Jewish Scientists Establish Global Climate Change at Time of Exodus 1200 BC End of Ice Age!

By James Nienhuis

It’s great that Jewish scientists are establishing the Global Climate Change at the time of the Exodus. Call it righteous that Jewish scholars, ‘though uniformitarian, are establishing that climate change rocked the world at the time of the Exodus! Scientists, such as Harvey Weiss, Israel Finkelstein, and Dafna Langgut, are demonstrating by the physical evidence in the region that rainfall was much greater in the Middle East before the Exodus.

Tel Aviv Professor Israel Finkelstein Says Entire Bronze Age World Crumbled At Time of Exodus

IsraelFinkelsteinIsrael Finkelstein says that the entire Bronze Age world crumbled circa 1200 B.C., evident by the transition of pollen in Galilee lake sediment cores from oak, pine, and carob to pollen of semi-desert types of vegetation, that period of desiccation (because of reduced rainfall) over several centuries.

Atlantis was Bronze Age, come to ruin by the sea level risen, obviously when the climate was drying out, when the Ice Age was ending, the sea level rise at the time of the Exodus and the results of the drying really felt shortly thereafter. Scientists are realizing that climate change was global, having caused many ancient cities’ sites to turn to desert, clearly the end of the Ice Age, but a tough pill to swallow for the uniformitarians.

Harvey Weiss must reconcile his Bronze Age collapse date with work of Israel Finkelstein. Harvey Weiss at Yale says, the climate changed in the Middle East circa 2200 B.C., based on his work at Tel Leilan in northern Syria over a decade ago, while more recently, Israel Finkelstein’s work with lake sediment cores, apparently quite precisely has established the time-frame of the Bronze Age collapse climate change at 1200 B.C., so they need to compare notes to understand that Weiss’s dependence on selected carbon 14 results, and unrealistic stretching of kings lists, probably are the reasons for his exaggeration of the antiquity of the climate change.

IcepackmeltImagine summers & winters in Israel with much more cloud cover like before the Bronze Age collapse. Google search “Bronze Age Collapse Israel”, you’ll see much work being done by uniformitarians causing them to say there was a major climate change around 1200 B.C., the time of the Judges, a century after the Exodus when the Ice Age was ending.

Israel Finkelstein, Dafna Langgut of Nadler Institute establish Paleo-Botany Bronze Age Collapse. Finkelstein and Langgut of the Nadler Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, have determined by pollen counts in lake sediment cores of Israel, that the forests of oak, pine, and carob, were greatly reduced during a hundred fifty year span around 1200 B.C., as were farmed olive trees, because of climate change greatly reduced rainfall. That greater rainfall never came back, because it had been during the Ice Age — what Finkelstein and Langgut have yet to realize — but coupled with the submerged Bronze Age ruins offshore, such as of Atlit Yam, surely the picture of the puzzle is becoming obvious to them. [AP: let’s hope! :) But don’t hold your breath!]

AradNegev Arad-15-Israelite-temple

The Canaanite city of Arad, now in Negev, received twice the rain, says Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs opines in an article on the web about the ruins of the Canaanite city of Arad, that twice the rainfall as today fell there at that time, to have provided the meat and fruit/vegetable products for that city, its ruins now in the Negev desert. Imagine twice the rainfall there, perhaps 15 inches or more per year they are saying, and logically therefore too in Egypt just to the south, also near the coast, where clouds are generated. They are seeing that it was the Ice Age when the Canaanite city states flourished and old kingdom Egypt built with such grandeur, and that moved Israel after the Ice Age onto high ground on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean.

King Solomon led Israel to preeminence when Hittite Egyptian Canaanite lowlands desiccated. By the time of king Solomon circa 1000 B.C. (five hundred years after the beginning of the end of the Ice Age), farmlands at lower elevations in the plains had become virtually desert in Israel and the surrounding regions, when the empires of the Hittites, Canaanites, and Egyptians (in its old great state) were greatly diminished, the Israelites having conquered and settled in the mountains where greater rainfall could be harnessed for terrace farming.

Atlit_yam2Atlit Yam Ruin

huhIf Atlit Yam is Neolithic and Sidonians were ‘Bronze Age’, then who built those structures? Ehud Galili of the Zinman Institute of Archaeology says the sea level finished rising to its current level circa 1500 B.C., but that Atlit Yam, now submerged about a mile from shore, was built circa 6000 b.c., so what tribe would he propose built those structures, clearly of Bronze Age vintage, if not such as the Sidonians who were Canaanites sailing the sea circa 2000 B.C?


Ehud Galili of Zinman Institute of Archaeology Haifa University says that sea level rose during the Bronze Age! The preeminent expert on the submerged ruins of Atlit Yam, professor Ehud Galili of the University of Haifa, says that the sea level rose until the middle of the bronze age circa 1500 B.C., having risen “slowly for thousands of years” up until that time, the uniformitarians such as Galili surmise.

Having seen the evidence from the submerged remains of the work of humans there, Galili thinks the sea level finished rising at the time of the Exodus, bringing him ever so close to realizing that only a warmer ocean having been heated from below could have been the engine for the Ice Age, which ended in about a century, the time of the Exodus.

Jews seeing veracity of Genesis history, must feel vindicated, even if not yet born again. With all the new information coming forth that Genesis is true history as written, you know that many Jews ‘though not yet born again, are pleased that their sacred ancient history is bearing up under scrutiny.

Brits Waking Up to Reality of Atlantis in Legends of Scilly Islands and Doggerland Avalon


Many of Cham’s Formorians were giants, as this one. It was conveniently “DISAPPEARED”, most likely by perverse Darwinian forces changing “History” to their preferred paralytic paradigm!

The Brits having always loved a good tale, such as of Atlantis, which they know Plato said extended outside the Pillars of Hercules (Atlas), are becoming aware of the submerged ruins off their coasts, off Cornwall, Wales, and Albany (submerged on the Dogger Banks), now wondering when really did the sea level rise?


If it was circa 10.000 B.C. as the uniformitarians insist, then what of the Irish Annuls of Clonmacnaise stating that the Formorians under Cham were the first settlers there by sea in ships which sailed all over the world? The lost kingdom of Avalon in British lore is tantalizingly close to Atalan, an ancient name of Atlantis, like Atland of the Frisian Dutch ‘Oera Linda’.

Notice that Uniformitarians misrepresent positions of Creationists to try to refute Biblical concepts. If you’ve ever engaged in, or observed debate about young earth creationism, the uniformitarians invariably will misrepresent the creationist position, because they can’t refute the actual position, for instance they will mock that the ocean must have covered the Himalaya mountains in Noah’s Flood, while the Creationist position is that the mountains rose at the close of the Flood, seen in the geology.



And they will say millions of species of animals could not have fit on the Ark, making it impossible, while the creationist position is natural selection within the gene pools of the respective syngameons of creatures after the Flood, so only about twenty thousand syngameons of creatures need have been saved, this born out in “resurrection biology.”

By James Nienhuis

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