Why the Real Ice Age Date is Not 10-15.000 years BP but less than 4.000 BP


IcepackmeltThe first reason for a far more recent Ice Age than is popularly assumed and dated 10-15.000 yrs. BP or even longer by academia — even assuming multiple Ice Ages like the younger (12.000) & older (14.000) “Dryas”– is to correctly understand when that global ice melt and subsequent flooding of many islands and coastlines all over the world, actually took place.

Ever since underwater archaeology became popular and of age, we can pretty much exactly pinpoint the great Melt Era, by simply dating the very sunken ruins by their culture, style, and by their pottery, pillars, & artifacts found there underwater.

And what was actually found underwater is in no way 10-20.000 years old, for the very simple reason that the discovered ruins are all Bronze Age! They have similar Bronze Age megalithic, polygonic type of walls and pillars from before 1500 BC. as the ruins found above water have, on land! This indicates that the Ice Age happened very recently, before 1500 BC, because then the sea level rose by 125 M. (300 ft) flooding coast-lands all over the globe. The melt also coincided with the subsequent true Climate Change which caused the 1200 BC Bronze Age Collapse! – So mystifying to mainstream academia because their preferred paradigm handicaps proper analysis, as we explain below.

Example 1: Sunken Anapa City Ruins

Look at the submerged walls, pavements, and ruins below the Black Sea off the coast of Anapa City and Sochi, flooded by Ice Age melting. They are typical megalithic polygonic style ruins, as are found on land all over the world, that date from ± 2400 -1500 BC! Anapa8

This constitutes true Ice Age dating, by far more accurate criteria based on interpretation of cultural and architectural styles, than the popular biased interpretations based on dark and bright slices in Greenland ice cores, which indicate short cold or warm spells rather than entire years!

Archaeological expedition below the Black Sea near Sochi 900 meter from the coast (machine translated from Russian), found similar structures & artifacts under water as above, concluded that the ruins are around 3.000 years BP, far closer to our pre-3.500 BP than to 10-20.000 yrs. BP.


2. Sunken Cities Dwaraka & Cambay

SinkingDwarka(1)Off the coast and close to modern Dwarka, below the Indian Ocean, the ruins of ancient Dwaraka were found, which — acc. to some interpretations of the old Indian Mahabharata account– dates merely to around 3.000 BC, definitely not 10-15- or 20.000 BP!

Dwaraka was the city of Krishna, which according to both the Mahabharata and the Vishnu Purana, was swallowed by an ocean level rise. Krishna’s friend Arjuna was able to warn the city in advance, then he witnessed the city swallowed by the waves within hours! Obviously a rather rapid inundation.


Pottery recovered by Indian submarine archaeologist Dr. S. Rao in submerged Dwaraka, was of the same kind as found on land also dating to around 1500 BC.
Do Darwinians really want us to believe that Hinduism dates back to 10-15- or 20.000 years BP?- When ostensibly their “hunter-gatherers” freshly evolved from “paleolithic cave men” with a mere IQ of 56? – It certainly seems like that, acc. to a failed theory designed by 19th Century elitist British bankers with a globalist agenda, taken in by scientific dwarfs like Lyall, Huxley, & Charles Darwin.



The Mahabharata tells the story as if Arjuna had foreknowledge of the eventual flooding, even warning the chief officers that Dwaraka was going to sink in the ocean. What other clue could he possibly have had than that the sea had already been steadily rising for a longer time, but was now encroaching city limits, caused by a global trend of ocean level rise due to recent Ice Age melting?


What other cause could a global ocean level rise possibly have? It definitely was not a tsunami – as some wrongly assume – for the simple reason that tsunamis are mere temporal inundations that return to the sea. And so it must have been a sea level rise!

3. Sunk Cities of Tamil Nadu

Therefore the ancient Tamil Nadu cities may have also been sunk by the same ocean level rise or tectonic subsidence, and not by tsunamis as the writer below assumes.

The historian and scientist Ptolemy – born around 367 BC – (he was a source for Pliny who wrote around 70 AD) may have written about the Chula town or Poompuhar as it had been described to him from a distant past long before his time! 1500 BC? It definitely was not a memory of a 10-15-20.000 BP Ice Age! People don’t remember that long.


4. Fly-, Tex-, Dogger-Land, & the Channel

Note again the popular – although wrong – dating of 16.000 BC and 8-7.000 BC melts from two way-too-old Ice Ages on the Mainstream Media graphic below, whereas there was only one Ice Age, ending around 1500 BC, when also this flooding took place.



The Mahabharata story certainly doesn’t sound like a sudden tsunami, as these British historians would also have us believe as the cause of the flooding of Dogger Land! We all know, since the tragedies in Thailand and Japan, that tsunamis are only temporal and flow right back into the old sea-bed. Why didn’t the assumed Dogger tsunami do that then?

Even IF that tsunami was caused by a submarine Storegga landslide, the water would still have run back off to its old level. And it wasn’t just Dogger Land either, that sank, but all the land coloured red below, far away from the Storegga slide West of Norway.


So a tsunami was certainly not the cause of Dwaraka nor of Dogger Land flooding! But as thorough-bred Darwinians these mainstream historians dare not come to any other conclusion than fits the paralytic paradigm of Darwinism so mercilessly pushed down our collective throats in public education, lest they lose their academic positions. But REAL Science is not a Belief system:

Science is Not

Here are the lost “drowned” Dogger lands, (first box=right cursive stripes) showing added place names like Flyland and Texland plus old river beds, according to the Frisians of North Netherlands, dating to 15.000 yrs BP?   No sirree! According to the naturally hotly disputed  Oera Linda Book, dated to 2.200 BC, which is probably 700 years too early. But never 15.000 years ago!
— Note that the Channel was dry land as well which made migrations then a different story than what we are taught in public school! Mind you this was during the ice age!


