators found that the sample of the Shroud was contaminated! But it took the Mainstream Academics would not believe it until…. Isn’t that symptomatic! What did He look like? Ray Downing accomplished a reconstruction of the Shroud through new computer methods and enhancements. Does this face belong to Jesus Christ?


Oh No! Another myth true? “29.000 yr. old” Siberian Unicorn discovered!


The Siberian Unicorn, described as a rhino, was supposed to be extinct — are you sitting down? — for 350.000 years! Yet radio carbon dating (C14) ostensibly presumably dates a recently discovered skull to only 29.000 years old, which is of course also ludicrous, as the global Deluge was only 4.400 years ago (2400 BC). How embarassing! Man and Rhino lived together they say now!


The sample was found near the settlement of Kozhamzhar; it is a skull fragment of Elasmotherium sibiricum – an ancient rhinoceros. I sent a piece of the skull to the Queen’s University Belfast laboratory for the radiocarbon analysis. Elasmotherium is considered extinct about 350,000 years ago, and the age of this skull is 29,000 years.

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RT Parrots New “Hobbit Species” Unscientific Darwinian Mythology

Russia Today — feigning to “Question More”– fails to question Darwinian American Quackademia, trusting faulty C14 dating and non empirical conclusions that Indonesian dwarfs are a new “Hobbit”species and dating them to 700.000 years old. African Pygmies are not a new species because they are still alive, but the “hobbits”are dead, so they can be? Check here the reliability of Carbon Dating first.



This “research”is NO “BREAKTHROUGH”, just theoretical wishful thinking! This is merely a normal example of natural selection where some small people married and had small children, just like the Chihuahua is not a new species but is still a dog! It just can’t f**k a Great Dane anymore because of its size! DON’T BE BAMBOOZLED! You are being conditioned! See here: Radiometric dating can not even go beyond 250.000 years, because there is no more C14 left after that long. Continue reading RT Parrots New “Hobbit Species” Unscientific Darwinian Mythology

WHY AREN’T WE TOLD? Radiometric dating problems

by Jonathan Gray • March 9, 2014 • 0 Comments — 29 views

“Radiometric dating?” snorted Ray. “It’s useless in dating the past!”
“What do you mean… useless?” I asked.
“Look,” said Ray. “I’ll give you an example. Human remains found deep in the delta deposit near New Orleans, Louisiana, were dated at 57,000 years – but when wood from the gunwhale of a Kentucky flatboat was found deeper, the 57,000 years shrank to 200 or less.
“You’re kidding!” I exclaimed.
“No, that was true. And do you know, C-14 dating of Egyptian pharaohs’ tombs have registered mummies 500 years ‘older’ than their sarcophagi! And grains older than the containers in which they were found.”


A field archaeologist must not take anything for granted. This was something I had to check out. During many years of living in Australia, I made several visits to the island state of Tasmania. I know of a farmer near the town of Burnie who was removing some fence posts on his property. These had been set in the ground less than 100 years earlier. He discovered that the in-ground portion of each post had actually opalised. [PP: Converted into a substance resembling opal ; converted into opal by the … Hence “opalised wood,” or wood petrified by silica] Continue reading WHY AREN’T WE TOLD? Radiometric dating problems