The Knowledge of God amongst the Early Pagans

Chapter 1 After the Flood, by Bill Cooper

So that we may bring the subject we are about to study into its proper perspective, we must first allow that many of our preconceptions regarding ancient man are mistaken. It is commonly supposed, for example, that the nations if the world became aware of the God of Genesis only after they were evangelised by Christian missionaries. Only since the translation of the scriptures into their own language, it is assumed, did they become conscious of the Creation and the God who created it. It is further supposed that early pagan man can have had no concept of a divinity higher than that of an idol, because it is impossible to come to a knowledge of the one true God without that knowledge being given through the direct revelation of His Word, and so on. Popular thought seems never to have considered the possibility that pagan man was indeed aware of God and of His attributes and power, and that this awareness had existed and flourished for centuries without any recourse at all to the scriptures. So it is with something of a surprise that we meet with exactly that, a profound knowledge and appreciation of an eternal and almighty Creator God, His fatherhood of the human race and His infinite attributes in the writings of various historians in the ancient world and amongst the teachings of the earliest philosophers. It is of the utmost importance that we familiarise ourselves with this truth as we begin our investigations into the Table of Nations itself and the knowledge amongst the pagan nations of those patriarchs and events that are so familiar to us from the Genesis record. Continue reading The Knowledge of God amongst the Early Pagans

La photo du ptérosaure de la guerre civile personne ne devrait voir! “- Il faut lire!

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Cet article importante et tres interessant, est maintenant encore un traduction machinal, mais en train d’être finalisée!  SVP ayez patience, autrement, retourne apres.  Ici en Anglais. Ici en Allemand. Ici en Espagnol. Ici en Hollandais, Ici en Chinois Traditionel 中文 Also available in English as fully illustrated PPS Powerpoint Presentation 1,6 MB here!

Il y a une très vieille photo que personne ne peut voir! Ce n’est pas qu’il n’existe pas,-il existe bien!, mais personne n’est vraiment permis de voir par la «police de la pensée». (George Orwell 1984) Mais même quand les gens le voient, nombreux ne peuvent pas le voir tel qu’il est vraiment! Au moins, très peu d’entre eux. J’espère que vous le pouvez! Permettez-moi de préparer le terrain…

pterahead2Quand une pieuvre est menacée, il expulse un nuage confusant de l’encre dans le visage de son poursuivant. La pieuvre est toujours là, mais devient temporairement invisible derrière son nuage d’encre alors qu’il fait son escapade. Continue reading La photo du ptérosaure de la guerre civile personne ne devrait voir! “- Il faut lire!

Das Bürgerkrieg Pteranodon Bild das Niemand sehen soll!”- Unbedingt Lesen!

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War es jemals zuvor so wichtig ein Foto zu fälschen? (übersetzt vom English bei Fei Li Mau) Auch in Holländisch pterahead2Es gibt ein sehr altes Foto, das niemand sehen kann! Es existiert dennoch, das steht außer Frage. Aber die „Gedankenpolizei“ (George Orwell 1984) hat verboten, es zu sehen. Und selbst wenn die Leute es sehen, sehen sie nicht die Wirklichkeit. Schon lange haben sie verlernt richtig wahr-zu-nehmen. Ich hoffe, du lässt dich nicht täuschen!

Was tut ein Tintenfisch, wenn er bedroht wird? Er spritzt Tinte ins Gesicht seines Verfolgers. Der Tintenfisch ist noch immer da, doch wird er für den Gegner unsichtbar! Die gewonnene Zeit nützt der Tintenfisch dann um zu verschwinden. Continue reading Das Bürgerkrieg Pteranodon Bild das Niemand sehen soll!”- Unbedingt Lesen!

Giants & Humans With Six Fingers & Six Toes

Pic above: X-ray of a six digit hand with fully formed fingers

It is said that the giants who roamed the earth had six fingers. It is even mentioned in the Bible. It seems that this characteristic was passed on to humans. Although normally recessive (dormant), this DNA code can become dominant.  There have been singular  persons but also groups of people who were born with a fully functional sixth finger on each hand, and also with six toes, although occasionally the sixth finger is partial. I have included this  chapter to show that the six digits appearance is a significant DNA mutation that is a perfectly healthy one. It is not a screwed up DNA code due to radiation or something like that. I think its importance lies in the fact that our DNA has dormant characteristics that can give a human different physical appearances. This is also the case with elongated skulls (next chapter), with which people were born. The question is: what has unlocked these other DNA codes in the past?

Six digit peoplecatalineislandgiant

Continue reading Giants & Humans With Six Fingers & Six Toes

De Burgeroorlog pterosaur Photo die niemand zien mag! “ – Dit moet u lezen!

