19th Century Banker John Lubbock Crippled Ancient History Science as Darwinian Paleo-Stone Age! Why not Mega-Stone Age?

Image Above: John Lubbock (in box) giving dinosaur skeleton-illustrated presentation on evolution to naive English peers in 1905.

“History is a single continuum, but it is common practice for historians to artificially divide history into different epochs for research and education, a process called periodisation. Because such divisions are arbitrary, there are several different designations used widely in the study and discussion of historical periods.” [answers.yahoo.com]

Arbitrary? Sure! Imagine I would divide 20th Century History into 1. Pre Rock & Roll Era, and 2. Post Rock & Roll Era. That would be arbitrary, because I would not only neglect Jazz, Classical, Big Band, Heavy Metal, Pop, Funk, etc.…, but I would ‘periodise’ and judge history merely by music! How about the other arts like dance or painting? And how about religion, economics and politics! That’s arbitrary!



highelms1Well, believe it or not, there lived a rich, self-centered little banker called John Lubbock during the 19th Century who did just that. He periodised Ancient World History by one criterion! — Small stones!

And so he named it theStone Age!
Then he sub-divided this “Stone Age” into two periods: One with “chipped or flaked stones” which he named Old Stone Age or Paleolithic (in fancy Greek of course) and the “polished stones” he named the New Stone Age or Neolithic period!

(Remember ‘The Flintstones?’ That was “so much fun” right?  Well, 20th Century Fox sure knew how to launder this pernicious paradigm unshakably into our collective brain.)

Now why did John Lubbock sub-divide history like that? Didn’t he hear about the mega stones of the high-tech Giza pyramids, or Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman, Tihuanaco, or the Piri Reis source map of the Sea Kings?

Darwin-LyellNo! Lubbock was so taken in by the arbitrary views of Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin on biology, geology, and history, called Evolution, that he became kind of puffed up in his mind by its supposed humanistic superiority claim!

And thus he began to see himself as a superior evolutionary end-product, you know… from lowly monkey ancestors via stupid hunter/gatherer Stone Age cavemen into much more “enlightened humanistic modern Homo Sapiens!” That’s why he failed to notice there used to be smarter human civilisations before him! Plain human pride!



How could Lubbock be so wrong about ancient human history, that he devolved into an arbitrary, dogmatic dunce, merely focusing on a few flint-stones presumably left behind by some poor dumb cavemen while ignoring all the intelligent megastone sites littering the rest of the world! Was he blind or just ignorant?

These cave-dwelling “Neanderthal” stragglers suffering from longevity induced thick eye ridges and rickets because of vitamin D deficiency, were either forced to flee into Europe’s Ice Age wilderness as pitiful refugees from the thriving smart Southern civilizations, or they had gone North to hunt and were trapped by sudden snow! Otherwise, who in his right mind would ever choose to live in permafrost!

Lubbock–just like our contemporary biased mainstream historians–somehow failed to notice the contemporaries of those cavemen, the smart megalithic sea-faring civilizations in Chambay Indus Valley India, in the Nile delta of Egypt, in Peru in South America, and not to forget ancient civilised China, and others!

Of course poor John could neither have known about the hundreds of advanced megalithic structures submerged under the oceans that sank over a hundred meters below the rising sea level at the end of the Ice Age, because they weren’t discovered yet.


But WE know! Nevertheless we are still forced to apply and memorise these foolish concepts in every darn public school & university curriculum all over the degenerating globe. You see, people then and today still use stones, some chipped and some polished! But even though mainstream historians today realise that the Paleo/Neo division is arbitrary and obsolete for that very reason, they still continue to force-feed our brains via education and mainstream media! And any teacher that doesn’t agree with the nonsense doesn’t get hired or… gets expelled!

The prehistoric period when people made stone tools exclusively by chipping or flaking. John Lubbock proposed and defined the term Paleolithic, or Old Stone Age, in 1865, and also defined a subsequent Neolithic, or New Stone Age, during which some stone tools were formed by polishing or grinding. Later archaeologists altered these definitions; to many today the Paleolithic is the period during which human beings lived entirely by hunting and gathering, while the Neolithic is the following interval during which plant and animal domestication was introduced. To other archaeologists, the Paleolithic is simply a time interval, roughly equivalent to the Pleistocene Epoch, while the Neolithic comprises the early part of the succeeding Holocene (or Recent) Epoch. [Editor: In other words “arbitrary!”]
It is impossible to devise a rigorous, global definition of the Paleolithic or any other cultural stage, because artifact technology and economic practices have changed independently at different times in different parts of the world. Hence, Paleolithic will be used here informally to refer to the time interval between the earliest appearance of stone tools, more than 2 million years before present (m.y. B.P.), and the end of the last glacial period, 12,000–10,000 years. – FROM McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Encyclopedia.
[PPP: THEIR time guesses, not ours! Because all these civilisations’ outposts sank at the end of the Ice Age, and thus these smart high tech humans would have lived already 12,000 years ago? That doesn’t make any sense in their own reckoning! And so they deny and ignore these civilisations. Why? Because it refutes and cancels their entire “long ages” paradigm! It would disprove Darwinism!]

