World’s oldest winery discovered in Armenian cave

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This is some more amazing 5 days old news, corroborating the discovery of Noah’s Ark in former Armenian Uruartu or Ararat mountains, where Noah’s Ark landed. According to wine experts and wine scientists, the wine cultivation has always been known as having originated in Armenia, where the Bible book Genesis reports Noah as having planted a vineyard after he landed there with his ark. He produced his first wine harvest and promptly got drunk, and was treated disrespectfully by his son Ham, who looked on his father’s nakedness in the privacy of his tent.

It is fantastic how real history brings out and confirms the details of Biblical history. Enjoy! Only their dating methods may be a little bit off, as according to the consensus of most scholars, the Ark landed approximately 4,500 years ago. They date it 1,500 years older. Well, it’s pretty darn close! I’d say. Continue reading World’s oldest winery discovered in Armenian cave


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每一位在中國、台灣以及大中華地區的學子們很早就已經學過中國的始祖和歷史。 但大部分的中國古老歷史都被修飾美化超過近4500年而且演變成了神話。因此現今21世紀的中國人對於他們最早的祖先相當模糊,若不是這篇文章裡揭露這有 趣的發現,直到末日前,他們可能對自己最早的祖先仍然是模糊不清的。

– 中國歷史和神話簡介 –

Continue reading 中國神話的苗族說明證實了諾亞洪水的歷史

Why the pharaohs built the Pyramids with fake stones

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 PyramidLimestoneTwenty years after the best seller book: The Pyramids: an enigma solved, after 20 years of new research, and new discoveries, you will understand why the theory is more alive than ever, why more and more scientists agree, simply because it is the truth.

In this book, Professor Joseph Davidovits explains the intriguing theory that made him famous. He shows how the Pyramids were built by using re-agglomerated stone (a natural limestone treated like a concrete), and not with huge carved blocks, hauled on fragile ramps. Archaeology bears him out, as well as hieroglyphic texts, scientific analysis, religious and historical facts.   MUST WATCH TWO VIDEOS Continue reading Why the pharaohs built the Pyramids with fake stones

Giants, NOT ALLOWED by Smithsonian Institute, Disappeared From History as Reported in Old News!

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You and I are certainly not allowed to know about the existence of Giants in History! By whom? By the Academia- Media- State- triumvirate! Then how did we find out? Well, look at all these over a century-old press items from days of yore, before the p.c. ban was imposed on media and academia, even from the New York Times! The NYT has definitely changed its tune since! The reported agent most active in “securing” or rather ‘disappearing’ the evidence of giant skeletons and skulls, was –and still is– the Smithsonian Institute! Or rather ‘The Locked Vault of Real Historical Evidence!’

Subsequently they conveniently disappeared without a trace!


Çatalhöyük—One of The First Cities After Babel?

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[AP: These settlers were most likely early Hittites or other early offspring of the Flood Survivors. If you reckon that the place where the Ark had landed was less than 400 KM away from Çatalhöyük, it is very likely. But of course that doesn’t fit in the “Caveman Hunter Gatherer” paradigm of so-called “pre-history” that never was. There was only pre Flood history, as testified to by all early civilisations legends from 700 other ethnic groups that all spoke about the global Flood! ]

by David B. Smith

What if you could go back in time to visit one of the first settlements after Babel? Well, it’s possible! In Turkey, archaeologists are unearthing an ancient town that was abandoned and frozen in time. Its unique wonders speak of mankind’s ageless ingenuity.

So-called “Stone Age” people were more sophisticated than you might think. They farmed, herded animals, manufactured tools, created art, and performed many of the same everyday tasks you do. They divided their time between rural, urban, and international activities as we do (well, except for the airplanes). Continue reading Çatalhöyük—One of The First Cities After Babel?

An Alternative History of Spain, Scandinavia, Germany, NW Europe, Britain and Ireland

PP: This is an interesting endeavour by John HX Fremlin to sum up ancient history from the  Flood until the Roman era.. He tried together with the counsel of friends to date post Flood history in Western Europe, and in my opinion he did a wonderful job, even though a lot of it is guesswork and interpretation. but that is par for the course in history science. Enjoy

By John Hext fremlin –

Introduction to Chapter One

The Key events in this Alternative History are:

1. Year 0 creation 4004 BC thus metal iron copper Bronze all being used up until Babel and beyond but after the dispersion there was a loss of technologies among some people groups while others retained them.
2. The Flood annomundi 1656 or 2348 BC.
3. Division in the days of Peleg annomundi 1757 or 2247 BC. The Ice age started in 2260 BC and was seen by the survey teams and Britain and Europe covered by Ice by 2247 BC.
4. The Founding of Babel annomundi 1770 or 2234 BC and takes 43 yrs to build.
5. The dispersion in 1813 annomundi or 2191 BC .
6. Egypt founded by Misraim eb1 annomundi 1816 or 2188 BC (Mizraim is Menes)
7. Birth of Abraham annomundi 2008 or 1996 BC.
8. Exodus annomundi 2513 or 1491 BC (Ice age ends at this date). Continue reading An Alternative History of Spain, Scandinavia, Germany, NW Europe, Britain and Ireland

WHY do ALL MS Media bombard us with massive Darwinist propaganda!?

