Proof a Mysterious Lost Ancient GLOBAL Civilization Spanned Virtually the Entire Planet…Suppressed by Academia! Why?

This video creator must have visited our site, as he copies some of our very own discoveries, like for example the universal ‘Oannes’ buckets‘ or ‘handbags’ in early Sumerian and Meso American art (SEE: Veracruz Venta Stele above right), but he sadly misses the quintessential point of it all, the ultimate conclusion of WHY all this has been suppressed. His video blurb states, “This (video) will likely blow your mind. 250+ photos and comparisons of ancient sites around the world, show that there is a LOT more to the story of our ancient past. Proof of a lost ancient global civilization that has been hiding in plain sight, for thousands of years. “

The giant Atlas, father of eponymous Atlantis, who mapped the stars by trigonometry and sailed across the Atlantic, duly named after him.

“Hiding”?! The proof hasn’t been hiding; The proof was purposely hidden, but not just hidden it was purposely suppressed? And what exactly was suppressed about it? The logical conclusion from all the true facts that this video brings out, that there was indeed Universal Pre-Columbian Cross-Oceanic Traffic by one shared megalithic polygonal building civilisation of one kind of people, the megalith builders during the true first Megalithic period.  And this earliest Megalithic periodisation was suppressed by (qu)Academia because they – for purely ideological reasons – prefer their asinine periodisation which doesn’t make sense in light of the discoveries in this MUST WATCH video below.

These ideology hucksters prefer the untenable ‘Paleolithic & Neolithic‘ (old stone & new stone ages) periodisation invented by 19th century John Lubbock, a friend and contemporary of Charles Darwin & Lyell Hutton. This rich banker boy under the auspices of the leading naturalists of the British elite’s Royal Society and supported by other bankers & Cecil  Rhodes’ of the ‘Round Table’ secret society (& his Rhodes scholars spreading it everywhere) invented this fraudulent idea that there was a so-called “pre-historic Stone Age” before the Bronze,  Iron, & Industrial Ages.

If that banker boy Lubbock would be alive today, like “Back to the future”,  he would be so embarrassed by what his foolish theories about history have triggered: As would Charlie Darwin as well. They would be red with shame to have been so self-deceived and plain off kilter. Perhaps they are… ashamed..  down there in Hades, watching all the philosophical, religious, cultural, psychological misery they caused with their mental philandering, causing untold tragedy and confusion.

This “Stone Age” has been caricatured to us in popular culture as populated by fresh-from-the-cave morons with an IQ of 27 who could only produce arrowheads, dragging their females by the hair into their caves before evolving into ‘hunter gatherers‘ who eventually ‘learned‘ agriculture & then built houses in communal dwellings that finally “evolved” into modern man & his “smart cities.” That’s us! Ha. This video totally destroys that notion.

We are squatting, cause we used to walk on all fours not so long ago! Our graphic designer says!

There never was such a thing as a “Paleolithic” where Man majored only on un-polished arrow heads, nor a “Neolithic” where they produced polished arrow-heads, but this video gives ample proof of a universal “Megalithic” when the sea-worthy navy-building Sea Kings, a seafaring astronomy savvy, star-guided, early group of smart megalith builders majored on a unique architectural style & technique with a raw material we never knew nor invented.  And these humans were way smarter and taller than us, and for that very reason are actively suppressed by (qu)academia because of their universal Darwinist dictatorship, where every university in the world now teaches their nonsense.

WATCH this video and have your preconceived notions about history rigorously destroyed by true history.


Read above what gatekeeper Wikipedia states about Universal Ocean Crossing “theories“, and smell their foul propaganda bias, as they call it pejorative names like “fringe – and pseudo science.”
IOW: “There was no Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic traffic, because humans had not evolved enough until 1492 when for the first time human navigators dared to lose sight of the coasts.” Sure! That’s Wikipedia’s true fringe theory & pseudo science for you. They have decreed that Darwinism must be maintained as the ruling paradigm for mind-enslaved humanity whether they like it or not. And that is the very reason for all their suppressions as you can read in many articles here on ‘Ancient Patriarchs’.

We hardly blame the poor brainwashed students & acolytes of history academia who never heard about these things, because they were not taught the truth, they only learned rather a dumbed-down politically correct version of historical events, and once caught in that mind clamp it is virtually impossible to escape the conditioning, often because of financial & career motivations as well.

But we DO blame their handlers, their wicked lying gate-keepers who know the truth and obfuscate it, the henchmen of the imminent totalitarian technocracy that is trying to enslave us all by their information dictatorship where Free Speech & TRUE Science are replaced by the mandatory party-line of their new religion of Scientism and Artificial Intelligence.

The dating in the above video is off as well, understandably so, because the creator does not realise that Darwinism is the very ‘fly in the ointment’, so he is still stuck in a very annuated earth of millions of years, and quotes the date of Gobekli Tepe at 12.000 BP (Before Present) some 5000 years before the beginning of the universe!

