Who Was Zeus


Greek: Δίας, Latin: Iuppiter, Greek, Ancient: Ζεύς, also Known As: “Zevs”, “Dhias”, “Jupiter”, “Jove”, “Dyaus Pitar”, “”father of men””, “Dios del olimpo” and Misraim, Mizraim, and Osiris!
Birthdate: estimated around 2200 BC.
Birthplace: “birth_location” Mt Othrys
Died February 1414 buried in the isle of Crete.
OsirisCause of death: torn to pieces by Titans at Hera’s bidding, reincarnated through Dionysis, OR.., as Osiris, murdered and cut in pieces by his brother and pieces collected and “resurrected” by his wife Isis.
Family: Son of Ham or Cronos and Ham’s sister Rhea
Husband of Hera, Dione, Aphrodite, Aega goddess rock. Hestia – – Vesta and 1 other
Ex-husband of Persephone.


Lover/Partner of Maia, Metis, Leto, Maia, Semele, Nymph African of Troy, Nymph Sithnid of Troy Protogeneia, Nemesi / Vendetta Divina Primordiale; Cassiopeia and 58 others.

Father of Perseus, Heracles, Ares, Hephaestos, Hermes, Apollo, Athena, Artemis, Dionysus, Hebe, Eileithiya, Enyo, Ens, Iarbas of Troy; Megarus of Troy; Castore dei Dioscuri degli Olimpici / di Sparta; Aegipan; Atymnius of Troy, and 166 others.
Brother of Hera; Demeter; Veritas; Hestia-Vesta; Poseidon and one other half brother of Kheiron Chiron, or as Mizraim, brother of Chna Kanaan, Put, and Kush.

Occupation: His consorts, and nymphs he abducted. He was Zeus (Jupiter) of OLYMPUS; Greek GOD of the Sky; `Cloud gatherer’; 3rd/4th ruler god of the universe, god, king of the gods, chief of all gods; lord of the skies, supreme ruler of the gods, dieu de Ciel.



Zeus’ Struggle for Power ac Greek Mythology

ChronosZeus-Mizraim’s father was Cronus or Ham and his mother Rhea! Ham -Cronus had “taken control over the pantheon away from Ouranoh.” That could mean that Ham probably tried and succeeded to rule the roost over the early ancient patriarchs, their sons, grand sons, and great-grandsons (and daughters of course) of Noah and his wife, named Ouranoh and Gaia in Greek mythology.

Acct. to Greek mythology, Cronus Ham having taken power away from his father Ouranos-Noah, was so afraid that he would reap what he had sowed, and have the same thing happen to him from his own children, that he, -as the Greek legend goes-, in order to prevent such a takeover, as soon as they were born he “swallowed all his children“: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon.


However, Rhea saved her youngest child Zeus by wrapping a stone in swaddling clothes and giving this to Cronus to swallow. But baby Zeus himself however was spirited away to Mt. Dikte on the island of Crete where he was raised by the primeval goddess Gaia (Noah’s wife), or in some versions by the Nymphs. Among them was the Nymph Amaltheia (in other versions of the myth she was a goat) who suckled the young god.

On reaching adulthood Zeus made Cronus “cough back up” the children he had “swallowed” and Zeus then married his sister Hera. However, the “lawless” Titans, encouraged by Gaia, immediately tried to wrestle control of the world back from the younger Olympian gods in a ten-year war known as the Titanomachy.

What could have been the Euhemerist core of this legend or myth? Did Ham try to control, stifle, box in (entomb) his first children, illustrated as “being swallowed”? Of course they were never swallowed literally, so it must have a deeper meaning. It says that he “imprisoned them in Tartarus”! Were they exiled?

In case this fair interpretation makes sense, it is easily understood that Osiris would try to take over the prominent place of his father Ham or Hamon Ra the sun god, by becoming a god in his own right himself, promoted by his mother, Ham’s wife Rhea, who obviously was not very happy with Ham stirring this insurrection! Osiris Zeus eventually got murdered in the end by his brother and the Titans.