pyramidinsungiantstoneblock-150x103giant building block in the Lebanese Beeka valley not used for a temple nearby. HOW did they ever move those?

Many thousands of years ago there lived some very smart humans who built great stone edifices like the pyramids, that we today are still unable to replicate, let alone move their building blocks weighing hundreds of tons or more each, which were joined together with such precision and in such proximity that we can’t get a razor blade or paper in between! Not just that, but these amazing structures are based on astronomical principles and measurements which Europeans only learned about since Copernicus!

So what gives? Mainstream historians?—Nothing! They pretend nothing has changed; nothing needs to be updated in Science. They doggedly insist on “Pre-Rolling Stones” and Post-Rolling Stones” eras, forever stuck in their beloved Paleolithic/Stone Age Hunting/ Gathering Cavemen paradigm, or rather mental block! And slavishly so, because the rest of the sycophantic un-informed History-/ Discovery-Channel consuming populace do so as well! Like this recent picture from the Guardian cult!

And you know why? Because more  knowledgeable human civilisations so many millenia ago.. contradicts Evolution! That’s why! These historians are told/manipulated/intimidated/forced to hang on to Darwinism or lose their jobs and research grants, even though it is obsolete! Why? Because it would open the true floodgates to REAL history! The global Flood the Bible and FIVE HUNDRED OTHER NATIONS speak or write about! And that is a NO NO! Not because of the five hundred stories. If that was all, that would be OK. But to prove that the Bible is true? Oh! No Way José! That’s not politically correct! Christianity would prosper and people would become braver and more independent from the media and the system, real Free-thinkers, trusting in God! The usurpers of this world hate that!

This just in from Wicked Pedia:


Evolutionist Promoters’ & Gatekeepers’ Backdrop

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” -Nathan Mayer Rothschild

John Lubbock—later a.k.a. Lord Avebury—was born in a rich, obviously atheist or agnostic banking family, in a time when the Baring and Rothschild banking families had already taken over financial power of the British Empire since their financial coup right after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Rothschild tricked the entire London Stock market, after he was secretly informed by his own—the fastest!—intelligence on the entire continent, that Nelson had won the war. Rothschild made all the British brokers believe that Nelson had lost the war by creating a panic dumping all his British stocks! After everybody else had followed suit, he suddenly turned around and bought up Britain at pennies on the pound! From that moment, in his own words, Rothschild “controlled the British Empire!”

Rhodes-RothschildNow before you “debunk” me as a “conspiracy” theorist, be advised that politically correct Wicked-Pedia itself  reports that in the 19th century Nathan Rothschild financed the young Cecil Rhodes to go and make his fortune in diamonds and gold in S-Africa!
After he became the richest man in the Empire, Nathan Rothschild later became ward of Cecil Rhodes’ Trust Fund, personally overseeing the well-known ‘Rhodes scholars’ and its scholarships, in order to sponsor and recruit hundreds of thousands handpicked globalist potentials, like for example the notorious Bill Clinton. What a great way to win ‘friends’ and influence people and the entire world! Money squacks!



All these schemers and bankers continued to take increasing financial and other types of control over this poor bedeviled world, via Rhodes’ secret society the Round Table, via the Freemasons, and other private and secret clubs, constituting the rich shadow government in England which today reigns supreme!

And guess what! They also happen to despise Christianity which they would just love to destroy! (If they could!) And you don’t think they promoted and financed Evolution? Oh you, gullible you! When will you get wise?


Lubbock was surely very much involved and his views widely promoted, as he did very good in his banking career, was appointed by the deep state elite to delicate jobs in fields where he could exert the most influence, receiving five honorary degrees! No doubt for his achievements in spreading the Gospel of Darwinism of his beloved friend and mentor Charles!