Whereas the Gobekli stele (above left) itself witnesses of a much more recent date by the very Oannes’ handbags /buckets carved in them which stem from around 2500 BC Sumerian times when the 8 ‘Oannes and his 7 Apkallu” sages manifested themselves every morning coming out of the ocean dressed in fish skins to teach the early Sumerian Earth dwellers and their children of the Global Flood survivors how to create & maintain a civilised existence.

Ship with eight mouths

“The Eight” are the 8 actual Flood survivors in many civilisations, Egyptian,Indian, Chinese, Sumerian, Hebrew, etc. Even the character for boat in Chinese has 8 mouths or people radicals in it.

Most people do not realise that the earliest people who lived after the 3000 BC Flood when Noah’s three sons with their wives and many scores of children descended from the Mountains of Ararat into the ‘Valley of Shinar’ where they first settled after living near the Ark for the first few years, that they were the first origins of Sumerian Civilisation as testified to in the Epic of Gilgamesh where Nimrod (Gilgamesh) visited Noah (Utnapishtim) in his mountain resort to inquire about his secret of longevity, because our common Great Patriarch of all our races and tribes, lived to the ripe old age of 950 years old, until 2.650 BC, 350 years after the Flood.

ALL ancient civilisations testified or knew about the Global flood in over 700 Flood legends worldwide, like the Sumerian Kings List for example speaks about the Flood, plus the 10 kings during the Pre-Flood period after the Creation of the Universe, as all the tribes and nations believed, not just American creationists. Our planet is not billions of years old in order to leave  enough time for all the complex species to morph from the “primordial soup” into “higher advanced species” – believe it or nor -, it only existed some 2 millennia before the flood and 5 after, so about 7 millennia.

This is not what I say, but that was the consensus of ALL THE ANCIENTS who knew exactly what they were talking about because they LIVED in those early days which they called “the Golden Age”, because the Earth was new, plenty of room, pastoral, people living in natural patriarchal clans, close to the earth and the animals, mostly peaceful as there were no big wars over territory except a few frequent skirmishes over kidnappings of each others’ pretty daughters and wives. The nations were still small and scattered over a virtually empty earth, with ample room for everyone and lots of safety. as Hesiod named it it was a ‘Golden Age’ indeed.

If the opposite had been true, that we are descendants of millions of years of cavemen, hunter gatherers, Neanderthalers, the deceptive Denisovans, and all that bunk, we would be overpopulated by now with trillions of human beings, and millions of caveman skeletons and missing links between different species would litter this planet. But that’s what they still are… missing! Because it just ain’t so!

The few skeletons we find in true archaeology, for example, are the 2200 BC Xia Dynasty Chinese flood victims (pic below) during the time of ‘Da Yu‘ the Great Emperor who managed to tame the overflowing floods of the Post-Flood overflowing lakes because of the heavy Ice Age rains in China, and actually all over the world like Hopie Lake in Colorado that caused the Grand Canyon when it finally breached …

…plus the many fossil bone graveyards from the 3000 BC Global Flood. (below below) but nowhere to be found are the trillions of skeletons of less evolved cavemen. The only under evolved skeletons you have seen in pictures are of the Piltdown Man Hoax or other imaginations and fictions of Darwin-driven ideologues and other elitarian control freaks.

MAIA matriarch of the MAYANS, SEDUCED BY ZEUS or MISRAIM son of CHAM, son of NOAH.

The way smarter than us Ancient Patriarchs who witnessed the Flood and the subsequent re-boot of the Earth testified to all of it. They didn’t write ‘mythology‘ -as Marxist Wikipedia would have you believe!- all that Greek mythology was written by their quite distant offspring who didn’t learn the entire history nor remember all the fine details and so embellished the basic truths with lots of fiction about these so-called “gods” who actually were their forefathers who lived for many centuries and did great exploits like giant Hercules, son of Mizraim – Zeus, son of (C)Ham, son of Noah!

Hercules Hesperiden Apples

They re-furbished history according to their own lusts, interpretations & imaginations, kind of like the Marxists are doing today, wrongly portraying us as the evolved (by that they mean ‘improved‘) offspring of stone Age Morons, whereas the opposite is the case. WE are the de-volved morons of today, the miserable end of the gene pool (think American ‘BaiZuo’ = Chinese for white leftists) compared to our way smarter, bigger, braver, longer living ancestors of yore, like Hercules.

Don’t believe it? Just watch…! the video– and see how they were able to create pyramids that we still don’t know how to build. Hello? It is about time to start questioning our programming and all that fake news we have been bombarded with since we went to Kindergarten. Are you red-pilled already? You ought to be. It is about time. or it will be too late.. for you!


4 thoughts on “Proof a Mysterious Lost Ancient GLOBAL Civilization Spanned Virtually the Entire Planet…Suppressed by Academia! Why?”

  1. One can’t discount the caveman reality, it’s the timeline they get wrong. For it happened after the fall of great civilizations. It happens when the resonance decreases, making us cavemen seemingly overnight. It’s all part of the great year cycle. From brilliant to cavemen to the greed obsessed idiots we are today. One great ongoing cycle.


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