According to Genesis, Misraim had 3 brothers named Phut, Kanaan, and Kush (Cush or Kish). Click on pic for bigger version.


The Titanomachy War Against Zeus

atlasAtlas became the leader of the Titans who predated the Olympians as gods of Ancient Greece. He was the son of the Titan Yapheth and Clymene, a minor goddess. Atlas also took a lesser goddess named Pleione as his wife and she bore him a son, Hyas, and numerous daughters known as the Hesperides, the Hyades and the Pleiades.

The Titans ruled the Earth until Cronus Ham overthrew the power of father Noah Ouranus. Ostensibly Noah prophesied that a son of his own would overthrow Cronus. Cronus then began imprisoning his children in Tartarus as soon as they were born. (Swallowing!) Cronus’ wife, Rhea, concealed her sixth pregnancy and gave her son to Gaia to raise. Zeus eventually grew to adulthood and freed his siblings and talked them into helping him conquer Olympus.

Located in Atlantis, which he founded, king Atlas “held up the heavens”. In fact Atlas was a seafarer and able astronomer who first measured the heavens and from those calculations he measured the entire post-Flood Earth! While some of the Titans sided with Zeus, Atlas sided with Cronus because Zeus had seduced three of his daughters. He commanded the Titans against Zeus and the Olympians, but was defeated. Defeated, Atlas was “imprisoned on Earth and given the arduous task of holding up the heavens.”

The Titans were the brothers and sisters of Cronus and it was only through the help of the Cyclopes – who made Zeus his lightning bolts – and the hundred-handed giants or Hecatoncheires (Briareos, Cottus and Gyges) that Zeus was finally able to imprison the Titans in Tartarus, the deepest part of the Underworld.

Making himself ruler of the skies, Zeus then gave dominion over the seas to Poseidon and of the Underworld to Hades. Perhaps Poseidon was either Kanaan himself or his son Sidon, whereas Hades must have been either Phut or Kush, unless Ham had other, more younger, sons not mentioned by Moses in Genesis.

Mizraim Zeus had seven sons, known as Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim, Naphtuhim, Pathruhim, Casluhim and Caphtorim. Two of these are of interest:

  • Naphtuhim was considered to be Neptune and was given the surname Marioticus because his dominions were among the islands of the Mediterranean sea. Neptune is also the founder of Tunisia and was called Teunis in the Oera Linda Bok.
  • Lehabim was considered to be Hercules and was given the surname Lybicus.

The Gigantomachy War With the Giants!

Hercules Hesperiden Apples
Hercules Hesperiden Apples

The Olympians still could not reign peacefully, though, for Gaia (wife of Noah) next enlisted the help of the terrible and savage Giants to battle with Zeus in the Gigantomachy.

The Olympians were this time helped by the great hero Hercules – a son of Zeus Osiris Mizraim and a giant man himself armed with a club with which he slew most of the giant sons of Atlas who had taken over Spain, France, and Italy!

After Zeus outwitted Gaia in her attempt to “give the giants a magic herb”, they once again won the battle for control of the world, not however, before the Giants had caused great destruction by moving mountains, islands and rivers.

The giants are not mythical – as you can find in our other articles dealing with the finds of numerous giant skeletons all over the world! Giants were seen during the16th century in Patagonia Chile, while giant skeletons or tombs were found and dug up across the Pacific Ocean in the Fiji islands, Aleutian islands, Hawaii, Peru, Mexico, and in the burial mounds they left behind all over the United States, as well as in the legends or history of some Indian tribes! Amazingly enough, their “Big Foot” degenerated offspring is still alive, as often seen deep in American forests! Some people have even claimed to have shot and killed them!

