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Çatalhöyük—One of The First Cities After Babel?

by Power Point Paradise • December 18, 2013 • 0 Comments  •  122 views  —

[AP: These settlers were most likely early Hittites or other early offspring of the Flood Survivors. If you reckon that the place where the Ark had landed was less than 400 KM away from Çatalhöyük, it is very likely. But of course that doesn’t fit in the “Caveman Hunter Gatherer” paradigm of so-called “pre-history” that never was. There was only pre Flood history, as testified to by all early civilisations legends from 700 other ethnic groups that all spoke about the global Flood! ]

by David B. Smith

What if you could go back in time to visit one of the first settlements after Babel? Well, it’s possible! In Turkey, archaeologists are unearthing an ancient town that was abandoned and frozen in time. Its unique wonders speak of mankind’s ageless ingenuity.

So-called “Stone Age” people were more sophisticated than you might think. They farmed, herded animals, manufactured tools, created art, and performed many of the same everyday tasks you do. They divided their time between rural, urban, and international activities as we do (well, except for the airplanes). Continue reading Çatalhöyük—One of The First Cities After Babel?