American Natives’ Amazing Wars Against Red-haired Cannibal Giants of the Mounds

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One of the greatest wars of all time can’t be found in the history books: America’s amazing war against the giants.

BuffaloeHunterGiantNative Americans and the cannibal giants.

The original “Indian Wars” were not between the U.S. Calvary and Native-American tribes but between the Indian settlers and the original Native Americans: the giant red-haired cannibals.

Thousands of years ago, giants roamed the West. Their crude camps and ferocious ways terrorized the early native settlers that had wandered across the land bridge into the North American continent and traveled south and westward into what later became the West and Great Southwest of the United States.

Tribes still speak of those ancient days when their ancestors fought desperate battles against the marauding, loping giants—some towering 12-feet tall or taller–that roamed the land viciously attacking settlements, brutally carrying off screaming women and wailing children for food.

The red-haired giants stood 12-feet tall


The Paiutes, a Native-American tribe indigenous to parts of Nevada, Utah and Arizona, told early white settlers about their ancestors’ battles with the ferocious race of white, red-haired giants. According to the Paiutes, the giants were already living in the area.

GIANT_SKELETONS_CHARTChart of the giant skeletons found worldwide.

The Paiutes named the giants Si-Te-Cah that literally means tule-eaters. The tule is a fibrous water plant the giants wove into rafts to escape the Paiutes continuous attacks. They used the rafts to navigate across what remained of Lake Lahontan.

According to the Paiutes, the red-haired giants stood as tall as 12-feet and were a vicious, unapproachable people that killed and ate captured Paiutes as food.

The Paiutes told the early settlers that after many years of warfare, all the tribes in the area finally joined together to rid themselves of the giants.


Nevada cave where giants’ remains were found

One day as they chased down the few remaining red-haired enemy, the fleeing giants took refuge in a cave. The tribal warriors demanded their enemy come out and fight, but the giants steadfastly refused to leave their sanctuary.

Frustrated at not defeating their enemy with honor, the tribal chiefs had warriors fill the entrance to the cavern with brush and then set it on fire in a bid to force the giants out of the cave.

The few that did emerge were instantly slain with volleys of arrows. The giants that remained inside the cavern were asphyxiated.

Later, an earthquake rocked the region and the cave entrance collapsed leaving only enough room for bats to enter it and make it their home

Evidence of the giant humans—people seven to twelve feet tall—still exists in the fossil records, tools and other artifacts recovered from archaeological digs. Giant skeletal remains have awed and sometimes frightened researchers and explorers as far back as the 16th Century.


Nevadacarvings Nevadacarving

Nevada carvings & artifacts

The mounds and the giants

The mounds are scattered throughout the Midwest from as far south as Tennessee stretching northwards into Wisconsin, westwards to Oklahoma, and eastwards into West Virginia. Excavation of most mounds has unearthed many artifacts and the remains of average-sized humans.

But older mounds have been discovered containing the skeletal remains of giants…giants with red hair.


Yet, in relation to the number of the mounds that exist barely any have been investigated. The few gigantic skeletons found in some have been derisively dismissed or suppressed as aberrations. Ten and twelve foot humans do not fit dogmatic theories. Usually when giant skeletons are found they’re laughed off as hoaxes. Unfortunately, orthodox science has too much to lose by investigating the mounds thoroughly.

Archaeologists cannot deny that the mound builders are real. What they deny are the things sometimes discovered inside the mounds.

Over the past century and a half it’s been revealed again and again that some of the mounds—and the small pyramids—are the burial grounds of huge men often eight feet or taller that had a very sophisticated culture. Some of the giants have been found wearing intricate leather armor and have been buried with swords. One such giant was found near Spiro Mound in Oklahoma during the 1930s.


Undated photo of men transporting giant skull.

The San Diego Union’s strange account

According to the San Diego Union, August 5, 1947, the mummified remains of giants were discovered buried near the Arizona-Nevada-California wasteland. The giants’ remains were still clothed in strange leather garments. The team of explorers tentatively dated the remains as nearly 80,000 years old.

lovelock-skull-300x300Giant’s skull found

The year was 1931 and a retired Cincinnati doctor, F. Bruce Russell, accidentally found several tunnels located near Death Valley. Unable to return to the area until 1947, he solicited the assistance of Dr. Daniel S. Bovee—the man who had revealed New Mexico’s cliff dwellings to the world via several lengthy articles appearing in National Geographic Magazine.

With Dr. Bovee’s help, Dr. Russell recovered the remains of several giants with heights ranging from eight to nine feet.

giantjawhumanDepiction of giant’s jaw to that of a homo-sapien.

“These giants,” said Hill, “are clothed in garments consisting of a medium length jacket and trouser extending slightly below the knees. The texture of the material is said to resemble gray dyed sheepskin, but obviously it was taken from an animal unknown [to us] today.”

Who were these mysterious people that roamed America long before the Woolly Mammoths became extinct? Were they our ancestors or another race of humans like the Neanderthals?

Red-haired giants discovered in China too

Not much more is known about these giants of North America beyond what is shared here except for one more interesting fact:


Photo of 9-foot, red-haired female mummy…from China!

mummy10mi7About twenty years ago in northern China a university’s archaeological dig stumbled upon the burial grounds of twenty-two strange, gigantic men. Each giant had once stood almost 12-feet high and each was garbed in strange leather armor; around their dessicated skulls hung long strands of hair…red hair.


Here is a TEDX presentation about the facts that a race of giants once populated North America who built domes and mounds all over New England and many other states, which were astronomically aligned to the Moon and Stars and often had a window open to the Winter solstice, when the sun fell right into the corridor.

