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Dr. David Berlinsky Refutes Evolution

Atheist professor destroys evolution

Dr. Richard Lumsden – professor of parasitology and cell biology at Tulane University in Louisiana. Served as Dean of the Graduate school of biological sciences. Published about 90 peer-reviewed papers and was awarded the Henry Baldwin Ward medal for his work in parasitology.

Professor Exposes Impossibilities of Evolution


Sasquatch & Big Foot! Another Official Suppression of A Degenerated Giants Race

Picture of a red-brown-haired Bigfoot, shot dead by a hunter.

Another Bigfoot video in a long range of sightings in North America (and other countries), appeared on Russia Today yesterday, yet seldom is a connection made with the many 19th century archaeological finds of giant skeletons in North America, way before Indians filled the continent.


The so-called Mound Peoples in the Mississippi basin, buried their dead in mounds many of which were dug up in the 19 hundreds. Inside many giant skeletons were found as you can read in our article on giant skeleton newspaper reports – including the New York Times – where it was said that officials and scientists of the Smithsonian Institute came and collected the skeletons for scientific research, but then they were never heard of again. If you ask the Smithsonian today, they “have no record” of these many reported archaeological finds. Continue reading Sasquatch & Big Foot! Another Official Suppression of A Degenerated Giants Race

Ex CBS Reporter on Media Lies, Internet Shills & Astroturfing Trashes Wikipedia! – So is Historical Science! Warped!

wikipedialogoFormer CBS Reporter Exposes Media Lies, Internet Shills & Astroturfing – MUST SEE!!! She speaks how Corporations warp our perception of products, agendas, narratives, politics, etc, via all kinds of forms of gross deception. She completely trashes Wikipedia’s reliability. One author was not allowed to change facts on WP because WP said, “He is not the best source on himself!” On hiS OWN BOOK! For Crying Out Loud!

And this is supposed to be a source that most historical researchers consult and trust? Yes! Wikipedia’s anonymous editors – powerful agents with no accountability – twist, distort, change truth, mold minds, push their agenda, and manipulate their users and HISTORICAL researchers. WHY HISTORY? What is there to be manipulated? First watch this unusual honest TED Talk! Continue reading Ex CBS Reporter on Media Lies, Internet Shills & Astroturfing Trashes Wikipedia! – So is Historical Science! Warped!

Now what did this Bali sea creature evolve from! A vacuum cleaner? Or a grass mower?

Surely Charles Darwin, if he had encountered this amazing strange sea creature during his trip to South America to find the finches evolving, would have classed this in the “Tree of Life” as related to the grass mower or the vacuum cleaner, except that it doesn’t use electricity.
Well, the Darwinists are going to have a very hard time to find missing links in the geological timeline and column! because this creature has no bones. So it is a NON vertebrae! Ha! What a crock of feces the theory is.

foul mouth below

What Explains Giant Dragon Flies & Vegetation While Giant Humans Are Denied?

This giant dragon-fly fossil compared to a human hand is collosal. You would quickly seek shelter if one came flying at you. Wouldn’t you? So when did they live? Well, obviously not in what we call ‘written history’. But they must have lived sometime, because we have their fossils! And why are they so much bigger than today?

Normally in Darwinism things grow from small to bigger, but according to this fossil, dragon flies once upon a time were huge while they are now a mere 2-3 inches long. Like this giant leaf fossil below. So what happened?


Continue reading What Explains Giant Dragon Flies & Vegetation While Giant Humans Are Denied?

How Evolution ALWAYS Hits the Jackpot


jackpottIF a billion people played the lottery and you’d win, that would be a one-in-a-billion chance! But if you would win it every day — which all of us normal common sense people know that that’s impossible of course! such a chance is impossible to mathematically express in a number!

But believe it or not, Evolution hits the jackpot ALL THE TIME!!!
So every time you see this little 
jackpot sign, know that the statistical chance that such an instance would take place, is even many billions time smaller than one-in-a-billion!
Unbelievably impossibly infinitesimally SMALL! — The Jurassic Jackpot? Continue reading How Evolution ALWAYS Hits the Jackpot

Historical Earth Changes All Happened Suddenly! Even Catastrophically So.

By Jonathan the Gray


“Jonathan, how long did it take for this beach to form on the edge of land?” asked Josephine.
We paused in our beach walk to bend down and pick up a handful of golden sand grains. I let them pour through my fingers. And what a soft, pleasant sensation it was! As the last grains fell away, I turned to my wife and replied, “Did you know that SANDY BEACHES, RAISED BEACHES, CAVES, COVES, ETC., do not need a long time to form?”


In 1963, the new island of Surtsey appeared 45 miles south of Iceland. The following year a landing party found wide, sandy beaches, precipitous crags, gravel banks, lagoons, impressive cliffs resembling England’s White Cliffs, and faulted cliffs and boulders worn smooth by the surf, some of which were round. (Sigurdur Thorarinsson, Surtsey.  Almenna, Reykjavik, Iceland, 1964) What a shock for our assumptions about dating! (Of course, I’m not talking here about boyfriend-girlfriend dating.) Continue reading Historical Earth Changes All Happened Suddenly! Even Catastrophically So.

Pagan Gods Were Mortal Men

group-of-godsFrom Noah to Hercules by Brian Forbes  • May 21, 2015 • 0 Comments • 110 views • Summary:

There is a unanimous ancient perspective that directly contradicts the theory of evolution. It is being ignored by scholars in the modern day. Many pagan gods were mortal men. They were born, waged war, conferred advantages, had children, and died, whereupon they were deified by their descendants.

The theory of evolution is easily refuted by many powerful arguments and proofs. The watchmaker argument is perhaps the oldest and most famous. The Mt. St. Helen’s evidence, as a template for stratification and the carving of canyons, can be boiled down to a few sentences and photographs.


The kings of many European tribes can trace their genealogies back to Noah.[1] Another evidence that is of this caliber, which has yet to be given its proper place in the origins debate, is that of the common ancestry of all men through the “gods” of pagan (especially Greek and Roman) mythology.

At first glance this concept, that many to most pagan gods were mortal men, seems highly speculative – a conspiracy theory on a government protest website. It is not wild speculation. On the contrary, this was a position taken by nearly all historians of antiquity. The most skeptical, naturalistic authors were not ambiguous on this point, and there was very little deviation. This is my opinion, but you don’t have to accept it because of me.

The opinion of an un-credentialed spectator means little in this scholarly, pompous world. That is why I aim to bring you the opinion of these ancient authors in their own words. The experts of antiquity will show that Darwinism does not match the traditions of Paganism, Judaism, or any other ancient perspective on the origin of mankind. Continue reading Pagan Gods Were Mortal Men

Neo-Darwinism a taboo target for higher critics, even for NON-Creationists!

March 23, 2013 — 40 total views by Richard Milton
DarwinConspiracyIt isn’t scientific investigation of Darwinism that’s forbidden — it’s public debate of the findings of such research.  Most educated, rational people will find it almost impossible to believe that the debate of Darwinism through mainstream news papers and the principal TV channels is forbidden.  I still find it hard to believe myself.

The article below was first commissioned and later censored by the Times Higher Education Supplement.  (The circumstances under which it came to be censored, following the intervention of Dr Richard Dawkins, are described in the pages on Scientific Censorship).

The readers of the Times Higher Education Supplement (a large proportion of the University lecturers of Britain) have thus been prevented from learning of its contents.  Now you have the facts before you and you can make up your own mind. WATCH! Continue reading Neo-Darwinism a taboo target for higher critics, even for NON-Creationists!