Zeus’s reign was only once more challenged when some of the gods, notably Hera, Athena and Poseidon, tried to take over Zeus’ role as head of the Olympian gods and bound him to his bed. The Father was, however, freed by one of the Hecatoncheires and the status quo restored.


Neptune, the son of Osiris, sailed the seas with his 33 giant sons, leaving each of them in a different place to overthrow the kingdoms that already existed and bring the world under their own tyrannical rule. The sons that feature in this story are:

  • Albion, who invaded the island of Samothea (Britain) with an army descended from Cush.
  • Bergion, who invaded the island to the west of Samothea. It became known as Hibernia and is now called Ireland.
  • Lestrigo, who invaded Italy. The king(s) from whom the Lomnimi or Geriones of Spain derived their name.

osiris-green-smallOsiris was opposed to their ambitions, so the giants held a judicial council, with the support of their father Neptune, and put him to death. This event was a cause of great lamentation that was regularly observed in the religion of ancient Egypt, and the practice was passed on to the Greeks and Romans who lamented the death of Bacchus.

It is also thought that Nimrod met a violent death. He may have been torn to pieces by wild beasts, but nobody seems to know for sure.

Hercules Hesperiden Apples
Hercules Hesperiden Apples

Hercules Lybicus was infuriated by the murder of his father Osiris and set out to kill the giant sons of Neptune wherever they could be found. He went to Spain and defeated the Lomnimi or Geriones, then he passed through Gallia on his way to Italy, to do battle with Lestrigo. When Albion and Bergion heard that he was on his way to Italy, they set off to defend their brother Lestrigo, and fought against Hercules on the banks of the Rhine (it seems that Hercules must have gone further north to meet Albion and Bergion).

The battle was going badly for Hercules, and his army had used up all their weapons, but Hercules called on them to pick up stones which were available in abundance and throw them at the enemy. This way they killed both Albion and Bergion, and most of their army, so that the remainder were put to flight and the battle was won. After that, Hercules went throughout Gallia, overthrowing tyrants in every place.

It is thought that Hercules came to the island of Albion, arriving at a headland which Ptolomie calls Promontorium Herculis, now known as Hartland Point in north Devon.

aLBIONHolinshed gives a succession of Celtic kings who reigned after the defeat of Albion, beginning with the reinstatement of Celtes, although very little is said about these kings and there is doubt about what sort of rule they had. There are accounts of complete disorder as the other giants continued in a state of lawlessness.

According to historical records Zeus came to his end and was eventually buried on the island of Crete.

Diodorus’ Euhemerist Interpretation of Atlas’ Myth

Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 4. 26. 2 (trans. Oldfather) (Greek historian C1st B.C.) :
“[The writer Diodorus Siculus presents a rationalised interpretation of the Atlas myth :] But we must not fail to mention what the myths relate about Atlas and about the race of the Hesperides. The account runs like this: In the country known as Hesperitis there were two brothers whose fame was known abroad, Hesperos (Hesperus) and Atlas.

These brothers possessed flocks of sheep which excelled in beauty and were in colour of a golden yellow, this being the reason why the poets, in speaking of these sheep as mela, called them golden mela. Now Hesperos begat a daughter named Hesperis, who he gave in marriage to his brother and after whom the land was given the name Hesperitis; and Atlas begat by her seven daughters, who were named after their father Atlantides, and after their mother Hesperides. And since these Atlantides excelled in beauty and chastity, Busiris the king of the Aigyptians (Egyptians), the account says, was seized with a desire to get the maidens into his power; and consequently he dispatched pirates by sea with orders to seize the girls and deliver them into his hands . . . [Herakles (Heracles) slew Busiris.]

Meanwhile the pirates had seized the girls while they were playing in a certain garden and carried them off, and fleeing swiftly to their ships had sailed away with them. Herakles came upon the pirates as they were taking their meal on a certain strand, and learning from the maidens what had taken place he slew the pirates to a man and brought the girls back to Atlas their father; and in return Atlas was so grateful to Herakles for his kindly deed that he not only gladly gave him such assistance as his Labour called for, but he also instructed him quite freely in the knowledge of astrology.