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De meest verduisterde foto in de geschiedenis? [Translated from English and here in Spanish]
Er bestaat een zeer oude foto die niemand kan zien! Niet dat hij niet bestaat! Hij bestaat wel degelijk. Maar niemand mag hem echt zien van de “Gedachte Politie”. (1984 George Orwell) Zelfs wanneer mensen hem zien, kunnen velen hem nog niet echt zien zoals hij is! Tenminste heel weinigen onder hen. Ik hoop dat u het kunt! Sta mij toe om het tafereel te schetsen…


Wanneer een octopus bedreigd wordt, spuwt hij een verwarrende wolk inkt in het gezicht van zijn achtervolger. De inktvis is er nog wel, maar wordt onzichtbaar achter een wolk van inkt terwijl hij zijn ontsnapping maakt.points-to-head-James-FilesJames File wijst naar zijn slaap waar hij Kennedy doodschoot

Het is eender aan hoe “De Bestaande Machten” (DBM) vaak een ware historische gebeurtenis in een onduidelijke, verwarrende gebeurtenis veranderen, verduisterd door paginas met druk inkt, vol tegenstrijdige commentaren, opinies, en verwarrend gekwetter. Continue reading De Burgeroorlog pterosaur Photo die niemand zien mag! “ – Dit moet u lezen!

Reduced & Revised Industry and Chronology Table for Britain & Ireland from Contemporary Records

AP INTRODUCTION: We like John Hext Fremlin’s attempt to put together a chronology from the Creation of the Universe, that all the ancients testified about, via the Flood that 700 worldwide ethne talked about in their legends, through the birth of Christ, all the way until the Roman era in England, where John resides. This chronology is not necessarily set in stone, but is a fair collection of affirmed dates, plus approximated and educated guesses of other dates. It is our pleasure to post this. Thank you John.
PS: We don’t really relish the paleo-, meso-, neo-lithic “stone age” periodisation terms of John Lubbock, but never mind it. We prefer stone, iron, bronze cultures instead which were often co-existant in the same time. Think of Australian aborigines co-existing with modern Australians. We also don’t like these terms like cavemen and hunter gathrerers because it implies a progressive biological evolution of Man, whereas Man has suffered from devolution rather from bigger, smarter, longer living, high tech primo patriarchs and survivors of the Global Flood. (see our other articles on that) , But never mind all that. John did a great job.

By John Hext Fremlin

Reduced and Revised Industry and Chronology Table for Britain and Ireland from Contemporary Records
The chronology that I have given using Usshers chronology to as near as possible the events stated within the table. Most,  if not nearly all, of the dates are calculated on Usshers chronology given how long in years or maybe a couple of hundred of years a “said ” reign of kings or dynasty lasted. Given the remoteness of the period under investigation one is never going to get absolutes. Two slightly differing chronologies are given below for discussion Continue reading Reduced & Revised Industry and Chronology Table for Britain & Ireland from Contemporary Records

What’s The Cover Up About Antarctica? Not jumping to conclusions though!

Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised that they did find something there under that Antarctic ice cover. Look at the pyramid above. All these famous guys going down there, obviously to see some amazing sights, the secret big issue, because obviously they are not going to let us in on it, if ever. But John Kerry, Putin, patriarch Krill, Buzz Aldrin, and some other guys, just couldn’t control their curiosity and just had to get their passes to get their asses down there to behold the spectacle.

Sure, it may just be a former U-boat base or a German UFO base of under the ice, the old Schwaben Land, but who knows, maybe it is more mundane then that! As I am very interested in all the historical cover-ups and forbidden archaeology, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that they found stuff that is not good for mass consumption, because it would defy the dumb fake theory of Darwinism? Because that is what all the historical cover-ups are all about, to protect the “theory of evolution!” Continue reading What’s The Cover Up About Antarctica? Not jumping to conclusions though!

Could the “Mythological” Tarasque Have Been A Living Ankylosaurid Dinosaur?

By Lu Paradise – June 23, 2010

The earliest Life of St Martha was written in Latin at some time between 1187 and 1212. One episode tells how, soon after coming to Tarascon, she heard that people there were terrorised by ‘a huge dragon, part land animal and part fish’ which lived in a forest beside the Rhône and had killed many people passing the spot or crossing the river. Attempts to destroy it always failed, since it would hide underwater. The description of the monster is vivid and detailed, and by no means that of a conventional dragon:

For More on this legend (not myth!) from Tarascon in France and the Tarasque beast see the article at the end.


Photo: Phot Blanchin, Tarascon circa 1900 Continue reading Could the “Mythological” Tarasque Have Been A Living Ankylosaurid Dinosaur?

Sasquatch & Big Foot! Another Official Suppression of A Degenerated Giants Race

Picture of a red-brown-haired Bigfoot, shot dead by a hunter.

Another Bigfoot video in a long range of sightings in North America (and other countries), appeared on Russia Today yesterday, yet seldom is a connection made with the many 19th century archaeological finds of giant skeletons in North America, way before Indians filled the continent.


The so-called Mound Peoples in the Mississippi basin, buried their dead in mounds many of which were dug up in the 19 hundreds. Inside many giant skeletons were found as you can read in our article on giant skeleton newspaper reports – including the New York Times – where it was said that officials and scientists of the Smithsonian Institute came and collected the skeletons for scientific research, but then they were never heard of again. If you ask the Smithsonian today, they “have no record” of these many reported archaeological finds. Continue reading Sasquatch & Big Foot! Another Official Suppression of A Degenerated Giants Race

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