And it wasn’t just the British isles either, but entire coastland regions  worldwide sank below the waves, and virtually all at the same time of this worldwide ice melt!

Tamil Nadu Sunken Port Cities

This is the coast of Kusuthali and the ruins of sunken Dwaraka.



The 1500 BC findings of Dr. S. Rau are hotly contested -of course – by Indian Leftists. [go figure] But Dwaraka wasn’t the only sunken city in India either. There were many port cities that suffered the same catastrophe; Some 20-25 Cities that were mentioned by Ptolemy in the region of Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

Do Darwinian academics want us to believe that Ptolemy lived 10-15.000 years ago, or had heard rumors of 15.000 year old legends? I can assure you that Ptolemy didn’t! He had heard about these port cities in his time of 100 AD, probably from 1600 year old historical accounts! Just like we have old stories and legends of that age in our respective areas.


The Deafening Sound of Academic Silence!

Comrade-217x300Do you now understand the deafening silence on this extremely interesting subject of submerged submarine ruins, lo these last ten years, whereas before it was such a popular history subject?

Now, BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, etc. hardly mention sunken ruins anymore, except perhaps without mentioning proof of their way too old uniformitarian dating. Now.. mum’s the word, since they all got the same note on their desk that submerged ruins are Bronze Age and thus would prove a recent Ice Age, which does not fit and is inconvenient for the state-sponsored Darwinian narrative. Because; What if everybody would begin to believe Moses again. Oh Horrors! Perish that thought.

Even SCIENCE magazine reports that they are Bronze Age! Sometimes they just can’t get around it. And that’s why there is so little research and news on this fascinating subject: It proves a RECENT Ice Age instead of the millions of years fairy tale!



Other Faulty Datings of Submergies


Mainstream Archaeologists defy logic telling us that the impressive now submerged port of Heracleion dates to 800 BC. How can it be when Menelaus’ navigator Canopus arrived there, he didn’t see nor mention it at all around 1100 BC.

IbnZAra-Hapgood-Map(1)Either because it hadn’t been built yet, or what is more likely, that it had been submerged some 300 years before around 1400 BC, when those Greek sailors arrived there from Troy! See picture of Heracleion’s sunken statue.

And we can also tell that Greece and its islands were far bigger and more numerous before Canopus’ days during that recent Ice Age, from a comparison of the ancient ‘Ibn Ben Zara’ map and how the Aegian Sea appears today!Europe120meters-lower-bigger

Huge Monolith Between Sicily & Tunisia

Another headache for uniformitarians is a huge 30 ft – 10 Meter tall monolith on the Adventure Bank on the seafloor of the Sicilian Channell 100 ft-35 meter down, on what used to be an island during the Ice Age. Nearby, off Malta are the submerged ruins of Gebel Gol bahar, discovered by Hubert Zeitmair, which look just like the ruins of Gigantija and Tarxien on land!


A Sunken Monolith Under the Baltic Sea

SubmergedRuinFinlandThen there is that huge carved megalith under the Baltic Sea. It was of course never carved under water. It was carved like any other of the Bronze Age megaliths we find ALL over the world, above water, when sea levels were 300 ft – 125 meter lower than today!

It reminds us so much of the carved structure here very near Taiwan where we live, below the waves off the Japanese Ryukyu island of Yonaguni! Well of course the “experts” said that it is “a natural formation. Su-u-re! Then the very similar structure in Peru above water in the graphic below is also a natural formation. Bullocks!


All these megaliths and port cities, and ruins, and pillars, and structures, and pottery, and what not, were flooded and inundated all around the same time when many islands in the Atlantic went underwater as well, which was named after the sea empire (thallasocracy) of King Neptune (or Naptuhim, the son of Mizraim son of Ham, acc. to Moses in Genesis) and King Atlas – either son of Yapheth or Sidon son of Canaan, who controlled the entire Atlantic ocean between the Americas and Europe.

Atlantis was not just one island, as is popularly assumed, it was a whole slew of coast-lands and islands inside the Mediterranean Sea and outside the “Pillars of Heracles” or Gibraltar, into the Atlantic Ocean. Also the Atlas mountain range was not named after some unknown entity, but after Atlas the star mapper himself!


The Unique REAL Cause of the Only Ice Age!

To understand the REAL date of the Ice Age — not the new fangled Darwinian one — we need to grasp the only feasible, single & unique, simple hydrological cycle for it first. It goes as follows: (courtesy J. Nienhuis)


The only ONE real cause for any ice age with snow and ice packs on land, is a higher temperature of the ocean, causing more evaporation, which causes more cloud cover, which causes more rain and snow!

And there is only one simple reason for higher ocean temperatures, to wit the 2400 BC global Flood caused by the exploding water fountains of the earth jetting up Super-Critical Water!



It has already been proven by REAL science that there is two or three times as much water under the crust as presently above in the oceans. That water was formerly sealed within the earth’s crust, until one day 4400 years ago, the earth’s crust cracked and caused that very hot suppressed water to shoot out, as the Book of Genesis described it as “the Fountains of the Earth” waterjetsfountain


InteriorEarthWet2(1) InteriorEarthWet(1)


Love & Peace



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  2. Deep subterranean water (about 10 km deep) has been found in geological surveys, this water is not only very hot it’s also salty. I think that the ocean before Noah’s flood was fresh water, and this deep underground salty water make our seas and oceans salty.


    1. It may very well have been fresh water, just as the obliquity was still vertical not tilted without the 4 seasons, all these things befell Earth because of the Fall. The earth needed a sceptic tank for all its coming offal and pollution.
      Thank you for your comment


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