Apart from becoming a Liberal party MP, in 1864 he became one of the founding members (along with Thomas Henry Huxley) of the X club, nine influential “gentlemen” promoting the theory of natural selection (evolution) and academic liberalism! (meaning ‘to Hell with Christian influence in Academia’!) He held a number of influential academic positions, including president of the ethnological society, vice president of Linnean society, and president of the International Ass. for Prehistoric Archeology! (All 19th century think tanks to influence worldwide academia!) In 1865 he published Prehistoric Times, which became a standard Archaeological textbook for the remainder for the century, with the last edition published in 1913! Four years before the Russian Revolution! He was also trustee of the British Museum (wholly given over to Evolution by that time!), then London County Council member, Privy Councilor, got elected as peer, and became finally president of the Royal Statistical Society.

Who says the system doesn’t work! He had great Evolutionist influence on the British elite and the entire empire. At the top of this article there is a 1905 picture of Lubbock forcefully promoting Evolution aided by an impressive and expensive reconstruction of a Diplodocus standing in their midst. No efforts nor expenses were spared.
Mind you, this was in a day when they were still called ‘dragons’!

One can only imagine the vast and devastating influence this kind of pernicious paradigm porno had on the already shaky Christian faith of the un-informed, un-scientific minds of the bewildered English elite then, who could not dream to discriminate between such raw propaganda and the only recently discovered Intelligent Designed messages in DNA, the awesome intricately coded nano-machinery inside the Human Cell, ribosomes, RNA cutters, golgi apparati, mitochondria, centrosomes, micro-tubules, tethered endosomes walking along micro-tubules on nano-motoric feet! Etc. Not to mention the amazing on-board bi-directional electric motors and flagella rudders of bacteria which steer and propel them through the human body.

cellinteriorEndosome bag pulled by tether walking on two feet along micro-tubule inside human cell!

These and so many other kinds of overwhelming evidence of Design and Intelligence, made for example the great atheist and famous philosopher, the late Anthony Flew, renounce his Darwinism to become a philosopher for Intelligent Design, which is now anathema in the biased and hijacked so-called “higher halls of learning.”

The Elite’s Darwinist Hijack of History

What the Hell does Evolutionary theory have to do with History, you might ask, especially considering the massive evidence and many facts that we indeed descend from higher, smarter humans and civilizations that created things we are yet unable to replicate! Even the infamous atheist evolutionist Richard Dawkins recently came to similar conclusions, that we could have hardly descended from cavemen, and that he wouldn’t be surprised if we were actually planted here on Earth by “alien Masters”, some kind of extraterrestrial god-fathers. I forgot the exact quote. But the inconsistency! It’s shocking! Yet no one comes to his senses!

Remember this! There never were any Paleolithic Cavemen! And you didn’t descend from them either! Those “Neanderthalers” were surviving European descendants of Noah’s son Japheth, who ventured too far North and got stuck in freezing wilderness when the Ice Age overtook them after the Flood had warmed up the oceans, which lead to more condensation, more cloud cover, rain, snow and permanent ice in the Northern hemisphere.

Most post-Flood humans lived in the warmer areas of the World, closer to the equator, far away from the ice packs that reached deep into Europe and Asia, and they were ‘wicked smart’!

nietzscheBut of course, when you like to prove to yourself that ‘God is dead‘, because religion cramps your selfish bankster style, and you rather extort than “love your neighbour as your self, and you don’t feel like sharing your banking riches with the poor, then it is of course a very small step for mankind to believe in fanciful theories of apostates like Darwin, Lamarck, Lyell, Hutton, Huxley et al., who conjured up the mighty dumb excuse that dumb nature re-created itself ex nihilo (from nothing) into trillions of super-intelligent nano-mechanisms, of course over a mighty long period of billions of years,  via statistical monstrosities of impossible random mutations, that were never observed! Pick your poison!

Whereas historically documented Dragons which used to threaten human lives, as oft reported by virtually every nation and culture under the sun, including our dragons here in China, really did exist, even until recently or even still today! Dragons are mentioned in our honourable ‘Book of Changes’ the ‘Yi Ching’, as well as by your own ancient historians like Pliny, Herodotus and many others!

The Dragon bones Johnny Lubbock used for his ‘Diplodocus’ also didn’t date from 65 million years before we came around evolving from “primates” and “hunter gatherers”. Bull dung! That only makes sense if you hate to love your neighbour, and therefore the original Genesis of Man, and you like to contradict and “debunk” 500 Flood narratives of almost all ethnic groups scattered around the gloomy globe.


