King Arthur was British/ Welsh! History Systematically Suppressed Hijacked by UK Establishment & Academia!


Not only has Welsh (British) history BEFORE Caesar been covered up by London & (qu)academia, so has the fact that King Arthur came from S-E Wales! Richard Hall has extensively covered the work of Wilson and Blackett who found indisputable evidence of the resting place of King Arthur. In these MUST WATCH videos, he presents 5 more experts (one from Cardiff University), and all agree, King Arthur (King of Glamorgan!) was not from Badon, Castle Killibury, Glastonbury, South Cadbury, or Chester, but factually rests in Wales and lived in the 6th century. This fact is covered up to squelch Welsh identity & British nationalism! Why? Because Family, Nation, & Religion do not support the ‘New World Order’s’ designs for One World Government! Welsh history also happens to support Noah & the Flood, and thus Christianity, and therefore by definition also disqualifies and falsifies Darwinism! Forbidden history! It means that Welsh history is just as old as much touted 4-5000 year long Chinese History & culture! In fact almost every nation in this world has as long a history!  [Below: The Arthur Stone]


The original British people are not Anglo, Saxon, Roman, Norman, Viking, nor Celtic. The term Celtic was invented in 1714 to put a name to the groups of people whose true history they wanted to hide. A Kingdom existed in the British Isles long before any of these groups arrived and a long line of Kings has been traced by Wilson & Blackett.WHoFoundArthur





Arthur2Arthur and his predecessors represent the original British sovereign line. Because of this, the current monarchy (who are German) destroyed the teaching of Welsh history. This is why the establishment will not look at the findings in today’s show and why MI5 have helped to cover it up. Also REAL Welsh history traces down all the way to Noah!


This ancient British Alphabet below, was also falsely condemned as a forgery by Oxfordians! Falsification of REAL history! Damn FALSE ACADEMIA AND THEIR BOGUS SCIENCE BECAUSE OF POLITICS! BritishAlphabet


MAY THE WELSH PEOPLE WAKE UP TO THEIR OWN HERITAGE, and while you’re at it, DUMP THE TELEGRAPH FOR PRINTING ANGLO-SAXON, N.W.O HISTORICAL RUBBISH! THAT is if you like to be an INDEPENDENT THINKER instead of a mass media slave! And cut your BBC cable at the same time and protest against BBC TAX!




This is the incomplete faulty transcription of the first video above

I just made this today for those who came from facebook, who may not have no time to watch these very interesting videos! It is incomplete and faulty I know, ESPECIALLY lacking are these beautiful ‘Elfish’ sounding names and poems, but you’ll get the point.

Many councils around the country are slashing their budgets, due to the socalled recession
I prefer to call it a theft, but that is another subject
As part of cost saving
The island is currently part of St. Mary’s parish which is a church in Cardiff
but runs at a loss and its disposal would save the council
Why am I mentioning all this? I am mentioning this, because South Wales has assets
which its current leaders

One of these is the grave of the legendary King Arthur and lies in a ruined church on fortress mountain Bridge end
If this site
thousands of jobs and people would come from all corners of the globe
There would be no need to sell Flathome, but don’t take my word for it, but listen to the experts, in today’s program

I’m reporting today on a fresh new inside into historical research which places the legendary King Arthur in Wales.
I’ll be speaking to two researchers who have compiled researched          date and location of King Arthur the First and King Athur the Second
I’ve interviewed Alan Wilson and Barren blacket in the past, and covered some of their works tracing the kings arthurs.
Today I have returned specifically to document the evidence which proves the existence date and location of King Arthurs
We are also going to screen some suppporting testimonies of six wellknown professionals in this field.

Britain has some very strange problems in that .. we have a massive history, very well documented and recorded, and yet which is attacked, in other words, and generally regarded as a huge forgery.

The paradox with British history, is there seems to be a preconceived mindset within an inaccurate framework. In other words basically the correct synthesis, is not actual relevant which is accunulated

Particularly as it related to  sites which are traceable, battlefields which are traceable, buildings and ruins which are traceable

Misguided political reasons we offer the irst in Morkshire
So basically rather crippled situation people benefit from it

If we look at it, we’ve got one or two salient points that are being attacked.
One, we have an ancient British alphabet. Now this was wrongly attacked
as being forged and fabricated in 1800. So in 1776 he is recording an inscription on an ancient stone of a king who lived in
And yet this alphabet is not “forged” until 1800? So there is something wrong, so this set us off there is something seriously wrong here.
And then we searched and found all sorts of people have written
and produced documents

Up unilt this day historical professioanls have not spoken at length about King Arthur being in Wales
Just tell us about

The paradox at long last has emerged that over six experts probably three professors and other experts and historicans of thirty years of standing, who actually agree emphatically that King Arthur the Second is from South Wales.

Then we found Julius Cesar has described the alphabet! Now hang on, this is getting a bit much.  So we realise that there was something very seriously wrong. So it was the discovery of this alleged “forged alphabet” which is NOT A FORGERY but really the atom bomb of historishima. It blew everything about !

