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Ancient Pyramidal Egypt Had an Iron Culture Before the Darwinian “Bronze Age”

This video shows how 4500 years ago the pyramid builders had to have had machinery to cut basalt blocks and the Cairo museum of Antiquity shows pieces of iron cog wheels and iron saws. The periodisation of Stone, Bronze, and Iron Age is ideologically tainted by Darwinians to imply intellectual growth from Primates, to Cavemen, to Hunter Gatherers, to Early Man who was stupid and didn’t have iron and couldn’t get his act together, which is a totally false picture.

As the Darwinians could not fight this battle of wits any longer that there was iron machinery 4-5000 years ago, they changed tactics and infiltrated the Megalithic aficionados like Graham Hancock, making them talk about Man being here on Earth with smart civilisations long before 5000 years ago, like up to 10 or 20.000 years ago, again implying loooong ages and an oooold earth, which is not supported by the Ancients own writings, which you can find plenty of on this history blog.

ALL the ancients believed in a recent global flood and in Creation by God or gods before he Flood and in the Ten Kings that lived before the Flood. Oh the humanity! Why are we are so naive and so easily deceived by the elitist control freaks, also in academia? – Falsely so-called! Enjoy the video, and be educated.

19th Century Banker John Lubbock Crippled Ancient History Science as Darwinian Paleo-Stone Age! Why not Mega-Stone Age?

Image Above: John Lubbock (in box) giving dinosaur skeleton-illustrated presentation on evolution to naive English peers in 1905.

“History is a single continuum, but it is common practice for historians to artificially divide history into different epochs for research and education, a process called periodisation. Because such divisions are arbitrary, there are several different designations used widely in the study and discussion of historical periods.” [answers.yahoo.com]

Arbitrary? Sure! Imagine I would divide 20th Century History into 1. Pre Rock & Roll Era, and 2. Post Rock & Roll Era. That would be arbitrary, because I would not only neglect Jazz, Classical, Big Band, Heavy Metal, Pop, Funk, etc.…, but I would ‘periodise’ and judge history merely by music! How about the other arts like dance or painting? And how about religion, economics and politics! That’s arbitrary! Continue reading 19th Century Banker John Lubbock Crippled Ancient History Science as Darwinian Paleo-Stone Age! Why not Mega-Stone Age?