For Atlas had worked out the science of astrology to a degree surpassing others and had ingeniously discovered the spherical arrangement of the stars, and for that reason was generally believed to be bearing the entire firmament upon his shoulders. Similarly in the case of Herakles, when he had brought to the Greeks the doctrine of the sphere, he gained great fame, as if he had taken over the burden of the firmament which Atlas had borne, since men intimated in this enigmatic way what had actually taken place.” — SOURCE:  http://www.theoi.com/Titan/TitanAtlas.html


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  1. for a comprehensive (800 page) chronicle of the nature of evil from Cain to today, read The Genesis 6 Conspiracy How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind by Gary Wayne, If you can’t then he covers a lot of material on YouTube on NYSTV , as well as The Fourth Watch on Spreaker and Derek Gilbert, author of the Great Inception, has a YT chan called VFTB (View From The Bunker) where he recently interviewed Gary and it was fascinating. He said that due to the fact they only got to touch somewhat briefly on about 5 of the 97 chapters / topics in the book , he was going to have Gary back.


  2. further thoughts – Gary explains how Dyaus as you mention, was actually the sky god also in ancient civ, and of course as you note, is translated as Dios (Spanish), Deus (Latin), Dieu (French) &Dio in Italian to name some. I’ve come to the decision that even in English seeing as GOD is a title, ie King James GOD, LORD, LORD GOD; and as such in in contravention of YHWH’s explicit command in Ex 3: in response to Moshe’s (Moses’) question as to who shall I say sent me:
    “And Elohim said to Moses, EHYAH ASHER EHYAH (= I was, I am, & I will be that I AM); and He said , You shall say this to the sons of Israel, EHYAH (I AM) has sent me to you”. And Elohim said to Moshe again, “You shall say this to the sons of Israel, YAHWEH, the Elohe of your fathers, the Elohe of Abraham, The Elohe of Isaac, and the Elohe of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is MY NAME FOREVER, and this is how I should be REMEMBERED FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION.” (Deut.6:13, Ex.20:17)
    I transcribed from my Hebraic Roots Bible – A Literal Translation. It’s one of my 2 bibles translated from Hebrew – the other is the Aleph Tav Cepher from cepher.net. Cepher has 87 books including 1 Enoch, Yashar, Yovheliym – Jasher & Jubliees, along with the full apocrypha, all 4 Ezras, all 4 Maccabees, etc.


  3. Hi, I like your interest for decrypting the mythology but I think you are missing some elements to do it properly.
    1. Ziusudra (mesop.)=> Zeus (greek)
    2. Ziusudra (sumer)=> Zuabu/Nuabu (akkadian)
    3. Nuabu (mesop)=> Noah (hebrew)
    4. Zeus = Noah
    5. Zeus vs Kronos (time) = Ziusudra struggling to survive during the last Flood
    6. Adamu (mesop)=> Adam (hebrew) => Adonis (greek)
    7. Adonai = The God of Adam, A.-I.
    8. Adamu (2nd antediluvian king in sumer, after Tudiya) is an ancestor of Ziusudra.
    9. Hamon Ra => H.Ra. – Ash’Ra – Asherah – HeRa – Hera, H and R mark the filiation, it’s a first name, not a last name, at least not initially. They are the descendants of Hamon Ra.
    10. Dionysos means “of/from Dione” and Heracles means “of/from Hera”. Dione was the name of Ishtar/Ashera in Phoenician mythology. The name “Heracles (HRAKLES)” comes from an egyptian influence, Dionysos comes from a phoenician influence but they form on of the many doublons of the greek mythology.

    Anyway, I hope it will be useful in your quest of the truth.


    1. Note that “Asherah” has been syncretized (by some) with “Ishtar but they were initially distinct deities.


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