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And such silly propaganda! “Homo Evolutus” with a suit on and a rocket on his back? What do they take us for? Toddlers?



Have a look at ‘Discover’ Magazine! Its front page instead of telling us about earth-shaking discoveries like free energy, whose inventors are regularly intimidated and even murdered by MIB-s, they feel they ought to theorise about our next “evolution”: “Homo Evolutus!” And not just on its glossy front page! There are four more full-page articles on Darwinism inside! Why!
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Jewish Scientists Establish Global Climate Change at Time of Exodus 1200 BC End of Ice Age!

By James Nienhuis

It’s great that Jewish scientists are establishing the Global Climate Change at the time of the Exodus. Call it righteous that Jewish scholars, ‘though uniformitarian, are establishing that climate change rocked the world at the time of the Exodus! Scientists, such as Harvey Weiss, Israel Finkelstein, and Dafna Langgut, are demonstrating by the physical evidence in the region that rainfall was much greater in the Middle East before the Exodus.

Tel Aviv Professor Israel Finkelstein Says Entire Bronze Age World Crumbled At Time of Exodus

IsraelFinkelsteinIsrael Finkelstein says that the entire Bronze Age world crumbled circa 1200 B.C., evident by the transition of pollen in Galilee lake sediment cores from oak, pine, and carob to pollen of semi-desert types of vegetation, that period of desiccation (because of reduced rainfall) over several centuries. Continue reading Jewish Scientists Establish Global Climate Change at Time of Exodus 1200 BC End of Ice Age!

Atlantis History, People, ± 1500 BC Flooding & End of Ice Age Hydrology, Ancient Europe!

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  • Ch. 1: What & Where was Atlantis? Sinking Legends!
  • Ch. 2: Who Founded Atlantis? giants?
  • Ch. 3: Why Did Atlantis Sink Under the Sea?
  • Ch. 4: Were Did the Atlantioid / Atlantioi Come From?
  • Ch. 5: Was Atlantis One Island? Or an Empire!
  • Ch. 6: What is Atlantis Correct Dating?
  • Ch. 7: Why is Atlantis Kept a Mystery?
  • Ch. 8: European History During Atlantis ‘Travels of Noah’

PP Editor: THIS is a work in progress, please return for updates! [NB: References & sources are not under this article – as is common – but right in it, as graphics!]

1.Where Was Atlantis? Sinking Legends!

When most people learn about Atlantis they immediately picture in their mind one island with pyramids and temples sinking below the waves. But is that the correct view? The ‘sinking below the waves’ certainly would be, but Atlantis was definitely not just ‘one island’ as Plato partly described it, because Atlantis was in fact a vast ‘thalassocracy’! (A word that surely stems from ‘A-thalasso’ himself, e.g. its first ‘king Atlas’! meaning ‘sea empire’)

People need to realise that we actually don’t NEED to find that “one sunken island” with an inscripted stele saying “Welcome to Atlantis, the Island!” to prove the historicity of ‘Atlantis the Sea Empire’! Because the earth is full of proofs of sunken Bronze Age cities, ruins, megaliths and what have you, which already has long proven global sea-travel, early ‘sea kings’, and the ‘red-haired giants’ who built megaliths in Atlantis, in Sunda, in the Indus valley, in Jomon, in “Lemuria” and where not?! Continue reading Atlantis History, People, ± 1500 BC Flooding & End of Ice Age Hydrology, Ancient Europe!


By Jonathan Grey

Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed four ancient temples
belonging to the pharaohs on the Sinai peninsula. It is one of the most significant discoveries in the region so far.

Egypt’s Supreme Council for Antiquities says the temples
date to the beginning of the rule of Thutmoses the second,
who reigned from about 1512 BC and was eventually succeeded
by his wife.

It says the discovery is one of the most important so far
in the Sinai, and includes one temple made of mud brick,
which served as an important religious centre at the
eastern gateway to ancient Egypt.

It also contained paintings of Egyptian deities, including
Horus the sun god.

Over 3,000 years Egypt’s pharaohs often ventured across
the Sinai to fight Hittites and other civilisations in
the area now covered by Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.


A California TV crew missing since November 2002, a video
they left behind and a mission by U.S. Navy SEALs are the
key elements in a story that claims extensive ancient
ruins have been found under the ice of Antarctica.

A spokesman for the company is reported to have said at
the time that “The U.S. government said it will seek to
block the airing of a video found by Navy rescuers in
Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a massive
archaeological dig is underway two miles (3,200 meters)