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Shiji 史記 Annals of the Xia 夏本紀 The Story of Da Yu – English translation

Another part of the Shi Ji annals  written by the Han historian Shima Qian a century before the time of Jesus. Shima Qian referred to ancient sources in his writings, that are not extant anymore.  This chapter is about Yu the Great – Da Yu – whose father Gun failed to control the post Flood swelling lakes and rivers, and paid for it with his life! He was slain by ZhuRong

Yu his son took over the job, not just to save his own life, but most likely to save his family’s honour and reputation. Yu was known for his unswerving fealty to the emperor Shun that compelled him to finish the job, not even considering to return to his wife and children, even though he passed by his home in the course of his labours. For his faithfulness the Emperor chose him as his successor and Yu became the founder of he Xia dynasty.

Yu of Xia was styled Wenming. Yu’s father was Gun, whose father was the Emperor Zhuanxu, whose father was Changyi, whose father was Huangdi; so Yu was Huangdi’s great-great-grandson, and Zhuanxu’s grandson. Yu’s great-grandfather Changyi and his father Gun were both unable to sit on the Imperial throne, being simply officials. (see our diagram below)

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The Flood & Flood Lakes: Mesopotamian Archaeological Evidence & Cover Up

DaYuu PP FOREWORD: We post this global Flood-skeptic article because of the famous archaeology of Sir Charles Leonard Woolley and his deep finds of several flood deposits, which in the eyes of McDonald do not (and may not) pertain to the GLOBAL Flood. But what he and other Flood skeptic people often forget or never realised, is that many low lands (like Mesopotamia or ‘Land of Shinar’) were subject to post-Flood local floodings and their flood deposit layers.


This happened because of large residual pools, cooped up on higher ground or in the mountains, barricaded by earthen walls which sooner or later gave way aggrevated by the heavy early Ice Age rains, and caused subsequent heavy local flooding. This happened in many places, like North American Hopi Lake that eventually burst its walls and its water-flood carved out the Grand Canyon, within a week time.

It happened here in China during the early epic time of Huang Di, Shun Di, and Gun and his son Da Yu (Yu the Great) were instructed to address, alleviate, and fix these flooding problems, because they caused lots of suffering and casualties, and obviously destroyed agricultural lands & harvests. Da Yu succeeded in fixing the problem with nifty “magic earth” techniques, where his father failed and was executed for it by Zhu Rong. (the Chinese kitchen god! All chinese gods were deified human ancestors of the Chinese!) Continue reading The Flood & Flood Lakes: Mesopotamian Archaeological Evidence & Cover Up