Then we have got things like the ancient Bards of Britain, but in it
And this is an old book Same age as
There is one of 1906, there is one of 1848 here
This quoting ancient texts, this is 1848, and this guy again is AGAIN a scholar, quoting ancient records!
Now why they got away with this allegation. It was only made around 1936!

These historical professionals sadly have come quite a bit late butchered it is self explanatory really.

In the scintilar of history that remains to us, a name appeared, and that name was Arthur.
In the Nennius bisilini, in the Ashvillan museum, there are many things said about this hero figure only one said
But that was unfortunate for everyone in Welsh.
In the peom the Godowin in wich the beautiful sinister chilling phrase, “Gohorai
“The ravens of the castle walls were glutted, but he was not Arthur”
This identifies the time, the place and the potential hero

I am surprised that there isnt a lot more support for developing the arturian legends
from the main guangle essentiually
it really is in our interest to reaise the profile, becasuse even if the geography is contracted, it is still related to
I think it is the key Arthur is part of our hheritage

There is so mcuh evidence for placing him in South East Wales
that it reallty is amazing that this idas has not been accepted!

Well, I have nver had any doubts that Arthur is a Welshman
Nod doubts at all!
And his powerbase would be in Monmouth by the Severn
That’s where the legend grew and where it developed
And when we celebrate that fact certainly people form abroad.
when they hijacked Wales
Once got
the Welsh people
And I think that it sivery important in our time of history

I’ve been working in this part of the world, in tourism, for over twenty years, and when I first arrived this is the big story here
arthur is the big story here
And I was surprised I suppose with all the claims
I thin k it is a combination of things. I guess a kind of organisational inertia, to some extent.
But everybody knew that Arthur came from Wales. there is no disputing as fas the folk memory
But it was just one of theose things
and there are plenty of physical evidence of other things that weren’t exploited this time.
so i think it was probably a combination of events and I suppose people felt, that maybe we missed the boat
“Winchester got the story, Glastonbury has got the story, and what can we add?”
Forgetting of curse that this is where the original

We are not being allowed to conform to the normal standards apllied to any other nation
in the presentation of our history
It is unreasonable to expect that everything our history should always be recorded in contamporaneous
There is enough contemporaneous record in the stones, that what the stones tell us
They’ve taken the stones
misreading redating them by 5- 600 years
And this application of a double standard that no British record can be beleived unless a Roman, or a Greek, wrote the same record, or somebody else wrote the same record, that is being applied.

And it clearly is what they are doing to us, is a mistrial. You’ll be arrested, given a fair trial, found guilty and shot!
It doesnt matter what you got
no other history, you can’t win!

And there is a very good story out there which  hasnt been told from the Welsh angle.
And I think if we could tell that story from a Welsh angle we’d have a lot of people now living in America, Australis, parts really of the old empire, and the Welsh diaspora, who’d be very interested in visiting Wales, perhaps coming over to Wales for different reasons, well this will be a good opportrunity to visit Wales, to check out some of tthese very interesting Arthurian legends
And we need desperately tell this story

When you put him in the right time period and in the right location, the erea of his true realm
you really can get to grips with the problem

Characters of that period , they often had several names
Also bought the name “athmahl”
And what is really fascinating that the name Athmahl appears on two or three Dark Age inscribed stones which can be found in the vale of glomorgan!

He has been accepted in all sorts of cultures. He has been deracianated, without roots, he has been denationaisled de tribalised and he becomes a world icon, and people do with him what they wish!
German literature French lterature
He appears in Spanish literature
Ou Arthur becomes now the source by which the kings of England claim their right to rule.
But all the time if you read about him, in both the reality of the 6th and ninth century practically and you see hiim in the new ficititous romantic
pre Hollywood, you give him what ntionalisty you wish, and give him what accent you wish,
But we the Welsh who created him have been denied him, by the fact that he is so valuable as an icon an attractive public figure , a figure for Toutistic useage.
And all I wish is that we claim him back and go back in the ancient history and identify him for what he is
according to the early latin literature of course
Geoffrey of Monmouth
mark of the Arthur we know which is part of the romantic history of the world.

We find a very interesting reference of him in the roots of England. And remember
in modern times this would have been
so in chapter 79 its telling how King Arthurs is off in France Brittany area
And its all about the Easter time, and it says, “And when King Arthur had thus his knights feasted, at april, after next sowing, he came again into Britain his own land. And after at witsen tide, next sowing, by council of his bands, he would be crowned King of Glommorgan!”
So everybody in Britain
certainly king of Glomorgan
There is no doubt about it

In South Wales we are really missing out on the tourism point of view
and planted in the West country
Because the story of Arthur really belongs to this area
Tincastle castle where the supposed grave of King Arthur was discovered
It really was a publicity stunt by the monks who were trying to raise money, who were trying to rebuilt their abbey
So we really want King Arthur to help our tourist industry

Priest: I would commission an Arthur window
I was brought up in the fact that all these saints were the original knights of the Round Table
Monmouth that is part of WALES!
These are native princes
they are drawn together by this Arthur figure and they were educated
So, yes we need places, not just churches, it is a big part of us,
We need to nourish young people
I look at it
We need to make that connection, becuase it is important


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