And thus, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Lubbock changed the fastidious facts into fanciful fantasy! He subverted our original historical continuum into a pernicious perversion that we descended from dumb, dimwitted, knuckle-dragging cave brutes armed with flint-stones, instead of from smart, savvy savants and sea-sailing ship-builders who knew how to handle MEGA-stones to construct advanced pyramids, lasting structures, fancy fortifications, and huge harbours!

UP with the Megalithic and DOWN with the Paleolithic! Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve! As for me and my house we choose common sense and REAL history, and we just love to serve our God of love! How about you? Don’t you love LOVE?
And also down with naughty Johnny Lubbock’s BULLOCKS and his sycophantic, compromising, back-watering, fickle, filthy-lucre seeking, “modern” mainstream historians!–IF that is indeed what you and I should call them?

YOU WILL HAVE TO CRACK UP AT THIS ONE! HA! icon smile 19 Century Banker Lubbock Crippled Ancient History Science as Darwinian Paleo Stone Age! Why not Mega Stone Age?

Mr. DAWKINS STUMPED FOR ANSWERS to a simple question!

PS: You can only imagine the responsibility of each of us for the human family on Earth. The devastating influence some had on masses of souls, whereas others left behind such benign blessings on humanity. We all have to stand before our Creator and Eternal Father, to give account what we have done with our talents and gifts. It is a scary thought to realise we all have only one go at it, and that therefore it is never a good idea nor useful time spent, to waste our lives laying up treasures on earth, or to gain influence to force our fellowmen into slavery and dismal poverty in order to get our kicks.

I never drove a Ferrari. But my Benz did never really give me an orgasm either. Of course I have never tasted what Massive Power over other humans does to one’s soul. It must really be something, considering how many despise the possession of their own souls, and don’t mind selling it to Satan.

I think it was Heinz Kissinger, that nerdy German fat kid who sold himself and his services to his International Banker bosses, who said that “the best aphrodisiac was power!” OK, yeah, I imagine it can give you a lot of fucks for free, but then what, you can only come a few times! And you can only sleep in one bed, no matter how cushy and quiet, and you can only eat one can of caviar or drink one glass of fine wine at a time, and then what?

And then you get older and stem cells and Viagra only go so far to give you more years. And all that time you worry yourself to death over keeping your power from the other predators. Look at poor Berezovsky! It must be damn hard, and then you still die! And you are still at the mercy of God or the Devil. Look at poor Steve Jobs! What a waste.

steve jobs yacht 19 Century Banker Lubbock Crippled Ancient History Science as Darwinian Paleo Stone Age! Why not Mega Stone Age?

But of course what do I know. I never had my own airplane, nor people bowing and scraping, or my own yacht, (and such an ugly, uninspiring one, at that!) but we all have to put up with the same drizzly gray weather, or blinding glare, heat, sweat, tears, and tiredness, don’t we? And they themselves are under their own chem-trails too! So what gives?

As Jobs was dying, he was first looking at his family, then slowly he looked past them into “nothingness”, and began to say excitedly, “Oh wow! Oh Wow! Oh WOW………” And he was a goner.

What did he see folks? He probably saw his reception committee. Either from Hades or from Heaven? (by the farthest stretch of my imagination, if he secretly received Jesus Christ in his heart on his deathbed.) But I imagine the reception committee from Hades was probably bigger than the one from Heaven, I wot. You see if a famous guy dies, he is interesting to the famous and powerful in Hades as well, and they all want to be at the welcoming party too of course.

“Hey Steve! Welcome Jobs…
“Where am I!
“You are in Hades!
“So it is true after all!
“Yes there IS life after death, after all!
“Wow! This is like the singularity!
“No, not really! No more body Jobs, unless you can hijack one.
“What do you mean!”
“Long story Jobs! Let’s go on our welcoming tour. Where would you like to go first? The White House? Kremlin? Apple! Or your family?”
“Wanna see Barry Soetoro sit on the John? Gross! Ha!

I think it was wise King Solomon who owned more than all of them, but was a far happier chap (in his early years at least) than these pitiful monstrosities, who really nailed it when he quipped, “All is vanity of vanities, and vexation of spirit!”

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will (not just) be saved”, but be a lot happier than those pitiful guys.


Sane Sherlock vs. Crazy Clouseau
“If it LOOKS designed, it probably IS designed” — 900 KB

The Bombardier Beetle
Evolution defies Science? — 2 MB

“Dinos or Dragons?”
Final Proof of a 65 million year old myth!–995 KB



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