Taiwan’s indigenous submarine ruins proof of a recent Ice Age & Land of Mu?

This article below — edited by us — documents the archaeological submarine find of indigenous Aborigine Taiwanese castle wall ruins that sunk below the waves after the Ice Age and may have been part of the legendary pacific Land of Mu! The writer’s conclusion that it happened 10.000 years ago is faulty, as many Bronze Age ruins and structures are found all over the world, dating to the same time that many other areas were flooded worldwide!

Greek islands and coast lands, parts of Egypt and Canaan, Sunda land in S.E. Asia, the Bimini Road near Cuba, the Indian port cities in Dwarka & Tamil Nadu, and of course many parts of the vast Atlantic & Mediterranean Thalassocracy (sea empire) of Atlantis, were inundated and sunk below the waves, at the end and melting of the REAL Ice Age around 1500 BC., as dated for example by the finds of sunken Dwaraka’s pottery!

Taiwan’s Pescadores Offshore Sunken Ruins


MORE wrong dating inspired by the Darwinian paradigm!


Why can we be sure that the 125 M. (300 Ft) sea level rise happened around 1500 BC? Because all sunken submarine ruins around the world are Bronze Age which lasted until around 1200 BC when the Hittites (and Chinese) began the Iron Age, after the Bronze Age collapse.

The Bronze Age Collapse — a period of economic decline, vanishing nations, cultural upheavals and bloody wars — was caused by severe real Climate Change, in this case the end of the until then copious rains of the Ice Age.

As Israeli archaeologists have proven by pollen research in former Canaan, severe drought took hold of the Middle East and other places, causing the migration of many ethnic groups away from then arid lands that aforetime were lush and green.

The entire Sahara desert, the Indus valley, the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia and what lay between, Turkmenistan Margush area, Mexico, Peru, plus other places in South America, suddenly dried up, as the post-Flood ocean water cooled down to present temperature levels, and prevented the until then strong evaporation which had caused the heavy Ice-Age rains, that now stayed away!

The cloud cover causing those former rains and snows, diminished, exposing the sun melting the ice caps on European, Siberian, and North American lands, while trillions of cubic miles of melt-water flowed down into the world’s oceans, flooding the red areas seen below.


Worldwide Local Inundations

These limited localised floods afflicted many places and were called & documented by many names in the local legends of all these areas, as they were in Taiwanese folklore and legends mentioned in the above article as “myths.” But why do they call them “flood myths?”

Because by predilection of the paralytic paradigm of Darwinism flood stories around the world are not allowed to be recognised for what they are, as they would prove that the Ice Age was much more recent than how they try to label it as: A “10.000 years BP” (Before Present) Ice Age that never was!

See coreect dating proof as follows:


The Ryukyu Island Chain Near Taiwan


IcepackmeltThe sunken ruins around Taiwan and the Ryukyu islands of Yonaguni fame (pic below) are the silent witnesses of catastrophic global inundations that were the direct result of the cooling of the global post-Flood ocean.

The formerly by Flood and volcanoes heated world ocean was the only unique hydrological system that could have given rise to ice packs on land! But when they melted around 1500 BC, they caused a 125 M. sea-level rise.


KeramaOkinawaSunken Kerama

A drastic temperature rise of the ocean after the volcanic super critical Flood water eruptions of the “fountains of the earth” that split Pangaea’s crust and caused the global cracks or fault lines, which released the sub-crustal super-critical water to inundate the entire earth 4-1/2 thousand years ago, around 2400 BC., caused more evaporations and very strong rains worldwide which eroded the pyramids and sphinx, as Shoch and West proved!

Earth’s original pristine single continent — now labeled Pangaea — split into seven continental crustal plates, which slid away from each other by continental drift, as illustrated below here.


Plato misdated the local Floods of Ogyges, Deucalion & Pyrra, and the overflowing and heighthening of the Black Sea level, which all took place before or around the time of the founding of Troy, and the descendants of King Dardanus.




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