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Creationist kent Hovind on Crystalline Water Canopy Around the Pre-Flood Earth & Atmosphere

A.P LU’s INTRODUCTION: I am not a Creationist, because to me it means a reaction to the unecessary action of Darwinism. I am not a reactionary. I demolish the first illegal action, but mostly proving the point via true non-Darwinian history! That means History without false concepts like “pre-history, cavemen, paleolithic, neolithic, the geological timescale, the various eras and epochs, etc.” of  Macro Evolution.

I appreciate Kent Hovind’s science model though which corresponds seamlessly with the convictions and opinions of most ancient patriarchs who were all one extended family descending from the 8 very long living Flood survivors, who in turn descended from the 10 pre-Flood kings spoken of by many ethnic groups’ legends, not myths! Kent Hovind agrees with Walt Browns’ hydroplate theory but adds his own theory about the Canopy based on genesis in the King James Bible. (KJB) Enjoy the discussed science models.
Dr. Kent Hovind Proves Canopy Theory Using the KJV Bible


This article is a letter written to a magazine regarding the Creation of Earth. Paul Taylor, author of Creation in 6 days, attempted to defy the idea of the Canopy Theory. The letter below is Kent’s response to and Paul Taylor. Continue reading Creationist kent Hovind on Crystalline Water Canopy Around the Pre-Flood Earth & Atmosphere

REAL Ancient History Explained!

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Why the first flood survivors were taller and smarted than their offspring
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Why Nimrod went to seek Noah to find the secret of immortality
Why the God haters worshipped the sun and the patriarchs as sun gods
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Why Sahara, Silk Road, Mesopotamia, Indus valley were wet and fertile!
Why the God-haters worshipped the sun & patriarchs as sun gods.
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