This presenter – Jim Vieria – although somewhat hasty in his presentation (time limit) and emotionally upset – justly – about the corruption in the “Historical Livingroom, also highlights the cover-ups of Higher Academia, in this case the “lauded” Smithsonian Institute, which is in fact the most non-academic, non-researching, COVER-UP institution of America!

The Smithsonian receives all anomalies, like giant skeletons, and systematically “disappears” them. So if you happen to find another giant skeleton, DON’T give it to the Smithsonian, because you’ll never see it again! Woe unto these false-paradigm-pushing Darwinism promoters who commit crimes against the public good and the archaeological record and historical knowledge! But what can we do? The Oligarchie doe its damnedest to uphold the Biggest Lie in history, INCLUDING the Megalomaniacs in the audience of the video above, still preaching a billions year old universe.
Nuff said!

And apart from Danicken’s E.T. disinfo and Childress New Agery, this next short film (now DELETED) proves that giants in Historical Academia are undesirable for the record they teach us in schools and universities! Why?

Because giants are found in the Bible! And if “giants didn’t exist”, then the “Bible would be a myth discrediting itself.” Right there you have the true motivation for the suppression of giants, giant archaeology by politically correct Academia, and their efforts to scrap them out of the historical record! We’re not being brainwashed, as much as we’re systematically lied to! Same thing?


Paradise Post Conclusions:
Noah and his three sons may have been of higher stature than men today, and lived much longer, as EVRYthing before the Flood was bigger than today, as the fossils prove! One meter wingspan dragonflies & giant clams on top of Andes mountains, etc.

Noah was 600 years old when he boarded the Ark, and lived 350 years more after the Deluge, until the ripe age of 950. His first sons Ham, Shem, Yapheth were therefore bigger than today as well. After the Flood Noah is said to have had 50 more children (see Noah’s travels into Europe), a number of whom were giants and called the Titans in Greek myth!


Ham was the father of Canaan, Mizraim (Egypt), Phut (Libya), Lud, and Cush (Ethiopia) Egypt is still called ‘Misr’ today, and Mizraim was adopted as god by the Greeks as their top god Zeus!
Mizraim in the Old Egyptian Kingdom was named Osyris who was killed by his son, then avenged by his top-wife Isis via his/her other son Hercules, who killed his brother, and all of these were giants. Noah’s early offspring also lived much longer than today, at least a couple or more centuries, until Abraham who lived only about 150 years, but personally knew Shem! (NOW disproved by new date for Global Flood of 3000 BC – See our article, Wow I was Wrong! Shem DID live 600 years though, Misraim 700 yrs, acc. to Islamic source)

ChronusCastratesOuranusCronus (HAM) Castrates Ouranus (NOAH)

Noah’s 50 new sons, born after the Flood, were called Titans! In Greek mythology Titan is also another name for Shem who lived 600 years! Ham was called Cronus or Kronus (the timekeeper) and boasted of having castrated ‘Ouranos’ (Noah) his father, a pure embellishment of the Genesis story that he disrespected his father when he found him drunk from wine and naked in his open tent.

Drunken_noahJapheth they called Yapheti, (PraYapethi in Ancient India) and Jupiter or Janus by the Romans. You can imagine the confusion to decipher all the myths back to their original true history.

One thing is sure, all original offspring of the Flood survivors Noah and wife (Ouranos & Gaia) were very well aware of the Deluge and their direct patriarchs Shem, Yaphet, and Ham, even though Egyptians and other Hamites, and the by them infected Greeks, resented that drowning judgement of God of their primo-patriarchs, as well as Noah’s snubbing of Ham for disrespect!

Poseidon_sculpture_Copenhagen_2005PoSeidon or Sidon son of Canaan

Most of them turned away from the Family religion of love for their Creator, to the worship and deification of their own patriarchs Ham, Canaan (Chna), Cush (Kish), Nimrod (Nimrud), Mizraim (Zeus), Hercules, Atlas (founder of Atlantis), Sidon (Poseidon), Yapheti, Isis, Titans, and Olympians, Oceanides, Pleiadens, Manu, Athena, Chinese Fuxi & Nüwa, etc.

and therefore…


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7 thoughts on “American Natives’ Amazing Wars Against Red-haired Cannibal Giants of the Mounds”

  1. Hi Lu can you please publish my chart concerning the Re-evaluation of Ancient Man in Britain as I think this is most importent as it shows carbon14 conventional dating matching up with the Usher dating the c/14 dating allowed here by this author goes back no further than 6000 within a historical context. Thus also please find the linear correspondence from Mike Fischer at this link as I think it should interest you. On the second chart I have tried to refine some of the evolutionary terms but with the greatest respect I am trying to put into better terms what conventional archaeologists term Palaeolithic Neolithic Bronze age &c which to me are cultures and industries co-existing in one age and nothing more than that John


    1. I will try John, as soon as I get some time. Nice hearing from you.
      I am of a different opinion than Mr. Darrel about Osiris. But who can really tell after so long a time.


  2. Incredible!

    What year before Christ did these amerindians arrive aprox.? Did they arrive from Siberia during or before Ice Age?

    And What year did the red-haired giants arrive (assuming they were there first) and what was their ancestry (from Canaan or Yaphet)? Why were them there first and how did they arrive?

    I hope you help me in this investigation, please. Wanna study the differences between this two groups of americans…

    Thanks and greetings from Argentina,
    Robert (24)


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